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Chapter 137: Storms arising in the academy

Chapter 137: Storms arising in the academy

In the Central State area, from the city to the small villages, everyone’s goal was to enter the Central State Academy.

There were around seventy-eighty million people living in Central State and the academy only accepted around thirty thousand people.

Those that could enter Central State Academy were two kinds of people, one had money and the other had potential, or they had both. In general, this was the largest academy in Central State and it enjoyed an aloof position and influence.

The thirty thousand students were divided into four different courtyards, the Azure Dragon Courtyard, White Tiger Courtyard, Vermillion Bird Courtyard and Black Tortoise Courtyard. This was to better assign resources and to encourage internal competition.

Each courtyard had its own rankings.

And each courtyard had its own student rankings.

The higher the rank the courtyard had, the more resources they received and the higher the rank of the individual, the more resource they would obtain. This kind of layered ranking system falls in line with the students’ interests and promoted internal competition and team spirit. This allowed Central State Academy to always have a strong competitive edge.

Even the Central State’s Four Young Masters all came from Central State Academy.

Chu Xinghe, Luo Xianglong, Ye Tianlang, and Yun Yao had all placed first in their respective courtyards. They had infinite potential and enhanced one another’s beauty. They were the student leaders year after year leading their courtyards in competitions. They truly deserved the title of super talents!

Right now, out of the four courtyards.

The Vermillion Bird Courtyard was in last place.

Because it continued to weaken year after year, its territory was continually decreased. Currently they only occupied three thousand mu of land and sixteen training fields. They had five hundred inner courtyard students and around five-six thousand outer courtyard students. Because it had been a while since they had a fierce leader, out of the four courtyards, the Vermillion Bird Courtyard was the least spirited.

In the early morning, a large stir occurred in the Vermillion Bird Courtyard.

“Everyone come quickly!”

“Yun Xiao wants to challenge the thirty six ranks!”

Yun Xiao was wearing a magnificent golden robe. There was a sabre in his left hand and a jade white fan in his right hand, and there were four-five lackeys following behind him. One was leading a large dog, one was holding a birdcage, and another one was holding a drink. There were also several beautiful maids following behind him as he swaggered across the courtyard.

This procession was very gaudy, like he was imprinting the words “I am a playboy” on his face.

Chu Tian was mixed into the crowd. He had a very normal appearance and normal clothing, so he did not attract a lot of attention.




Yun Xiao rang a large copper bell.

Every student was clear on what this copper bell meant!

This copper bell ringing out meant that there was someone who wanted to challenge the Thirty Six Vermillion Bird Stars!

Who were the Thirty Six Vermillion Bird Stars?

They were the top thirty six students of the Vermillion Bird Courtyard. There were allowed to live in an exclusive little dwelling and receive a lot of resources from the Central State Academy. These thirty six students were all top talents of Central State Academy.

Do you want to ascend?

It’s very simple!

Fight for it!

If you can defeat one of them, you take their place!

Yun Xiao loudly rang the bell and threw out his chest as he loudly shouted, “Everyone! Everyone! Today is a very auspicious day, it will be the day that I, young master Yun Xiao will be taking the first rank of our Vermillion Bird Courtyard! Everyone has to come and watch no matter what!”

Yun Xiao was too arrogant!

He was only twenty sixth place currently!

He used to be ranked higher, but he was challenged not long ago and had been beaten to the point where he ran like a frightened rat. It’s only been a few days and he already wants to challenge people? Isn’t this all a big joke?

Yun Xiao saw the crowd that was being attracted.

His heart began to fill with excitement!


He had suffered for three days, but now he would be receiving his reward!

Yun Xiao threw the jade fan to a lackey on the side and shook his golden robe. Countless people followed him to the thirty six rankers’ dwellings and he gave a gentle snap.

A lackey quickly came forth and shouted in a loud voice, “Vermillion Bird Ranking twenty sixth placed young master Yun Xiao has come to make a challenge! Vermillion Bird Ranking twenty fifth placed Zhao Kun, do you dare to accept?!”

Yun Xiao revealed a fake smile, “Let’s warm up with a few side dishes since it’s still early!”

Everyone was speechless.

Was there anyone in Central State City that did not know Yun Xiao’s reputation?

In the twenty fifth dwelling of the row of silent buildings, there was a young man sitting cross legged. He was not very tall or big and was actually quite small, but he was surrounded with an ominous and wild aura. There were several new and old scars on his face. He was clearly a person that loved to fight.

A challenger?

It’s fine if it was anyone else.

This fellow was just an idiot that the Yun Family had poured Elixirs into!

Drinking and playing all day, he was the most famous playboy young master in Central State!

The only reason why this idiot could keep his twenty sixth place was all because his family’s reputation was too strong. No one wanted to offend the Yun Family, so no one dared to challenge him!

When Zhao Kun had fought him, he had beaten him before ten moves.

Was he not hurt enough last time? Was he coming to embarrass himself again?


Central State Academy encouraged competition.

Inner courtyard students had a chance to challenge the Vermillion Bird thirty six ranks once a month. As long as they are not defeated, they can keep fighting. The one being challenged could not reject the challenge or else he would lose his position.

Zhao Kun held a long sword as he jumped out of the window like a leopard. His eyes seemed to be filled with lightning as he stared at Yun Xiao and said, “I am the Vermillion Bird Ranking’s twenty fifth ranked Zhao Kun! I accept your challenge!”

Zhao Kun was a cultivator from a poor family.

His father was a blacksmith and his mother was a tailor. He was born in a small town of the Central State area.

His family reluctantly gave up everything to send him out to study and Zhao Kun worked hard and diligently. At the age of eleven, he left his little town and had passed the Central State Academy’s entrance test and became an outer courtyard student. Every year he gets scholarships to help pay for his tuition.

With seven years of unceasing effort, Zhao Kun had obtained great results in many major competitions. He had continued to risk his life and participated in many beast and bandit suppressing missions and gained quite a bit of merits. In this period of time, his cultivation base had increased by several times due to lucky encounters.

Finally after travelling down the thorny trail, he had entered the inner courtyard and obtained his current cultivation!

At the age of nineteen, Zhao Kun had reached the 1st Awakened Soul Layer.

This was a very inspirational and legendary character.

For the top twenty-thirty ranks of the Vermillion Bird Courtyard, they were all usually juniors of large families. There were rarely people from a poor family like Zhao Kun which filled him with pride.

Yun Xiao?

When Zhao Kun looked at this fellow with a golden outer appearance, his eyes filled with a trace of disdain.

It might have been jealousy or despise, but this kind of rich second generation born with a silver spoon was the kind of person Zhao Kun hated the most.

Although Zhao Kun was preparing to breakthrough, he knew it wouldn’t be hard to beat Yun Xiao who gained his strength with just Elixirs!

“Brother Zhao!”

“Teach him a lesson!”

“Let this brat know how powerful you are!”

Countless voices rang out from the crowd.

Zhao Kun was a person of low birth and in this crowd, there were quite a few large family juniors. He enjoyed this feeling and it made him satisfied.

Support and honour!

These are all things I fought for!

I am more qualified to enjoy this treatment than this rich second generation.

Zhao Kun gave a cold snort and his eyes filled with contempt, “Young master Yun, you are not my match, so please don’t waste my time. You must know that the school has its own rules and strength holds power here. No matter what your status is, I will not show mercy.”

Yun Xiao laughed and suddenly brandished his sabre, “This young master has been reborn and today I will let you see my power! If you can block three of my attacks, then it is my loss today!”

Beating Zhao Kun in three slashes?

This truly was a joke!

“Then I’ll have to see how much you’ve progressed!”

Zhao Kun knew that Yun Xiao practiced the Yun Family’s «Thirteen Thunder Blades». Once this sabre art appeared, each consecutive slash would be much stronger. If he was allowed to release seven slashes, then Zhao Kun would face quite a bit of pressure.

There was only one way!


The quicker the fight ended, the less time he had to increase his momentum.

Zhao Kun displayed his best martial art, the «Wind Chasing Sword». This sword art was one of the top martial arts of Central State Academy and was something Zhao Kun paid quite a large price for. He had currently reached the Small Success realm.

Once their moves were displayed, with lightning speed, the two sides were locked in a deadlock.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha! Look at me!”

Yun Xiao took two steps forward and his sabre suddenly released a wild imposing aura. Just like ten thousand horses charging, it rushed forward right at his enemy.


Zhao Kun felt a tremendous pressure.

A slash that had been practiced millions of times would be like the slash a top master sends out. This was enough to completely deter one’s enemies.


This playboy’s sabre skills had increased this much in such a short period of time?

Zhao Kun had no time to think about this, he could only go all out and try to defend against this attack. When the blades clashes, a strong lightning glow was released and it rushed right at Zhao Kun’s body. A terrifying explosion occurred that even created a small hole in the ground.

Zhao Kun gave a pitiful cry.

He flew off like a piece of paper.


When Zhao Kun fell onto the floor, his body was still covered in lightning, completely paralyzing his body, making it impossible for him to stand. His hair stood straight up and his face and hands were burnt, he had almost been turned into charcoal by the lightning.

“How could you be this strong!”

Zhao Kun revealed a face of disbelief!

This was impossible!

How could I lose to this waste!

What happened to this idiot? How could he be this strong!

Yun Xiao patted the dust off his golden robe and danced around with his sabre a few times. Then he sheathed the sabre with a very natural stance, “I’m truly sorry, I accidentally used too much strength.”

This brat was clearly acting like a pig to eat the tiger!

That sabre art was clearly repeatedly tempered, it was not something that could be accomplished in a single day!

Zhao Kun’s face turned completely red. The playboy young master that he had looked down on had actually defeated him with a single slash in front of everyone. This was simply too embarrassing!

Chu Tian watched up to here and then gave two gently coughs.

Yun Xiao quickly stopped pretending to be cool and cleared his throat as he walked in front of Zhao Kun, “Brother Zhao, your «Wind Chasing Sword» is in the Small Success Realm, but you focus too much on speed. That is not right!”

Zhao Kun gave a cold snort, “It’s fine if I lose, but stop trying to embarrass me. The twenty fifth rank is yours for now, but I will take it back sooner or later!”

Yun Xiao shook his head and said, “The essence of the Wind Chasing Sword is not speed, rather it is in being elegant and flexible. Leaving no traces just like the wind, making it impossible for people to track and then releasing quick attacks. That is how you beat your enemies with ease. Brother Zhao’s Wind Chasing Sword is too focused on speed and so, it lacks elegance. Isn’t this putting the cart before the horse?”


Although he was not convinced, Zha Kun had to admit that Yun Xiao’s words made sense. He would have never thought that Yun Xiao would have this kind of understanding of martial arts.

“I suggest that Brother Zhao learns a few more basic sword techniques.” Once Yun Xiao said this, he suddenly paused for a second, “This little brother has seen the «Wind Chasing Sword» before and has come up with some improvements for a few parts that were lacking. I’ll help Brother Zhao change it now and hope that it will be of use to you…….”

Yun Xiao began to talk about the sword art.

Zhao Kun was stunned.

Why did Yun Xiao seem like he became a whole new person? It’s fine if he pointed out the flaws in a very straightforward manner!

What the most unbelievable thing was.

He actually wanted to modify the sword art?

The Wind Chasing Sword was a famous technique in Central State and even all those experts could not change it. How could a trivial rich second generation like this change it? But while he was listening to Yun Xiao’s words, he was surprised to find that they were true. Zhao Kun could not help being filled with admiration and even the people surrounding them had gained quite a bit!

When Zhao Kun was cultivating, he had come across many problems. Once he finished listening to this explanation, he immediately realized many things just like he was opening his eyes and entering a new world!

“Young master Yun!”

“I submit!”

Zhao Kun knelt down and everyone’s eyes filled with awe.

What is called the mind?

What is called being knowledgeable?

What is called a master’s style?

At this moment Yun Xiao felt like every pore in his body was opened and a golden sunshine had just driven away the clouds that have existed for a hundred years. It sprinkled onto his body and made him feel a single emotion. Happiness!

But when he raised his head toward the sky, tears were forming in his eyes. Success, he had succeeded! His boss had not deceived him, he had not suffered that devilish training in vain!

Zhao Kun quickly bent forward and cupped his fist, “Young master Yun is truly profound, I, Zhao Kun am sincerely convinced. I apologize for being unreasonable. I will turn my room over to you from today on.”


This was truly too satisfying!

Yun Xiao was so excited he wanted to give a loud shout!

When this news was spread, it would be unknown how many people would pay attention to him and how many members of the Yun Family would be shocked. When his grandfather finds out about this, who knows how happy he would be!