Miracle Throne
Chapter 136: Enhancing one’s strength
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 136: Enhancing one’s strength

Chapter 136: Enhancing one’s strength

Chu Tian began to refine the pill.

The pill’s main ingredient was the Jade Spirit Silkworm.

The supporting materials were all things that he had Yun Yao get for him and they were all level two herbs or Elixirs. Although they weren’t as rare, there was still quite a bit of them and level two materials could not compare with level one materials. It was a good thing that the Yun Family had a rich stockpile and could take them out directly, otherwise Chu Tian would have had no way of collecting everything in one-two days.

After around half an hour, the Jade Silkworm Pill had been refined.

This kind of low level two pill was suitable for 1st Awakened Soul Layer Cultivators. It could quickly increase their strength and was something Chu Tian needed right now.

Let’s begin!

He ate the pill and sat down cross legged. The Jade Silkworm Pill’s gentle and pure medicinal energy began to diffuse into his limbs.

The quality of this Jade Spirit Silkworm was not bad, it had been tempered for a few hundred years. When the Jade Spirit Silkworm was still a silkworm, it had eaten many Heaven and Earth Treasures and after it died, it became a high quality medicinal jade. With the other materials used to refine the pill, the energy absorption was very efficient.

Chu Tian easily refined everything into spirit energy. After the pill’s medicinal energy had been refined, his spirit energy had increased by quite a bit.


Chu Tian suddenly opened his eyes. His eyes seemed to burn like torches and he released a white breath from his mouth, directly penetrating through the window.

Very good.

This pill’s effect was even greater than Chu Tian expected.

It allowed Chu Tian to go from a normal 1st Layer Awakened Soul Cultivator to slowly approaching the peak of the 1st Awakened Soul Layer!

With Chu Tian’s current strength, it had increased by at least 30-40%. He could now fight with experts of Chu Tongwen and Chu Batian’s levels, let alone normal 3rd Layer Awakened Soul Cultivators. Chu Tian’s strength was much greater now!

Spirit energy was the foundation of a person’s cultivation base. The more spirit energy one had, the stronger they would be.

This was the first time Chu Tian had grown stronger since he entered the Awakened Soul Realm!

With Chu Tian’s age and his current cultivation, it was something rarely seen in Central State City. But Chu Tian was aware of the difference between the Heavenly Sword Young Master Chu Xinghe and himself.

Even if he was at the same level, it would be hard for him to fight Chu Xinghe, not to mention the fact that Chu Xinghe was the leader of the Four Young Masters. The weakest of the Four Young Masters was the Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao who was also at the 4th Awakened Soul Layer. It was clear just how strong Chu Xinghe was, he was not someone Chu Tian could fight right now.

He didn’t have enough power yet.

It was not nearly enough yet!

I have to try harder and become even stronger!

Yun Yao came over and reported, “The Jing Family’s young master Jing Hao is here for you!”

Chu Tian asked in slightly surprised tone, “Is he alone?”

Yun Yao shook her head, “He brought a girl with him!”

“Then that’s good!” Chu Tian’s eyes couldn’t help lighting up, “Go, bring them over!”

What kind of manners did this fellow have!

He’s actually treating me as a message conveying servant!

What kind of proud and stubborn person was Yun Yao? If anyone else treated her like this, they would be killed with a single palm, but she could not move against this person. She could only force it down as she left the little courtyard.

“He said that you two can enter!”

“Yes, yes……”

Jing Hao and Tong Xiaoyu were trembling like little calves.

Would they not know who this person was?

It was the Purple Lightning Young Master Yun Yao!

One of the Four Young Masters!

One of the most dazzling talents of Central State!

With peerless grace and talent, as well as unparalleled beauty, she was a pearl of Central State!

In front of Yun Yao, they didn’t even dare let out a single fart!

Tong Xiaoyu could not understand what kind of strange methods that the big brother used to make the playboy Jing Hao act in a subordinate manner to him and even make the proud Yun Yao suppress her anger and convey messages for him!

The person most shocked was naturally Jing Hao!

Why would Chu Tian appear in the Yun Family? He was very clear on the reason!

Although Chu Tian had given the Yun Sect face and had not spread around the city the news of the trouble he had caused, he had still beaten up Jiang Qi and had also dragged him to the Yun Sect’s Main Headquarters to demand an explanation!

Chu Tian was the only person in the world that could do something this crazy!

What Jing Hao never would have expected was that after Chu Tian went to the Yun Sect, nothing had happened to him at all. Rather, what happened was that the Yun Sect had declared that they had kicked out Gao Haoran, Li Tai, Jiang Qi at the same time!

The three of them were all grand scholar Gu Qianqiu’s disciples!

Even if they made a mistake, the Yun Sect would still have to give Gu Qianqiu face!

The determined way that the Yun Sect did not even give him any face caused a large stir. Kicking out the three disciples of the grand scholar like this, wasn’t this not giving the grand scholar any face at all? What made Yun Tianhe do this was unexpectedly a young man!

Although Jing Hao did not know the Yun Sect’s motive, he was clear on one thing. Everything was caused by this monstrous youth that was like the devil!

Even a character like Yun Tianhe needed to give Chu Tian face.

Now, he had personally come to the Yun Sect and saw the most important member of the Yun Sect’s third generation, Yun Yao, being directed by Chu Tian and treated as a normal subordinate

He was this terrifying!

No one could understand him and he was completely unpredictable!

Perhaps being Chu Tian’s lackey was not a bad thing!

The two gingerly walked into the little courtyard.

“Ah, ah!”

A strange person wearing shorts was standing inside a source energy array. His body was covered in talismans and was currently wildly slashing with his long sabre. It seemed like he was practicing a sabre art with a strong momentum.


Isn’t this Yun Xiao!

In terms of Central State playboys, Jing Hao could be considered someone on the top rankings. But in terms of rankings, if Yun Xiao claimed to be second, no one would dare to say that they were first.

What was happening to him?

This was too frightening!

This was simply brutal torture!

“God dammit!”

“I’ve been going on for two days now!”

“Save me! Who will save me!”

“Lu Ren, Big Brother Lu, Boss Lu! Calling you father is fine, I’m even willing to call you grandfather! Please let me go! I really can’t take it anymore!”

Yun Xiao continued to swing his sabre as tears filled his eyes.

The talismans on his body seemed to be set that every time he was even a little bit off, they would immediately release a power that punished him. The source energy array on the ground suppressed him, making him feel ten times the normal gravity. Even swinging a sword became very difficult.

Two whole days?

Even men with iron will would be afraid to practice like this!

This was too cruel! It was simply inhuman!”

“Have you seen enough?” Yun Yao felt a little dissatisfied, “If you like it, I’ll tell Lu Ren and you can give it a try as well?”

“No, no, no!” Jing Hao wiped away his sweat as he said, “We’re here to see Chu, no……Lu Ren about some important things!”

Tong Xiaoyu’s face was completely white.

The number one playboy in Central State had been tortured to this state by big brother. Yun Yao was Yun Xiao’s sister, but not only did she not stop it, she even turned a blind eye to it. She had no idea how he had managed to accomplish this.

Chu Tian was sitting inside the house with the little fox napping in his lap. That normal appearance and his normal height still gave a very constricting pressure to those around him.

Jing Hao didn’t even dare look at him. He quickly cupped his hands and bowed forward, walking forward like he was performing a ceremony, “I, I…..I’m here to report the work progress to you. The materials have been prepared and the factories have been acquired all according to plan.”

Chu Tian slightly nodded and said, “What about the designs that I wanted?”

Tong Xiaoyu quickly handed over the two blueprints, “Xiaoyu has completed the blueprints that big brother has given her. Please have a look!”

“Not bad, not bad. Xiaoyu, you really have a talent for mechanical techniques. I lack a person like you by my side. You’ll have great prospects if you work at my side from now on!” Chu Tian carefully looked over the blueprints a few times and then handed them over to Jing Hao, “Go and make the thing drawn on this blueprint. I want to see the end product in two days, understand?”

How could Jing Hao refuse?

Chu Tian then said, “You are responsible for the production and design, so you will receive quite a bit. After we earn money from this, you will both receive 10%!”

Jing Hao flatteringly said, “The money does not matter. To be able to help the young master is my honour!”

This fellow probably didn’t understand just how much 10% was!

“You really do know how to talk! But I will not mistreat the people at my side. If you keep helping me properly, everyone will become rich together!” Once Chu Tian said this, he suddenly stopped. Then he emphasized, “You have to pay close attention to the magnetic sound towers!”


“You should go back first. My status is very sensitive and someone will find out sooner or later. It would be best if you reduce direct contact with me to avoid drawing other people’s attention prematurely.”

The two of them left the Yun Sect’s little courtyard.

At this time, the sun was about to rise.

Chu Tian finally showed some mercy and released the array on Yun Xiao’s body, letting him rest. He then took out a bottle from his chest and gave it to Yun Yao, “Smear this medicine on Yun Xiao’s body, it will eliminate the side effects of the fierce cultivation he just underwent. Then let him rest for two hours.”

Chu Tian’s training method was very severe.

Although the effects were very good, there were a lot of side effects. If they couldn’t be cured, it would cause a lot of lasting injuries which could affect future cultivation.

“Boss, can I not cultivate anymore!”

“I can’t feel my own body already.”

“If I keep practicing like this, there is an 80% chance I’ll be crippled. Even if I don’t become crippled, I might not be able to move ever again!”

Yun Xiao laid down on the stretcher, his muscles were continuously twitching while Yun Yao smeared the medicine on for him. It was actually very strange, wherever she smeared Chu Tian’s medicine, the muscles would stop twitching.

“No need to worry, you’ve pretty much mastered the sabre art. Just accept a bit more intensive training in a few other aspects and then you’ll be able to go out.”

Yun Xiao wanted to cry, but he had no tears.

These two days was the darkest period in his life!

The Three Lightning Blades was derived from the Thirteen Thunder Blades.

Yun Xiao already had a background of training the Thirteen Thunder Blades and now that he had suffered this devilish training for a whole two days, he had become pretty decent with the Three Lightning Blades.

Chu Tian disdainfully said, “If you can’t even endure a little suffering, how will you accomplish big things? Let me ask you, what kind of status do you have in the Central State Academy?”

Yun Xiao was an inner courtyard student of the Central State Academy.

“No need to mention this! I, Yun Xiao am a part of the Vermillion Bird branch and I am a part of the top thirty!”

“You’re not embarrassed to say this! Do you know how much resources the family has invested in you?” Yun Yao slapped him onto the ground, “When I was still in the Central State Academy, I was always first in my branch! The other branches’ top spots were taken by Chu Xinghe, Luo Xianglong, and Ye Tianlang! For key disciples of the Yun Family, they have always been within the top ten! You are the only one! Grandfather is one of the deans and his reputation has all be lost by you!”

“Aiyo! Old sister! Be gentle, how can I compare with you!”

“Don’t look down on the special training of the past two days!” Chu Tian began to laugh, “I’ll promise that you’ll be able to fight your way into the top five now!”

Yun Xiao revealed a shocked expression, “Are you serious? This is impossible!”

“With me here, there is no such thing as impossible.” Chu Tian disdainfully said, “After being taught by me for two days, if you can’t even enter the top five, then just wait and wash your neck! But only fighting your way into the top five isn’t all that interesting. I will teach you some other things as well. Don’t you like showing off? If you help me this time, then I’ll bring you to cause a lot of trouble in Central State Academy! How about we cause a giant stir together?”

Causing a lot of trouble in Central State Academy?

I like this!

Yun Xiao’s eyes lit up! He completely agreed with this!

He had suffered quite a lot over these past few days. Now he could finally get some repayment!

Actually even Yun Xiao didn’t realize that after going through this devilish training over the past two days, he had increased his strength quite a bit. Of course he wouldn’t understand just how important the practice from these past two days was to him. He didn’t know why, but when this mysterious youth said he could do it, he had a really good feeling about this.


Since it’s already like this.

Then he would endure for another day. In order to show off, in order to attract countless little sister’s gazes, Yun Xiao would hand his life over to Chu Tian.
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