Miracle Throne
Chapter 134: Bringing you to pretend
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Miracle Throne
Author :Half-Drunk Wanderer
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Chapter 134: Bringing you to pretend

Chapter 134: Bringing you to pretend

The siblings brought him to tour the Yun Sect.

The Yun Sect looked like a martial arts sect at first glance, but it was actually a scholar’s institute.

Its research was focused on alchemy, talismans, weapon refining, symbol arrays, cultivation techniques, and martial arts.

The Central State Academy was a publically established school, whereas the Yun Sect was a privately established school, but the Yun Sect had a higher recruitment rate than the Central State Academy. The students that had been in the Central State Academy and the scholars that had not graduated from the Yun Sect both had the same scholarly status.

Most of the Yun Sect’s scholars were also lecturers at Central State Academy.

Of course there were also a few that were outstanding graduates.

“The Yun Sect is the largest research organization in Central State City. There are over eighty laboratories in the Yun Sect and is the best research environment in Central State. Out of all the new researches that come from Central State, one third of it comes from the Yun Sect. We are the leaders in business and military development, truly powerful!”

Not bad!

The Yun Sect really has some capital!

Out of the Four Great Families, the Chu Family focused on the martial arts, the Luo Family was centred around the government, and the Ye Family had their private forces. The Yun Family was the only one suitable for working with Chu Tian.

Yun Xiao swaggered around with his black and blue pig head, his face was filled with arrogance.

“I, as the Yun Sect’s little white dragon, am known as a ladykiller by the people of Jianghu. Not only am I dashing, I have also practiced the Thirteen Thunder Blades to a high proficiency. Once a blade is sent out, it is as fast as lightning. There is no one that can block it, so a little brat like you needs to be careful. Although grandfather wants me to follow you, understand this, it’s not for me to serve you.”

This one’s facial skin thickness can actually compare with father.

Yun Yao knit her black brow and stomped the ground, “Stop bullshitting yourself! The Thirteen Thunder Blades is a high level technique of the Yun Family. If you had a high proficiency in it, would you have been beaten into a pig head by others?”

Yun Xiao gave a dying pig’s scream and clutched his broken butt, “Old Sister, while we’re in front of others, can you give me a bit of face? I am still a model among the Yun Family men.”

Truly exasperating!

Why can’t this Yun Family’s third generation work a bit harder?

Her little brother’s talent was not bad and if he focused on cultivating, his achievements would not be inferior to the Purple Lightning Young Master. Then Yun Yao wouldn’t feel as much pressure.

Chu Tian rubbed his chin. Then he gave a slight smile and said, “Thirteen Thunder Blades? This technique sounds quite aggressive, but I don’t know what it really is like.”

Yun Xiao revealed a look of disdain, “Do you want to compete? Let me tell you, out of all the people in Central State that use the sabre, this young master can be placed in the few top spots. My blade always draws blood when drawn, so I suggest you stop thinking about it, or you’ll be in for some trouble!”

The little fox revealed a vomiting expression.

This person was almost half as shameless as his master!

Why was there someone that liked to boast that much?

Chu Tian turned around, “Then let’s give it a try. You can make a move!”

When Yun Xiao saw that Chu Tian was challenging him and leaving his back open, he couldn’t help flying into a rage, “What do you mean by this? The Thirteen Thunder Blades is a technique based on speed. Daring to leave your back open to me, isn’t this seeking death? If I chopped you to pieces like this, it wouldn’t be a proper thing to do. This young master is very honourable and would never do something like this.”

“Say that after you actually hurt me!”

“Good little brat, I’ll let you see just how strong my sabre technique is!”

Yun Yao’s released a flower of lightning from her fingertip. With a flick of her finger, she sent it flying into Yun Xiao’s face.

“Aiyo!” Yun Xiao covered his pig face and angrily shouted, “Old Sister, why are you secretly attacking me? It’s fine if you hit me, but why are you hitting the face I depend on! You should know that I depend on this face to earn my meals!”

Yun Yao fiercely stared at him and then she looked over at Chu Tian.

This idiot!

He doesn’t know what kind of person he is facing.

Even Yun Tianhe was respectful to someone like this. Was this someone that waste like him could take on?

Yun Xiao narrowed his eyes and began to laugh, “I understand! Old Sister! You want to teach him a lesson too, right? You’re one of the Central State Four Young Masters, so you don’t need to make a move. You can just let your little brother take care of something like this!”

Yun Yao gave a sigh.

Forget it.

She might as well let Lu Ren beat up this idiot!

Yun Xiao arrogantly said to Chu Tian, “Hey, little brat, are you ready? This young master’s sabre is really quick, so don’t be chopped up without even reacting!”

“You talk too much. Make your move already.”

Chu Tian slowly closed his eyes and opened his mind’s eye. The entire surrounding was covered in his spiritual sense. Yun Xiao’s body began to tremble. Although he didn’t understand the mind’s eye, he could feel that there was an invisible energy penetrating into his body.

What is happening?

Father doesn’t believe!


Yun Xiao released lightning that condensed into a long sabre.

Although it had the same nature as a lightning attributed sabre source spirit, Yun Xiao’s sabre spirit was narrower and longer. It was not very thick, but it still seemed very strong. It was densely covered in runes and releasing an ancient aura, it possessed a very strong destructive might.

“Look at this!”

Yun Xiao pulled the sabre from his waist and charged as fast as lightning at Chu Tian’s back. The result was Chu Tian casually moved out of the way and the sabre went past him. He dodged it very easily.

The sabre qi mixed with lightning flew forward and left a sabre print on the ground.

“Fuck! You really have good luck!”

“Watch this slash!”

The result was that it was easily dodged.

Yun Xiao’s was so angry his nose was crooked. This little brat was just like a little loach. He was so angry that he was no longer hesitant, he fully released his sabre technique.

The Thirteen Thunder Blades was truly worthy of being a famous Yun Family technique.

Fast, vicious, and strong.

Each blade contained a strong destructive might and once it was shot out, they could not be blocked. But with Chu Tian’s mind’s eye, it was full of holes and nothing to talk about.

Once the last slash came.

Chu Tian suddenly turned around when the sabre was right in front of him, he clamped onto it gently with two fingers and very accurately held onto the weak point of the blade. Then he forcefully turned it.


The sabre blade was snapped apart!

When the lightning exploded out, Chu Tian had already prepared his Starlight Immortal Body, but Yun Xiao was sent flying by the explosion. His blue pig face had now turned as black as coal and his hair was standing up just like a chicken’s feather.

Chu Tian opened his eyes. He was not hurt at all. He gave a faint smile, “How is it?”

“What happened! How did you see through my Thirteen Thunder Blades!”

Chu Tian patted off the dust from his robes, “If you want to learn, then I’ll teach you a few tricks.”

Yun Xiao crawled forward with a look of awe on his face, “I understand, no wonder that old man is so respectful! You really do have skills! If you teach me a few moves, the next time I go to the brothel…..Oh, no, I mean listen to a few songs, I won’t be beaten by others. Rather they’ll realize that they are the ones who will suffer a beating.”

Chu Tian stroked his chin, “There are a few requirements.”

Yun Xiao became very excited at this moment, “From this day forward, you are my big brother! If you want me to go east, I will not go west! If you want me to go south, I will not face north!”

Yun Yao really wanted to find a hole to hide in.

How could the Yun Family give birth to a clown like this?

He was the Yun Family’s eldest grandson! He really was losing face for the Yun Family!

“This matter is not a bad thing for you guys. I have a way of earning a little money.” Chu Tian gave a mysterious smile, “We should work together. As for the money earned, I’ll give the two of you combined 10%.”

The two of them had a respected position since they were young, they did not care about money.

This was the first time they were hearing about this.

“Two talents for only 10%? Yun Yao snorted and said, “You’re treating us like beggars!”

Yun Xiao was very interested. Money was just a figure to him, he just cared about pleasurable things, “Money doesn’t really matter, the main thing is, is it fun?”

“You shouldn’t look down on 10%, it’s already considered quite a bit.” Chu Tian revealed a mysterious smile, “I won’t tell you about it now, but this matter can’t be accomplished by a single person. Other than you guys, we also need the help of others. If everyone takes 10%, then by that calculation, I would only get 60%.”

This wasn’t enough?

The two siblings were stunned.

But Chu Tian was satisfied since he had gained a few more capable helpers!

If it wasn’t for that fact that you are a little useful, you wouldn’t even have the chance to get a single copper coin.

Yun Yao was also interested in this matter, she had 100% confidence in Chu Tian. She was just like Yun Xiao, not lacking money, she was just curious what method he had for making money.

“As for whether it is fun or not, for others it wouldn’t be so, but for you it is very suitable.”


Chu Tian looked at Yun Xiao,”You like to pretend! You like to show off!”

Yun Xiao was not ashamed, “What’s wrong with that? Men have to show off!”

“The way you’re doing it is wrong!” Chu Tian was the master of pretending and was an absolute professional at identifying rising stars, “In the next two-three days, I will properly teach you. I will make sure you know how to perfectly show off.”

Yun Xiao scratched the back of his head, “But…..What does this have to do with making money?”

Chu Tian gave a mysterious smile, “It is very related. Not only will it let you make money, it will also make you the center of everyone’s attention. It will make all the Central State Academy students worship you. Don’t you like this kind of feeling?”

Yun Xiao’s eyes lit up, “Would countless beautiful girls surrender to me?”

Chu Tian nodded, “If you can obtain even 1% of my passion, then this will not be hard.”

What are we waiting for!

Let’s begin!

Not to mention making money, even if he made no money, this young master Yun would still be willing!

“Let’s first practice your sabre technique. This sabre technique is no good, we need to change it!”

Yun Xiao was stunned, “How do we change it!”

“Thirteen blades is too much. We’ll simplify it and only keep three blades!”

The Yun siblings were shocked.

The Thirteen Thunder Blades was a famous Yun Family cultivation technique. The most important reason was that the strength of the blades superimposed. The blades became stronger with each attack and each blade gathered the potential of the previous blade, making the final blade the strongest!

If thirteen blades became three blades.

Would it be gathering the potential instantly and destroying the enemy in a single effort?

After the thirteen blades was simplified by Chu Tian into the three blade, it actually did not become weaker, instead it became stronger. The value of this technique had increased by over ten times.

Chu Tian said to Yun Xiao, “We’ll move separately for now. You should go bring the learning material of Central State Academy over, I need to look over it. We also need a few resources, some for Yun Xiao to use and some for me to use. I’ll have to trouble you to find it for me.”

Yun Yao and Yun Xiao had no idea what Chu Tian wanted to do!

But they just had to follow along with Chu Tian’s request. Who told their grandfather to accept all of Chu Tian’s requests?

Yun Tianhe was one of the heads of the Central State Academy, what kind of things could Chu Tian not see? Yun Yao quickly went off.

Yun Xiao asked in a surprised tone, “What will we do?”

Chu Tian said to him, “I’ll just give you all the things I want you to learn in the next two days. I’ll be honest, I don’t have any patience, so it will only take three days at most. If you want to learn, you’ll have to suffer some hardships.”

Yun Xiao laughed, “What am I afraid of? I don’t have many skills, but not being afraid of hardships is one of them!”

Chu Tian nodded his head and said with a faint smile, “Do you know why I wanted you to follow me? It is because I like the way you pretend and show off. Since it’s like this, let’s begin.”

When Yun Xiao saw Chu Tian’s smile, he didn’t know why, but he suddenly felt a chill run down his spine. It was as if he was filled with regret.
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