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Chapter 133: Yun Family’s young master

Chapter 133: Yun Family’s young master

The youth that he had racked his brains to find actually took the initiative to show up at the Yun Sect and cause trouble. He had actually caused the Yun Sect to lose several senior level characters, it could only be described as a disaster!

But this little brat was just like how Yun Yao described him.

An absolute madman!

Yun Tianhe did not feel even a tinge of regret.

It didn’t matter if those scholars without virtue left, that motley group could not compare to how important Chu Tian was. This time Chu Tian had given them a fierce lesson, but he had also set an example for the Yun Sect.

The Yun Sect had been becoming more and more boastful, oppressing others and using their powers to bully the weak. This made their scholarly institute seem more and more dirty.

There was no doubt of Chu Tian’s shocking talent. He had personally taken care of all the Yun Sect scholars and shown them that there was always someone better than them. At least now they would act a little more restrained.

Of course, if he could recruit Chu Tian into the Yun Sect……

As Yun Tianhe thought about this, he just felt his blood boiling. This wasn’t something like burning an incense for his ancestors, this was simply a giant blaze!

Yun Tianhe was an honest old scholar, he was completely different from the other family leaders. Even if Chu Tian was not willing to join the Yun Sect, just based on the favours he’s shown toward the Yun Family, Yun Tianhe would definitely not choose to cause any grudges between them.

“Little mister, please sit.”

“I’ve long heard Yun Yao talking about you and I’m truly honoured to meet you today.”

Yun Tianhe personally opened beautiful jade tea canisters and a refreshing fragrance immediately filled the room.

Each tea leaf was as pure as a crystal and it released a vigorous aura. Once it entered the water, runes began to appear on the tea leaves. A strong life energy was released and turned the entire pot of tea into a jade green colour.

Chu Tian rubbed his chin, “The tea is pretty good!”

Yun Tianhe quickly introduced it, “These are tea leaves from the elven nation, each piece is priceless and hard to obtain. The water used to make this tea comes from a spring of life, it can wash one’s physique and prolong one’s life span. It can even increase one’s cultivation base and make up for one’s shortcomings.”

Yun Yao couldn’t help snorting.

Even her grandfather wasn’t willing to drink this spiritual tea.

He actually generously took it out today.

It was easy to see how important he felt this fellow was!

Yun Tianhe had lived for close to a hundred years, but now he was as nervous as a student seeing his teacher.

He had too many things he wanted to ask.

But he didn’t know how to word it.

This young man had an eccentric personality, if he was neglected, that would be bad!

Yun Tianhe thought it over and could only push these matters down for now. It was best if he first entertained him with the best treatment possible.

Chu Tian held the tea but he did not drink it, he just sniffed it once, “This is the elven green tea produced on the southern emerald plains, planted with the elves’ special cultivation method in crescent moon spring water for around a hundred years. But the high class tea leaves are left behind for the elves to enjoy themselves and the middle class tea leaves are sold to their allies. Your tea leaves are low class and can only be considered inferior products.”

Yun Tianhe was shocked.

Hearing this he finally learned that these leaves were of the lowest quality. As well as where they came from and that they had a special cultivating method.

Yun Yao was a little unsatisfied, “Just be satisfied with it. Do you know how rare these tea leaves are?”

“Yao’er, what are you saying!” Yun Tianhe was a little dissatisfied, “Go stand out in the yard, don’t disturb this mister!”


“Why are you not going yet!”

“Fine then!”

Yun Yao stared at Chu Tian and helplessly left.

“For a small country like Southern Summer, it’s pretty hard even to get low quality elven tea leaves, so one should not be too harsh.” Chu Tian put the teacup down, “Only, you seem to need to increase your hospitality. There are obviously two people here, but you only poured a single cup. Aren’t you neglecting a guest like this?”

Two guests?

Where was the second person?

The little fox gave a snort and stuck out its chest while digging in its butt. Its claws were crossed in front of its chest and it stood very haughtily. It had a dissatisfied expression as it looked at Yun Tianhe as if it was saying, “You pour him a cup, but you don’t pour me a cup, are you looking down on this fox?”

Yun Tianhe was shocked.

He truly was a strange person.

Even his pet was so clever. It was a very rare thing!

“Oh, oh, it’s this old man’s fault!” Yun Tianhe quickly poured another cup of spiritual tea.

The little fox stretched out his little claws and held the teacup. Without caring that it was still piping hot, it cleanly drank the entire cup.

It smacked its lip together a few times as if it was tasting it and then its pink tongue licked its lips. It then pushed the teacup back and used its claws to point at the empty cup, then it pointed at its lips.

“You want more?”

Yun Tianhe quickly poured another cup.

The little fox drank it in a single gulp.

This is truly strange!

The strength in the spiritual tea is not small!

Was this little fox not afraid of its body exploding?

The little fox had a human nature and acted just like a person.

Yun Tianhe’s manners and performance made Chu Tian very satisfied. This old man was a family head as well as the Yun Sect’s master, but he did not act like it, he was very polite to him and his little fox. This kind of gentlemanly attitude was rarely seen in this era.

Yun Tianhe and Zhang Liqing were the same kind of people.

This kind of people could be considered a real scholar!

The only difference was that Yun Tianhe’s knowledge, cultivation, and status were all far above Zhang Liqing’s.

Out of the Central State Four Great Families, Chu Tian had already offended three of them.

In order to make a foothold in Central State, he would need to win over one of them.

Yun Tianhe was smiling as he said, “My granddaughter is very stubborn, she has given you many troubles in the past, this old man offers this cup of tea as an apology. Thank you for taking care of that little girl.”

“It’s just a little effort, not worth mentioning at all.”

Chu Tian took a small sip and the strange fragrance filled his mouth. It was as if his entire body was soaked and all his pores had opened, letting him constantly breathe the fresh air. It truly was worthy of being the elven green tea.

“Young friend Lu has come to Central State from afar, I wonder, how long are you planning to stay?” Yun Tianhe cautiously asked, “If you do not mind, then do you want to stay at the Yun Family……”

Who would have thought.

Before Yun Tianhe could finish speaking.

A black and blue faced youth rushed in the door and said in an unclear voice, “Old Sister, I was having fun at the brothel when the Luo bastard hit me, you need to take revenge for me!”

Yun Yao stood at the entrance with an awkward expression, she gave a gentle cough.

“You disobedient child!” Yun Tianhe’s old face turned black and he angrily slapped the table, “Yun Xiao, are you uncomfortable not losing face for your grandfather!”

When the black and blue faced young man saw Yun Tianhe, he was frightened, but he gave an embarrassed smile and said, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I didn’t see grandfather here. I still haven’t cultivated today, I’ll go over now……”

“Come back here!”

The young man had a crying face as he walked in front of Yun Tianhe.

Yun Tianhe angrily shouted, “What happened here?”

Yun Xiao honestly said, “Grandson was just sitting in the room studying, but who would have thought that I would be dragged to Miaoyu Square by friends. We only wanted to hear a few songs from the header miss Yu Lian, but who would have thought that the Luo Family would jump the queue without any warning. I was so angry that I began to fight with them, so I just……”


He had gone to the brothel to chase a girl, but was beaten up and then wanted to come back to move his soldier. This kind of person was truly rarely seen in this world!

Yun Tianhe’s nose went crooked with anger, “The face of the Yun Family is completely lost by you! From this day forth, you will be confined to your room for two months. You will only practice your cultivation and will not be permitted to leave!”

Yun Xiao’s face fell, “Grandfather, do you also want my life?”

“Yun Yao, why are you not dragging your little brother away! Letting him remain in front of young mister, even if you aren’t embarrassed, I will feel embarrassed!”

“Wait a minute!”

Chu Tian stood up.

Yun Tianhe also quickly stood up, “Is there something mister needs?”

Chu Tian walked in front of Yun Xiao and looked over him, “This physique is not bad, but the cultivation base is a little weak.”

Yun Xiao felt dissatisfied hearing this, “Little brat, what are you mumbling in front of me? Father here is in the 1st Awakened Soul Layer, you’re not that much greater than me! What qualification do you have to judge Father!”


“Act a little more honestly for me!”

Yun Xiao was hit several times with a walking stick.

What kind of situation was this? This common boy was actually being treated with respect by his grandfather, was he actually his grandfather’s honoured guest?

Chu Tian pondered for a few minutes and suddenly made a decision. He turned to look at Yun Tianhe and said, “Old Yun, let’s not lock him up!”


Old Yun?

Yun Xiao was scared by this scene.

This fellow was quite courageous, daring to call Yun Tianhe this. This was one of the heads of the Four Great Families who was close to the True Soul Realm, it was something completely beyond Chu Tian’s imagination!

What made Yun Xiao even more surprised was that his grandfather was not angry at all, he just asked, “What do you mean by that mister?”

Chu Tian said, “I need a helper, so why don’t you give him to me? Let me teach him for a few days, perhaps he’ll experience some unexpected changes!”

This divine person wanted to teach a Yun Family member?

This was simply what Yun Tianhe wished for!

Yun Xiao was a direct descendant of the Yun Family, but he spent every day just eating, drinking, playing with prostitutes, and gambling. He was the shame of the Yun Family. Such a fellow could not even be saved with countless precious medicine. If one looked carefully, he had several lifetimes worth of blessings in his body!

Yun Tianhe grabbed his grandson’s ear and shouted, “Starting today, you will be following this little mister’s side. You will saddle his horse and give him tea and water when he needs it. You have to serve him well. If you dare neglect him even a little, I will break your legs! Do you understand!”

Yun Xiao was thoroughly stunned.

He was the dignified Yun Family’s eldest grandson.

He was actually going to work as an outsider’s servant.

Had his grandfather gone senile with age! Although he was filled with dissatisfaction, he did not dare show it. He could only force himself to accept it!

Yun Tianhe quickly asked Chu Tian, “Is there anything mister needs? As long as you say it, I will do everything I can. This Yun will not back down and use all the resources I have!”

“There’s nothing else that I need.” Chu Tian pointed at the Yun siblings, “Just let these two come with me, I want to go visit the Yun Sect. You can fulfil this request, right?”

Yun Tianhe was shocked,” Of course you can, of course you can! What are the two of you doing? Why are you not guiding the little mister on his tour yet?”

“I’ll have to trouble you!”

The little fox wanted to take the teapot.

Chu Tian picked it up by its neck. It was having fun drinking the spiritual tea, but was suddenly interrupted. The little fox could only screech as it protested to its master.

Of course, the master stuck to his own ways and had never paid attention to its protest.

Chu Tian brought Yun Yao and Yun Xiao away, but before leaving he said to Yun Tianhe, “These days I will bring the young master around for a little matter, I hope Old Yun will not interfere. Wait until the conditions are right and naturally I’ll begin to cooperate with the Yun Family. If there is anything I need in this period, I will send Yun Yao to tell you and you’ll see if it’s possible…..”

Yun Tianhe knit his brows.

If it was like what Yun Yao had said.

This fellow had long planned to come to the Yun Sect.

But what was his goal?

Yun Tianhe really wanted this answer, but he could only suppress his curiosity for now, “Please relax! I will not ask!”

Chu Tian nodded in satisfaction.

He required the power of the Yun Family, but he did not cause a large ruckus. Yun Xiao was the Yun Family’s disgraceful young master and the plans he needed to complete did not have to go through Yun Tianhe.