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Chapter 131: Letting them lose together

Chapter 131: Letting them lose together

At this moment, the members of the Yun Sect finally realized something, this was a challenge that the number one scholar union in Central State was afraid of facing! This common young man who everyone looked down on was actually pressuring over one hundred scholars to the point where they found it hard to breathe!

The Yun Family juniors were shocked. The Yun Sect scholars were people the Yun Family recruited from large organizations and not a single one of them was a simple person!

It was because of this that they normally looked down on everything.

They thought they were a cut above the others and paid no attention to the Yun Family juniors!

When people faced these high masters, they did not dare to disrespect them because they were all top figures in various fields. It was fine for them to be proud and arrogant.

However that changed the moment this young man leisurely walked in with his casual body language and smile that never disappeared.

The Yun Sect scholars were now in a giant bind. Their heads were covered in sweat and they continued to discuss with one another. They didn’t even dare to breathe too loudly, treating this situation very severely.

Who was strong and who was weak could be clearly seen with a single glance.

This was only the beginning!

The Yun Family juniors felt as if their view of the world was turned upside down. The masters that they had looked up to were now joining forces against a single commoner youth. The most shocking thing was that even though they were working together, they were still at a disadvantage.

“Since you know everything about modern and ancient history, let me ask you.” Li Tai asked in a fierce voice, “The continent has many eras, what is the characteristic of each era?”

This question seemed very simple.

But was actually very hard to respond to.

The problem was that there were many disputes and contradictions with the answer itself. No matter how Chu Tian answered, Li Tai would find a way to refute him.

Chu Tian revealed a slight smile and calmly replied.

“Since the world was born, there have been four eras.”

“In the beginning of the world, there was around a hundred million years where the continent was built from scratch. The world itself was dead during this period and there were no life forms at all. It was the period where materials and laws of the world were just beginning to form. This beginning period was divided into nine periods, they are……”

Chu Tian gave an eloquent tirade.

He listed every one of the nine periods, how they formed, how they developed, what the outcomes were. He clearly described each and every detail and reason.

This made Li Tai dumbfounded.

He could not find a single point to refute.

Chu Tian’s answer was impregnable and had answered countless unsolved mysteries.

“After the developing world era, the continent entered the great ancient era.”

“The great ancient era lasted around ten million years of years. The world laws of the continent continued to grow and life began to take form. Countless legendary Ancient Demons, Ancient Gods, and Divine Beasts were born in this era. The great ancient era was divided into five periods……”

“The High Ancient Era lasted for around a million years and was considered a peak in history. The life forms of the ancient continent were like stars with countless advanced civilizations. Countless strong races appeared and what represented them was……”

“The Broken Era occurred at the peak of the great ancient era. Because the continent was too big, even shining a light would take several years to get to the other end. This caused many different world laws to appear. Because there were too many kinds of world laws conflicting with one another on the continent, the ancient continent finally collapsed!”

“In the end, the ancient continent exploded and each fragment became its own continent. They formed their own space and time dimensions and formed world laws independent of one another. Like this, the gods and demons fell……”


Chu Tian had given a detailed description of the evolution of the world. All the main events, all the important characters had all been clearly described.

The young men and women from the Yun Family listened on dumbfoundedly.

Because the content was too lustrous and dazzling, they had never heard it before!

Li Tai was completely dumbfounded. The academic society already had some ideas of the world’s origins and development, but there had never been a person like this who could clearly separate the time periods and describe each period clearly.

“So you are saying that our continent is a fragment formed from the explosion of the ancient continent?” A young girl wearing the Yun Family’s uniform could not help asking, “Do the other fragments still exist?”

Chu Tian calmly looked over the ten boards and then calmly began to write another rune. Hearing the question, he calmly answered, “Of course they still exist. Although the ancient continent collapsed, it still has not disappeared. I believe that one day we will be able to break through the dimensional barrier and reconnect with the other continents. We can explore all the different resources they have and compete with the mysterious races of the other continents!”

The Yun Family juniors were all shocked!

Is this true?

This continent was already vast and boundless and it was still developing, it was hard for people to even find the boundary of the world, but this was actually only a single fragment of the ancient continent. How amazing of a world was the ancient continent when it was still complete?

Chu Tian did not seem like he was competing at the Yun Sect at this moment. He seemed more like a teacher that was giving his students a history lesson.

Yun Guangyan flew into a rage and stared at those curious faces of those juniors who wanted to ask more, “What are you doing! Are you not embarrassed? Why have you not moved to the side yet!”

The Yun Family juniors revealed expression of regret. They had a lot they still wanted to ask, but with their elders here, they could only helplessly move aside.

Yun Guangyan gave a cold snort and said, “This is all absolutely nonsense. Do you even have evidence to prove what you just said!”

Chu Tian laughed, “Then do you have evidence that proves what I just said is nonsense?”

Yun Guangyan looked at Li Tai, but Li Tai had a face like he had just eaten poop, “Humph, although he has added in several imaginative speculations, the time period he described is about right!”

Li Tai did not imagine that Chu Tian would give this kind of impregnable response.

If he wanted to talk about world origin studies, all the things he learned were what his teacher had heard from the schools of large countries. Even those large countries only had a small idea and had no concise theory.

Li Tai then asked, “Let me ask you, do you know how many civilizations have appeared on the continent? As well, how many eras have the human civilization had?”

“After the Ancient Continent broke, almost all of the immortals that lived in the era had died. The descendants of those gods and demons had survived and slowly began to multiple, eventually forming a population. This process took around eight hundred thousand years.”

“There were the Demon Race, Heaven Race, Dragon Race, Elves, Spiritual Beast, etc. civilizations that arose, but once those civilizations collapsed, the sixth civilization, the Human Race was born.”

“When the Demons and Heaven Race ruled, there were few intelligent beings on the continent. The two ancient bloodline clans did not form any empires in the end. When the elves and dragons ruled, their era was split into four time periods. But since they had long lives and slow metabolisms, their civilization progressed slowly and was eventually replaced by the Spiritual Beast Era.”

“The Spiritual Beast Era was split into eight different periods. The Spiritual Beasts multiplied quickly and formed a giant kingdom, creating a magnificent era.”

“All the way until twenty thousand years ago, when the humans appeared on the east side of the continent. The humans were an even more dominating race than the Spiritual Beasts. The humans had the dragon clan’s intelligence, the elves’ learning abilities, and a stronger potential than the Spiritual Beasts. Also the humans were a very short lived race, but they had a strong reproductive ability, which meant that they could stand on the ruins of the past few generations and develop their civilization even faster!”

Another person couldn’t help asking, “Why is it that the short lived humans could actually have a stronger civilization?”

“Good question!” Chu Tian raised his pen and looked at that person, “Suppose you had the lifespan of ten thousand years, what kind of changes would your life have?”

“This, this……”

That person could not imagine it.

This was a joke!

Ten thousand years!

What would you need to be afraid of?

Naturally one would find a safe place and live a peaceful life!

With ten thousand years, no matter how slow one’s learning speed was, they still would not lose to any masters!

The young man’s eyes that shined like stars seemed like it could pierce through his mind, “Because with a long life, ten years can be like a single day. Your will to learn will slowly be molded down and you will not race against time to make yourself stronger. You will live a relaxed and comfortable life so you would only casually practice your cultivation. A single nap for a dragon was ten years and the elves were immersed in art, causing their development to slow and the entire population to lose the will to better themselves.”

Once Chu Tian said this, he suddenly stopped.

“On the other hand, when cultivation, studying, and reproduction is compressed into just seventy years of life and one can only have what they want if they become stronger, everyone will be racing against time to cultivate. If they make wasting time a sin, then it turns into a completely different picture! Moreover, the world is very fair. Those with long lives have weak reproductive abilities and those with short lives have strong reproductive abilities. The Dragon Race and Elves were very strong, but being replaced by the Spiritual Beasts and humans was something that was required by history!”

“Not only do the humans have a stronger reproductive might compared to the Spiritual Beasts, compared to the Spiritual Beasts, they have higher intelligence and stronger learning ability. It is because of this that humans dominating the continent was something that had to happen in history. When humans appeared twenty thousand years ago, they could already compete with the elves and Spiritual Beasts. Then another ten thousand year pass and the human population has increased by ten times while the civilization development speed has increased by a hundred times. Of course we would become the overlords of the continent!”


The more Chu Tian said, the more mysterious it felt to the listeners. In the end, they were all filled with a sense of enlightenment and a deep pride in their own race.

Humans were actually this strong!

A short lifespan was not a good thing, but to an entire race, this was not a disadvantage.

The Yun Family juniors all revealed expressions of awe!



This young man around the same age as them was too powerful. He was not bragging at all, other than astronomy or geography, he really did know everything from the present and past!

No wonder he dared to challenge the Yun Sect.

This young man truly had the ability to do so!

Nobody knew when, but the ten boards were completely covered in runes. It was clear that the chess game was in a stalemate.

Ten chess boards.

Each one had over a hundred runes on them.

Just looking at the array pattern itself was enough to make people dizzy. Chu Tian walked between the ten chess boards and every time he made moves while walking. It was as if he had completely memorized all ten of the patterns on the chess boards already!

It had to be known.

Not only was he playing array chess with tens of opponents, he was also answering all of Li Tai’s questions at the same time.

Gao Haoran was the head of the scholars, but he didn’t know where to attack, so he could only try to stall. He had protected all the key points and as long as Chu Tian could not break through these points, he could not complete the array.

What was confusing was.

Chu Tian pretended not to care and did not attack, he just continued to finish his layout.

Gao Haoran’s group all revealed a happy expression. Half of the time was already up and with the defense barrier that the people here have set up, even if Chu Tian wanted to attack, he could not break through it in this short amount of time!

“Can you translate the contents of this animal skin scroll?!”

Li Tai threw an animal skin scroll at him.

This animal skin should have come from a high level demonic beast because it did not show any signs of corrosion even after several hundred years.

“This is the record of a Spiritual Beast cultivation technique.”

Chu Tian opened the scroll and clearly read the contents out. Of course the language he used was the Spiritual Beast language.

One hand holding the scroll and writing with the other. He was reading while walking and writing runes on each of the ten chess boards.

Could this little brat really do everything?

Li Tai felt a deep sense of helplessness. He had already taken the most difficult ancient books out, but in front of this little brat, they were as simple as children books.

He had no other way.

He was simply at his wit’s end!

This young man was like a deity, omnipotent, with nothing that he could not understand. The key point now was not trying to stump him, but to stall for time and make him lose focus in the chess game.

Li Tai began to ask more questions.

Book after book from the shelf was thrown over.

No matter what the content was, Chu Tian smoothly answered all the questions without the slightest bit of hesitation.

The ten chess boards had also reached their climax. Each board was covered in several hundred runes, but everyone was just keeping the peace. No one had made a single attack throughout the entire process.

“Time is almost up!”

“You haven’t won a single board!”

“So you’ve lost!”

“Do you still have anything else to say?”

The scholars’ eyes were all red. With the way things were, they didn’t even care about their reputations anymore, they just wanted to beat Chu Tian!

Chu Tian shook his head and said, “The reason why I haven’t won yet isn’t because I couldn’t win. It was because I didn’t want to win yet!”


“The fact that you can’t win is still a fact!”

“You have not won a single game, it can only be considered a draw!”

Chu Tian began to loudly laugh, “Actually winning against you guys is quite easy, but I didn’t want to just let you lose. There’s no challenge in that! I wanted to make each one of you lose and to let you lose all together!”

Letting us lose all together?

Can you actually do something like that?

The chess boards were constantly changing and it was impossible to predict what would happen next. With this kind of chess board, he wanted to manipulate the outcome and make the ten games have the same result at the same time?

This kind of control was not something humans could achieve!

It was absolutely impossible!

Chu Tian did not waste time talking and directly walked over to the first board. Then he used his pen to add a single rune.

“Water System, Thousand Waves Array!”

The moment the rune fell onto the array pattern.

Light shined in all directions and the runes all connected together. A strong power erupted and a tidal wave was released. The runes that Gao Haoran and the others had racked their brains to write were all washed away like a little hut being hit by a tsunami.


Everything was shattered!

The momentum was like ten thousand horses charging forward, leaving not a single trace behind.

The chess board was completely filled with a pure water attributed energy. Not only was the array complete, it was absolutely perfect. Everyone found this completely shocking!

“Light System, Micro Light Array!”

Chu Tian dropped another rune on the second chess board.

The runes on the second board connected and it released a perfect glow. The runes the Yun Sect had written were all melted like snow being thawed by sunlight in spring. The runes that they had worked so hard on was broken like a dam during a flood, instantly disappearing without a trace.

“This……is impossible!”

Gao Haoran was completely dumbfounded.

He dropped a rune in front of the third array pattern and the array began to revolve. The glow of a flame soared into the sky and another array was complete. The runes they had worked so hard to write had been completely burned away, leaving not a single trace.

The fourth board!

The fifth board!


The tenth board!

Just like Chu Tian had said, the ten boards were all won in a single move, without the slightest bit of stalling!

These scholars who had thought that they were infallible were all defeated at the same time!

“Ha, ha, ha, ha!”

“Look at it again. Who’s the one that lost now!”

The young man casually threw away his pen and faced the sky as he laughed.

“How powerful!”

“He’s too handsome!”

“Long live, long live!”

“This is a true grand scholar!”

The Yun Sect juniors could not help screaming out. This young man’s techniques were too mysterious, they could not help but feel heartfelt admiration!

As for being insulted?

This kind of matter did not exist!

If the two sides were of equal strength, then they might feel insulted.

But were Chu Tian and the Yun Sect scholars on the same level? The Yun Sect scholars were not even qualified to become his students!

Thinking about it, if a high level grand sage competed with a country bumpkin that just learned how to write in terms of knowledge and the grand sage won, would the country bumpkin need to kill himself in shame? What a joke! If a grand sage chose to compete with you, that is already considered giving you face!

“Rebels! You’re all rebels!”

“Are you still members of the Yun Family!”

Yun Guangyan loudly shouted with red eyes, only his voice did not seem to be filled with anger.