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Chapter 104: Forcing one’s soul awake

Chapter 104: Forcing one’s soul awake

Chu Tian poked a sword into the large golden peng’s neck as he drained its blood and plucked its feathers. He skinned and deboned as he chopped the large peng’s body into several pieces.

Under Chu Tian’s instructions, Zhang Liqing and the other symbol masters created a giant cooking source energy array in the South Sky City square. Large pieces of meat were skewered together and gave off a fragrant demon beast oil scent as they cooked on the array.

When the meat was roaster bright red with oil dripping from it, a fragrant smell filled the entire square. Everyone that caught a whiff of this smell couldn’t hold back their saliva.

Level two demon beast meat!

Not only was it precious, it was very nourishing!

Everyone was awarded with a piece of barbequed meat. They added a bit of salt, pepper, and all kinds of other spices. Plates after plates were brought out so that everyone in the city could have a taste. Matched with a barrel of cold beer, it was truly a grand barbeque feast!

This was a demon beast worth tens of millions of gold coins!

It was a formidable beast with the potential to reach the Illustrious Soul Realm.

Chu Tian had treated like normal cattle and butchered it for a barbeque!

The large golden peng’s meat contained a very strong energy. It helped make the body stronger and improved the physique, as well as helping increase one’s cultivation.

Normal people wouldn’t be able to have a single bite their whole lives.

Now it was free for everyone to eat as they pleased.

Where could anyone find this kind of great thing?

Of course, because the large golden peng’s meat had such a strong energy, normal people only needed to eat a little piece for their bodies to turn hot and dry. They didn’t dare eat anymore because normal Body Refinement Cultivators could not handle it.

A cooked large peng, right now everyone had the chance to have a taste!

Chu Tian was sitting on a piece of meatless bone. His left hand held a piece of meat, while his right hand held a large cup of wine.

Eating a lot and drinking a lot, how satisfying!

The small fox was holding a piece of meat weighing around several hundred jin. It was eating mouthful after mouthful with great interest. The meat that was in its stomach was probably over ten times the size of its body.

“I feel like this meat was cooked too long!”

“Was it?” Meng Yingying held a large skewer with five-six pieces of peng wing meat on it. Her cheeks were bulging as she chewed and said, “I think it’s very tasty! It’s much better than the level one demon beast meat in our restaurant!”

The little fox showed an expression of agreement.

Meng Yingying’s greatest regret was the fact that she didn’t get to personally witness Chu Tian take care of that stray dog young master!

When Meng Yingying had heard the news, the matter was already over. Chu Tian had tied up the stray dog young master and was parading him around the streets.

This was a very famous person!

Ye Tianlang was a very famous person in Central State. He had a vicious personality and was very overbearing. He had never suffered a loss and was the successor to the Ye Family!

A cultivator of this level.

A person with this kind of fame.

Meng Yingying didn’t even dare imagine the consequences of provoking someone like him!

The Ye Family was a very prosperous family in Central State and their mercenaries were know to be very brutal. They celebrated small holidays by exterminating entire families. Ye Tianlang was the successor to this family, so naturally he inherited the family’s style.

But, this idiot didn’t keep his eyes open.

Was Chu Tian a normal person?

Could he kill Chu Tian alone?

The results were like this!

He deserved what he got!

Meng Yingying felt Chu Tian’s way of venting was very satisfying!

Chu Tian didn’t kill or waste Ye Tianlang. Rather, he ruthlessly stepped on him and shamed him with the cruelest method!

This was too exciting!

Even if Ye Tianlang could live through this, he would never be able to step out of this shadow cast on him!

What caused Meng Yingying to fill with admiration was that Chu Tian’s straightforwardness, Chu Tian’s recklessness, and Chu Tian’s craziness had all affected the people of South Sky City!

Would normal people dare throw rotten eggs at Ye Tianlang? Would normal people dare to eat Ye Tianlang’s mount? Even if they had a hundred times their normal amount of courage, they still wouldn’t dare to do it! However, with Chu Tian’s support, the situation was not the same!

At this moment, Meng Yingying’s eyes swept across in front of her, seeing everyone chatting over cups of wine.

Everyone lifted their cups of wine high up to celebrate the large matter that happened today.

In fact, everyone had a grand ideal in their hearts.

Who doesn’t want to brave the wind and waves?

Who doesn’t want to ride off into the horizon?

Who was willing to be mediocre the rest of their lives?

These weak ideals had been ingrained through the ages, imprinted onto them from defeat after defeat. But now their worship, infatuation, and yearning all seemed to disappear into thin air.

Deep down in their hearts, there now existed a strong fence that defended them from the attacks of a cruel reality.

This was a fantasy paradise, an ideal kingdom to them. It was magnificent, absurd, strange, but still full of vitality. It was like a midnight dream that touched and hurt them.

These things would never be destroyed, but people wouldn’t be able to move forward.

Did you lose the key to the door?

Or did you lose the courage to enter into that door?

In short, with Chu Tian’s appearance, the people of South Sky City had seen him rise up step by step. It provoked the most primal desires of these people, their craziest hopes.

A small character had beaten up Ye Tianlang!

The weak can rise up and attack the strong!

How often would they see a scene like this in their lifetime? As long as they had blood in their veins, they couldn’t help letting their blood boil in excitement.

The Ye Family would definitely come!

But regardless of what kind of wind or thunder came tomorrow, as long as they could drink their wine tonight, it would not have been in vain.

Meng Yingying’s eyes were as tranquil as a lake as her face filled with a beautiful smile.

Chu Tian had shocked her once again!

He had shocked the entire South Sky City once again!

Meng Qingwu wasn’t relaxed like everyone else.

Although she already knew that Chu Tian was this wild, she still thought that he was a little too wild today. This was clearly shaming the entire Ye Family!

The Ye Family would definitely wildly counter attack!

Was Chu Tian truly capable of dealing with them?

Meng Qingwu wanted to find a way to mediate, but knew it was already impossible. Even if the Nangong Family exerted pressure on them this time, the Ye Family wouldn’t just accept it and endure. Otherwise, how could they remain in Central State?

“Young miss, stop making that sour expression!” Chu Tian casually walked over, “Right now is the time to be happy!”

Meng Qingwu stared at him, “Of course you’re happy! Have you even thought of how to deal with Ye Wudao’s anger?”

He liked to court disasters.

It would always become the talk of the town!

“Who is Ye Wudao?” Chu Tian was slightly stunned, then he beckoned with his hand, “Forget it, who cares who he is. Yingying, come over.”

Meng Yingying ran over. Because she had eaten the demon beast meat, her face was red, her body was warm, and it was filled with energy.

Chu Tian nodded his head.

She would have an advantage breaking through like this!

Chu Tian’s little fox that hadn’t eaten enough came back. He pulled out two white jade pill bottles from his chest and gave Yingying and young miss one each.

In the translucent white jade bottle, there was a purple pill.

Even though it was inside the bottle, Meng Qingwu could still feel the strength the pill contained!

“This is an Awakened Soul Pill.” Chu Tian smile slowly faded as his expression turned serious, “I just found Xiong Tianyan and Zhang Liqing and the three of us refined it together. Everyone will get one and we will each have only one opportunity!”

Meng Qingwu’s body shook.

They refined it this fast?

Meng Yingying curiously asked, “Can this pill turn us into Awakened Soul Cultivators?”

“The Awakened Soul Pill originally is the best pill for breaking through the Refined Body Realm bottleneck. With my unique pill formula, as long as a peak 9th Body Refinement Layer cultivator uses it, there is an 80% chance of breaking through.” Chu Tian told the two of them, “But, considering that you just broke through to the peak 9th Body Refinement Realm, I’ve refined a few more pills for you guys. This way your chances rise to above 90%.”

Such a large probability!

It was truly hard for people to imagine!

If one had extra Awakened Soul Pills, a single pill could be auctioned for around fifty eight million gold coins!

“We shouldn’t wait! Let’s begin now!”

“We have to breakthrough immediately!”

Once the Ye Family found out about what happened in South Sky City, they would charge over like a mad dog. If Chu Tian could break through to the Awakened Soul Realm, he would at least have more total spirit energy.

If the three of them could obtain the strength of an Awakened Soul Cultivator, no matter how bad the situation, they would at least be able to defend themselves.

So they had to breakthrough before the Ye Family members arrived!

The three of them all closed up.

Before Chu Tian entered the room, he placed the little fox at the door. He took out a corpse core for it and patted its head, “This time it’s very important, don’t let anyone disturb me.”

The little fox used its claws to signal that there was no problem.

It used its claws to draw a few marks at the entrance.

A small array was formed.

“This little fellow actually had some skills!”

The little fox gave an uncaring expression as it impatiently waved its claw. You should hurry up, don’t waste this fox’s time.

This fellow really deserved to be punched!

Chu Tian sat on the floor of the room as he entered into the best training condition. He let his mind empty completely.

The purple Awakened Soul Pill was just like a beautiful gem. The surface was covered in a pattern which projected a strong might from the inside of the Awakened Soul Pill.

He had finally arrived at this step!

Two whole months!

It was long enough!

But this small country was barren so this wasn’t even considered slow.

Chu Tian believed that since he had already stood at the peak, then he would be able to return to the peak. He would even be able to break through the limit and enter into a whole new magnificent world!

An Awakened Soul Cultivator was a very important person in South Sky City.

If the Body Refinement Realm was considered the stage of building a base, then the Awakened Soul Realm could be considered the threshold of cultivation. The Awakened Soul Realm could be considered the true beginning of a cultivator.

This was merely crossing the threshold!

The Ye Family would definitely be back soon and this time they would bring all their power.

To be honest, Chu Tian didn’t have that much confidence in defending against the Ye Family’s counterattack. Even if he held Ye Tianlang hostage, he would only be able to stall a bit.

But Chu Tian did not regret anything.

Even if everything could happen again, Chu Tian would still make the same decisions. He would beat Ye Feng, destroy the Han Family, kill Ye Han, kill Ye Xiong, and beat Ye Tianlang!

Isn’t it only a small Ye Family?

If they had the skills, then let them come!

Chu Tian swallowed the Awakened Soul Pill and his eyes closed. Spirit energy erupted from his body. It was just like a white flame as it swirled around him and covered his body. A light pressure appeared from above his head and seemed to want to shoot into the clouds.

South Sky City’s night sky was covered in an ancient and powerful aura.

It was like an ancient demonic god that had just awakened from a long slumber.