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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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12 War Part 3

Oceanus POV

Kronos has been acting more strange recently. Especially with his deteriorating relationship with Rhea. There are rumours going around that Rhea cannot bear him kids. Things are now strange, at first, the Underworld is closed and now Hyperion is missing. I grow increasingly worried for the seas as more and more gods and titans flock to it in fear. With the influx of more people, Kronos has been suspecting me of rebellion. Kronos has become more paranoid than ever before and has created a monster to monitor the seas which I am forced to allow access to. There is an interesting rumour on Mount Orthys, Kronos's children have escaped. Why would Kronos imprison his children? As though fate as I approach my palace, about 50 kilometres away, I am confronted with a new god I have never seen before, claiming to be Kronos's son. Things got heated as we engaged in combat. His Trident reminded me of something, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it till it fired energy blasts. I then realised this was similar to Kronos's scythe. As the brat retreated I came to my palace healing from my injuries to rest. I meet with Amphitrite and we have a discussion about this Posideon. She seems quite taken with him, maybe I can use this.

Rhea POV

It has been a few days since Posideon left for Oceanus. I warned Zeus there are better ways than fighting in this war. Oceanus has always been peaceful and the most reliable Titan out of all of us. Zeus is no military tactician like I once thought he was and only sees this war won through battles. If we want peace, in the end, we need to form alliances and have plans. Once he received those weapons from the Titans he immediately saw this as an opportunity to win the war. If we were to win the war like this we would only be seen as warmongers.

I found a heavily injured Posiedon on the beach. Worried sick I took him to have him healed and fed. Luckily Hestia has the power to heal and Posideon only took a couple of hours to heal fully. Zeus had come back from taking back Crete from its armies of monsters with our own armies of humans. Zeus came and demanded what happened to Posideon and if he defeated Oceanus. From what we learned, Posideon had lost but not in terms of power but experience. Even with the massive power boost from the weapon attacking Oceanus alone proved difficult. Zeus had been furious and blamed Hades for giving inferior weapons, but for once Posideon did not, instead, he blamed himself. He told Zeus that he could not properly use its power and his battle with Oceanus had shown him that his weapon allowed him to do more things than even he thought possible. Poseidon had told Zeus that the weapons that they were given allowed and they needed time to adjust to these new abilities granted by the weapons. Zeus left conflicted, as he learned having a powerful weapon doesn't necessarily mean having power itself. My boys have grown up it would seem. With this experience, he had matured more than I ever realised.

My hope for peace which I had not realised had greatly diminished once again rose as I received a message from the goddess Iris one of the many who fled to the seas. Oceanus wants to meet with us and negotiate an alliance and he would be bringing an escort and his granddaughter Amphitrite. I told him that we could meet in the Underworld and have the negotiations there with our other allies. I asked Hades to open a portal to the END on an undisclosed island and not anywhere near a Nether region. Zeus did not want to have negotiations, but weirdly Posideon readily agreed.

General POV

Oceanus and his escort had arrived at Zakynthos at the time specified by Rhea. Upon reaching the Island he notices on the beach is an obsidian structure with a rectangular hole in the center. Next to it though is a man in shades and swim trunks making a sandcastle. The man notices them and raises his hand and lazily says, "Yo, are you the people who want to negotiate."

"Brat who are you we are here to meet someone to escort us to the Underworld and meet Rhea." Oceanus in a surprised tone.

"Oh yeah that's me, I am Hades. The Underworld is now called the END and I will just open the portal now. By the way, who are you?" Hades

At this time even his escort were surprised. You don't even know who you are escorting to the Underworld.

"Brat I am Oceanus and when are we going to meet Rhea?" Oceanus

"Hold on, hold on, I swear the older you get the less patience there is." Now Oceanus was pissed who did his brat think he is?

As Hades says this he lights a fire opening a portal to the END. While Hades would not usually be here he did not want to another tour of his domain and decided it would be better to open the portal inside the conference room directly.

Hades steps on and makes a gesture to come with him. Oceanus and his company follow through to meet a gigantic hall with a throne on the far end. As they go through Oceanus sees Rhea and Prometheus talking with Erebus and Nyx. Rhea and her company are startled by his sudden appearance.

"If you could have opened a portal directly to the throne room why didn't you last time?" says a disgruntled Zeus.

"I didn't feel like it," says Hades

"Hahahaha funny brat" Oceanus

Hades goes up and sits on the throne and decides this would be a good time to call everyone together. He presses a button and chairs and a table pops up from the ground. "Well let the meeting begin."

Oceanus is introduced to Rhea and her kids. He learns about the situation and how the kids were eaten by Kronos in his madness. He is surprised to find out the rude brat that escorted him here is actually the ruler of the END and that had escaped Kronos's stomach long ago and took over the END and transformed it into what it is today. He learns that Zeus is the leader of his faction and Hades is the other as they are only allies.

Zeus himself realizes the magnitude of power within Oceanus's domain. As the gods and Titans have fled to his domain to have a relatively peaceful life. Once Kronos is defeated they would leave the seas though and that would allow him more control over the gods.

"I am willing to negotiate, and I am willing to let go control over my domain to Posideon under some conditions. There will be a political marriage between him and Amphitrite. He will try to bring peace to the seas and capture the Kracken. The Kracken is a monster created by Kronos as a way to bring balance to the power structure. He must defeat it alone as a way to show he is powerful enough to rule the seas. There are more conditions regarding the safety of all sea life and retaining some powers as well"

Oceanus realises that if Kronos is dethroned Posideon would likely become the next ruler of his realm. As much as he hates the idea, he wants those of the sea to be happy and with his support, would allow for a peaceful succession. He would still retain some powers over the sea by the negotiation so not all was lost. Amphitrite looks conflicted as it is the first time hearing of this, while Posideon looks more than eager to agree with these terms. Zeus himself saw no flaw with this but was also jealous as another of his brothers would gain a realm of power. He would be the only one left without one.

The meeting lasted for a few days. During which, Hades took them on a tour avoiding the Nether as they were from the sea learning from last time. As Oceanus and Hades conversed, Oceanus told Hades he was disappointed that he did not go to rescue his family. As Oceanus said, "We cannot choose who we are related to, true, but that does not mean they are not family and no matter what that is who they are in the end."

You don't realize you are in the wrong until you hear it from a wise old man. Hades finally realised he had been inconsiderate to his family and finally apologized to them. What surprised others' was he apologized to his family for not coming to get them. Only those that actually accepted the apology were Posideon, Demeter, and oddly enough Hestia as she was the one that pestered him about it and he did not listen. Hera took a little longer and she accepted the apology after he gave her a diamond necklace.

A year has passed and Oceanus has been organizing the gods in the sea with Posideon and teaching him like a mentor. Oceanus felt Posideon was not ready to take down the Kracken. While he was powerful enough he still did not master his powers yet and Oceanus felt Posideon needed to show an overwhelming victory over the Kracken to show his prowess. Rhea decided that Hades doesn't actually know a lot about people and is terrible at communication and decided to teach him about the world and how it works personally. Hades has made up with his family and improved relations, but there is still some underlying resentment for his actions or his inaction. Zeus went away to negotiate with the wind titans and gods, Aeolus and his children. Atlas's location was still unknown.

While all this was going on Kronos had heard increased activity around some unknown islands, with a heavy mist and storms. Through his paranoia, he had deduced this is where his children were and sent an army led by Atlas and Iapetus to stage an attack unknown to its residents of the islands. With Zeus and Poseidon gone, there would be no one powerful enough to defend it.


Disclaimer: Don't own Minecraft or Percy Jackson series

No Harem period

Hades Minecraft Player now with people skills

Poseidon has mood swings like the sea. Starting to notice girls now.

Zeus Greedy and jealous of those in a higher position than him.

Demeter likes to grow things

Hestia likes family and warmth

Hera attention-seeking brat that likes jewellery

Rhea mother figure trying to bring the family closer and sees teaching Hades as a bonding opportunity

Weapons are powerful, yes, but Hades would be evenly matched if both Zeus and Posideon teamed up against him.

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