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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
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11 War Part 2

Hades POV

Zeus and Poseidon have finally received their weapons. All our weapons are directly tied to our domains, the weapons are built to greatly amplify our power allowing him to strike all their foes. There are two downsides for the weapons. One of which if stolen, the power could be used against us. The other weakness of these weapons is the users.

When they received their weapons, Zeus and Poseidon had grown arrogant. When I first received my sword I just felt its power and nothing else. I did not explore its abilities. It is imbued with the powers of space-time, but what does that really mean. It can cut through anything, yes, but it has so many more abilities. It can be used to teleport to other locations but also cut portals to other dimensions. I did not figure that out till I tried it when I took down Hyperion. I suspect Zeus and Posideon would be able to teleport throughout the battlefield either through lightning or water, but their arrogance in their power will blind them to it. Our weapons allow us to interact with our domains like never before. But it's up to them to figure it out, it wouldn't be as fun if I just told them everything.

I learned recently I can no longer copy affinities in domains as I used to. I can still copy abilities, but the people I copy from the need to have a connection to the END and fully see this place as their home. I noticed this when I tried to copy the powers of Demeter and grow trees of my own.

Prometheus cannot create his creations in the END, something about this place rejects the birth of life. He has since moved back to the island along with Zeus and his company. Sadly, Hestia has also left with them. He finally was able to succeed and create Humans. I visited them and found these humans fascinating. They are modelled after us gods and Titans. Unlike monsters that need to be created these beings can reproduce. I don't really know how they reproduce though each one is different. We finally have our own undying army. I think I might have jinxed us.

Information is now what we need and something I do not have. I want to finish this war as quickly as possible, but it looks like there are too many complications. I tried to open a portal to Mount Othrys the last month, but Kronos himself constantly releases his power to slow time that disrupts my ability to teleport. I can still turn intangible, but even through that, I am slowed down even on the outskirts of the mountain. His paranoia is very creepy. This means I can't approach him by myself. It would seem I need my siblings' help after all. This war will last longer than I want it to.

Poseidon POV

When I received my Trident I felt like I could go toe to toe with Kronos himself. I could feel the water vapour in the air and I have even control it. I could feel and control all the water in a two-hundred-kilometre radius. So this is what Kronos feels with his scythe, with this now I know we have a fighting chance against him. Before we left back to the Island, Hades had warned us to first gather information of the armies of the Titans. Like we need that, with this Trident armies are nothing. I am able to shake the earth and destroy islands with my weapon. What do I need to fear?

Once we came back from the END I felt much calmer. I felt the breeze of the ocean was all over me and felt at peace. Before I met Hades, Zeus and I agreed to split the realms among us. We each would leave it up to fate on what we would pick as our realms. Now though I told Zeus it would be for us to try to take the realms now as it offered us more power. Zeus agreed with my insight. Right now Atlas controlled the sky and Oceanus the sea and oceans. While we couldn't find the location of Atlas, but we do know the location of Oceanus's palace given by Rhea. Zeus has advised me to find and capture Oceanus and with my trident, this should be simple. Once I defeat Oceanus, I will take the sea and oceans as my realm.

I travelled the sea and after a couple of hours of travel, I find a palace in the location. This place was surprisingly empty. From what I feel there are no powerful people here except one person. That must be him, with knowing where he is the only thing I could do was enter the palace and confront him. I swim through his palace and reach one large pillaring tower. I opened the door and what I found was not what I expected. When I entered the chamber I found the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. Not just was she beautiful, but she felt beautiful as well like she had a connection to water as deep as mine. From that moment I knew I had to have her.

"Grandfather are you home, I thought you were in a meeting with the king?" As she started to look at me. She then exclaimed, "You are not grandfather, who are you and why do you feel as powerful as him."

"I am Posideon, son of Kronos and Rhea, I am here to seek an audience with Oceanus. May I know your name?"

"I am Amphitrite, daughter of Nereus and Doris, granddaughter of Oceanus. I did not know Kronos had any children, my grandfather is in a meeting with your father. He should be here in a couple of hours. Would you like refreshments?"

Apparently Kronos has kept the fact he had children a secret, I may be able to use this. The last couple of months have hectic, first finding out I had a brother, then I had two brothers. The fact one didn't care about us made me furious, but it hurt more than my anger knowing he didn't even want to get to know us. I have just been feeling like I am in a whirlpool of emotions.

Over the next couple of hours, we talked and ate about the current happenings of the world. With Hyperion missing for a month other titans had to pitch into light the world. Many Titans suspect Kronos was displeased with him and has thrown him into Tartarus or cut into pieces. No one has been able to contact the underworld in a while and some rumours have been saying it has been sealed off in fear of Kronos.

After a while, I felt a powerful presence coming with many significantly less powerful presences. This must be Oceanus and his army. I went outside to approach Oceanus.

"Who are you boy, and why are you here in my Palace" What he said infuriated me. I am no boy, I am more powerful than you. What do you know, I am no child. I have suffered and I have overcome.

"I am Poseidon son of Kronos and Rhea and I have come for this realm" This is one of the moments in my life I would later regret happening.

General POV

Posiedon felt greatly insulted by Oceanus for calling him boy. For him, the word meant weakness and weak he was not, not anymore. Sensing his anger Oceanus felt the need to teach this brat a lesson. He sent a wave of pressurised water like a blade cutting through water. Posideon met it with his own. While Poseidon's attack may have been more powerful, Oceanus's disipated it and made it harmless.

'He is stronger than I thought' thought Oceanus ' let's see how he handles this' And just like that an underwater tornado made of water blades formed around Posideon.

This being the first battle for Posideon, he was injured in the exchange and escaped by forming vacuums around him and Oceanus creating great explosions and injuring them both.

Poseidon turned to energy blasts and Oceanus found himself in trouble. There was no way to redirect them and he had no water technique to counter it. In the sense, he should have lost, but fate would have its lessons. Oceanus literally turned himself into the ocean to teleport short distances to dodge the assault.

From water blades to whirlpools, to energy blasts the battle was exhausting. While Posideons trident initially gave him the upper hand and overwhelming power, his inexperience in using that power cost him greatly. After many days of fighting Posideon realised was losing and had no choice, but to retreat. While Posideon had more power he did not know how to use it efficiently and learned greatly from the exchange.


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