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Minecraft Player reborn as a God
Author :v29
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10 War Part 1

Hades POV

Ten years ago I felt the need for an actual weapon. My staff while efficient in helping to control my power was not really good for fighting. I could channel my elements just fine, but it did not really do any lasting damage in battle, I needed a sword. I learned from the Hundredhanded ones that they made me a staff because they were afraid I would use it against them as Kronos did to them. I completely understood where they came from and forgave them.

The Hundred handed ones wanted to prove their loyalty to me. I asked for me a set of armour and a sword both made of Netherite tp be made. I named the sword 'the Sword of END' because it sounded cool. Apparently, the idea of armour is new with Titans and gods being basically unkillable armour seems like a joke. I thought that was stupid, but who am I to question idiocy. While the staff can control all my domains, the sword itself is imbued with only the power over space and time allowing it to cut threw anything. It is the most powerful weapon ever made and with the set, they used all the Netherite available. Even with the realm on my side, Netherite is very scarce as it is a very powerful material and hard to make. There are no mines for Netherite, you can only find them by chance and even then it is not much. It is too expensive to use at the moment and if it can be avoided, it is best not to use it.

General POV

Over the next couple of days after the conference, Hades and Zeus with everyone else discussed what they knew about the war front. Hyperion and an army of 10,000 monsters were scouring Crete looking for clues for where Zeus has gone. To Hades, he felt a need to capture him as it would empower Nyx, Erebus, and Hectate to have more power without light in the world. Zeus and his company were against the plan as it was too risky. They did not have an army like the Titans, they needed weapons. Zeus asked for weapons to be created to fight against Kronos and the Cyclopes and with the permission of Hades started on the creation of two weapons, the trident and lightning bolt. Hades himself decided he did need to capture Hyperion so they would have a better chance of defeating the armies of Kronos. During the last meeting, Hades opened an Ender chest and took out his helm, staff, armour, and sword each excluding power Zeus and his company has never felt before.

Zeus POV

Without an army, this war will not be in our favour. We need weapons like the scythe and the only ones that can provide them are the Cyclopes and the Hundred handed ones. I have asked the Hundred handed ones to make our weapons as they were the ones that forged the scythe, but they straight out refused. The hundred handed ones are more skilled than the Cyclopes and I am furious in this endeavour. The Cyclopes agreed to give me the weapons we need to win this war, but only with the permission from Hades. I should be glad that they are giving us the weapons for free, but some part of me is writhing with envy over Hades's control over the smiths.

Hades wants to take down Hyperion as soon as possible, what a joke we have no weapons, no army, and no morale. I questioned his decision to prove how incopetant he is.

"Hades, how do you expect to even take down Hyperion are you an idiot? Sure it would quicken the war, but we need an actual plan. I say we slowly ally ourselves with other gods and not be impatient." As I try to explain to him how stupid his idea sounds and from the look of my group they agree. I can see anger build up in Hades's company for questioning his leadership. If they want to get captured that is fine by me I only need the Cyclopes.

I see hades pull out a black cube from his pocket and places it on the floor. It grows to an 8-meter by 8-meter box about half his size. He pulls out and puts on his black equipment. I felt the power contained by the sword, staff, and helm. He already commissioned weapons why didn't I know of this.

"What, what is this I thought you did not have any weapons, what is this metal and why does it allude such power?!" I scream at him to awsner my questions.

"Well, I never said I didn't have weapons you just wanted to commission them. This is Netherite the strongest, rarest, and most magically conductive metal in the world allow. It basically is embued with my power and icor. I should be enough to take care of Hyperion." As Hades explains bluntly.

"So our weapons will be made of this Netherite?" asks Poseidon.

"My brother makes a good point, will our weapons be made from this metal?" As I demanded.

"Hmm, no I used up all the stores for my armour and sword when I ordered them from the hundred handed one's last decade, they were a little overzealous in making them." As Hades indifferently explained this I could not help, but feel more anger. My brother looks down disappointed and I could see jealousy in his eyes.

"Then how do you expect us to deal with Kronos without powerful weapons of our own?" I am two seconds away from attacking Hades. He has proven to be a thorn in my side.

"Oh like this" And just like that the bastard disappeared. I felt metal on the back of my neck. I look back and see Hades there with his sword out. I can't help but feel wary.

"My helm allows me to become intangible and invisible. Pretty neat right, like this I will capture Hyperion. Be back soon" Hades then says as he cuts the vary air with his sword and a slit shape portal appears. He walks through it leaving us speechless.

Not even ten minutes later another portal similar to the one Hades left in. Hades steps out of it and out comes an armless Hyperion.

I do not think I have ever been this scared in my life. While my company are happy and cheering for him because with him the war will be shorter. I fear he outstrips me in power. I must find a way to gain the upper hand and to prove my own competence. With this, no one can say or accuse anything of Hades as he has proven that right now he is the most powerful among us.

Hades POV

So this is Crete huh, nice place though it could use some more buildings. I turn invisible and try to find the most powerful person here. I don't even need to even reach out and sense him as I see a glowing guy directing some monsters to fetch him ambrosia. Huh, that was easier than I thought. I wait for when he is alone. I see an opportunity, grabbed his head and knee him hard in the face and broke his nose. He tries to hit me, but I become intangible and his fist just goes right through me. I then cut off his arms with my sword and open a portal to go home. I thought that would be harder, but I guess not. Space-time for the win.

General POV

With Hyperion captured and thrown into Tartarus and imprisoned, Nyx, Hectate, and Erebus will have greater influence over the world. Hades has shown his competence as one of the leaders of the gods. He had weapons commissioned for himself, he planned to capture Hyperion, and he was able to follow through with action. He captured Hyperion without much struggle as well and did not damage Crete what so ever.

The world turns dark and Kronos has been notified that Hyperion is missing. He sends out search parties looking for him. He suspects Zeus is behind this as it allows for Hectate to unleash her magic onto his subjects.

After a month of waiting for Zeus and Poseidon, they finally get their weapons. With these weapons in hand, Zeus feels the need to prove his own competence and capture Kronos's most powerful general, Atlas , alone. Poseidon feels the need to prove himself as well and wants to go after Oceanus to test out his weapon.


Honestly, I had no idea what to do for this chapter.

There is really nothing said about the Titanomachy.

Discloser, I do not own Minecraft and Percy Jackson this is a fanfiction.

I couldn't figure out how to put this into the fanfiction section as I started this on my phone. If anyone could tell me how that would be great.

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