Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
782 He Doesn’t Know Medicine?
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Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor
Author :凤炅
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782 He Doesn’t Know Medicine?

"i will slice it." one of the two men who carried the meat had immediately took out a carving knife and went forward to slice the meat when he heard feng jiu's words. he had carved two pieces of meat from the hind leg, then wrapped them in some leave and placed it in front of feng jiu and bai xiao. 

"the hind leg has been roasted very well, try it. it's crispy on the outside and tender on the inside." the strong man gestured for them to taste it. 

bai xiao looked at the roast meat in front of him and couldn't help but swallow his saliva and looked at feng jiu.

feng jiu hadn't bothered to look at anyone, eyes on the roast meat alone, she smiled and said: "if that's the case, then we will try it first." she had picked up the piece of meat wrapped in leaves and was about to take a bite when a hand shot out and grabbed it off her. 

feng jiu's eyes flickered and when she looked up, there was uncertainty in her eyes as she said: "what's wrong, if you want to eat some don't you know how to slice your own meat?"

the man took away the two pieces of meat for feng jiu and bai xiao. he moved to the side and then took out his dagger and said: "the best part of the wild roast boar is the neck. the meat is bouncy, fatty and juicy. since you want to eat some, you should eat this piece."

he ignored the stares of the fellow men and cut two pieces of meat from the neck and placed it in front of them: "try it."

feng jiu took a bite and gestured to bai xiao to do the same: "eat it, the taste is a little bland but the texture is quite good."

"oh." bai xiao responded and also picked up a piece to eat.

as darkness fell, feng jiu had become the person in charge and told everyone to prepare to look for xiang hua in the morning. she then brought bai xiao to the tree house and they prepared to rest for the night inside. 

the tree house was not big, so feng jiu slept on the bed and bai xiao had to find somewhere to sleep on.

as for everyone else, after they watched feng jiu and bai xiao enter the tree house, they retreated to outside the formation and asked the man: "boss, why don't we kill those two people?"

"that's right boss. if you had let them eat the meat from the hind legs, no matter how strong the young man in red is, they would be reduced to our level. boss, why did you stop us from killing those two people?"

"boss, don't tell us you actually listen to that young man."

when all was said, they went quiet and all eyes were on the man, their glare murderous, as if to say that if he had dared to let that happen, they would not let him off.

the man knew that these people were vicious. they had killed too many innocent people and were expelled by three clan and nebula academy. they called him boss only because he was able to protect them in here. 

if there was danger to their own interests, it was not impossible that they would turn against each other. 

therefore, he replied: "do you really think it will be that easy to kill the young man in red? just think, he only brought one person in here with him, that alone should tell you that his strength is way above ours. if we made a move, he would just destroy us. is that the ending you want?"

"but, we can poison him."

"poison, but what if he knows about medicine?" the man asked in a calm voice as his sharp eyes swept across to the man who spoke.

"he doesn't look like he knows anything about medicine. if boss hadn't stopped him, he would have eaten that piece of meat."

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