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146 Girl“s Nigh

Hearing the word 'kiss' itself, Liz once again blushed fiercely and pursed her lips.
She considered whether to act that she was asleep, but she really was bursting to share this news with someone.
After all, something so momentous had to be appreciated and boasted about.
'You can discuss with me!'
'Then I would be called a crazy person.'
Refuting her inner voice in this way, Liz got up and arranged her clothes.
She planned to act dumb initially, as she wanted to know how Keren got to know about the kiss.
Had Will told her?
"Oh, come on! I can hear you!"
Hearing her impatient voice, Liz felt like chuckling.
Opening the door, she saw a Keren skipping in place with excitement.
She was wearing a casual short shirt and jeans, and she also had a cap on that covered her face.
As soon as she saw Liz, she leaped forward and hugged her tight, saying, "Good! Tell me everything! I've already ordered a tub of ice cream, it's time for a girl's night! Did he start the kiss or did you? Was it awkward? Did he feel shy afterward? Was there tongue, or was it more of a stupid brotherly kiss? Oh, please tell me the last one isn't true."
As Liz heard the last part, she started to wonder whether she had made the wrong decision.
After all, who asked questions in this way?
Controlling her countenance, she asked in an unperturbed manner, "Why did you think we kissed? Did William say anything?"
This made Keren lean back and look at Liz with one eyebrow raised before saying, "Nice try. Well, I wish. But my brother sadly doesn't kiss and tell. Only, when he reached his room, I saw himself unconsciously touching his lips repeatedly, as if he couldn't believe whatever had happened. That's enough for anyone to make a guess. Now, are you going to invite me in, or should we make this matter known to the entire floor?"
The CEO had been touching his lips in wonder?
For some reason, this made Liz feel very accomplished.
She had clearly left a mark on the man's heart, just like he had left one in hers.
As for the feeling of disbelief that that amazing thing had really happened, she shared it too.
She couldn't help it this time. A small smile crept into her face, seeing which Liz clapped her hands loudly and shouted, "I KNEW IT! I WAS RIGHT! HAHA!"
Seeing her infectious enthusiasm, Liz giggled like a teen girl in love and pulled her inside, closing the door behind her.
Only, she had to open it even before they reached the bed to sit down, as another knock sounded.
It was room service, bringing two large tubs of ice cream.
One was hazelnut, and the other was coffee flavored.
Wait…how did Keren know that her favorite flavor when happy was hazelnut? Was it a lucky guess?
All this while, Keren had been smiling wide and happily tapping her feet, waiting to catch Liz alone.
After the server left, she exclaimed, "Ok, tell me now! Don't keep me waiting!"
Ignoring her, Liz asked, "Why did you choose hazelnut?"

"Luke told me, of course. Is that surprising? You left him alone while recovering, it was the least I could do to give him some company."
This sudden information made Liz sputter with surprise while she quickly pulled Keren by her hand and sat her down on the bed before sitting beside her.
"Luke might seem strong on the outside, but he's fragile inside and he also gets very possessive. When he likes someone, he gives them his all. What is going on between you two?"
She had noticed the way the two had been talking in that restaurant before, and this revelation that the two were spending time together without her knowledge made her aware that there were possibilities that she couldn't ignore.
However, hearing her question, Keren paused for a bit before bursting out laughing.
"Oh, calm down, Queen bee. We are friends; you don't need to feel so protective of him. He initially agreed to talk to me because I said I would give him inside information on my brother, but I think I won him over with my charm. So, don't worry, I really was just accompanying him for a bit as a friend when he was recovering. Now, enough about me. Just tell me first that it wasn't a simple brotherly peck on the lips."
Seeing the way Keren spoke, Liz calmed down and chose to believe the woman.
As for the query, she just looked to the side cryptically and said, "If a kiss that lasted a minute can be called brotherly, then I don't know what to say."
While Keren comprehended her words, Liz happily walked to the ice cream and started to dig in.
Only, she was interrupted by another loud scream.
Chuckling, Liz put a spoon in the tub of coffee flavored ice cream and handed it to Keren before plopping down on the bed.
"No more details about the kiss, but I am in the mood for a girl's night. And no arguments!"
This made Keren grumble, as she realized that even their relationship had reached a different level.
Before, Liz definitely wouldn't have taken the initiative to say something like this.
So, feeling happy inside but mumbling on the outside, Keren took the ice cream and plopped down on the bed beside Liz, with their legs kicking off the pillows before resting on the bedstand.
The night was spent discussing trivial things and enjoying the heavenly ice cream, with Keren telling about her many exploits about men and giving Liz 'tips' about kissing that made her ears burn.
Of course, she always brought the topic back to their kiss, which made Liz answer tactfully without giving away too many details.
Finally, both of them fell asleep at around 3 AM.
The next morning, Liz woke up to a very strange sight.
William was in her room, holding a tray with breakfast that also had a rose.
However, he had a very weird expression on her face.
As she groggily looked around, she understood why.
Two tubs of ice cream were on the ground on two sides of the bed, while Liz and Keren were hugging each other tightly, with their legs entangled with each other.