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Mai Kitsune Waifu

Author:Ram de Night

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Humanoid beast? Ahem…. Humanoid beast…. Because a female immortal sealed a mischievous and sly fox spirit into his right hand, ordinary senior high school student Liu Yi henceforth began his extraordinary journey as a immortal practitioner. The fox spirit said: “The prettiest girls in the class, the daughters of rich families, the evil female cult members, the beautiful women in the world of immortals? All these beauties are no longer a dream! Come, become an immortal and even a diaosi could counterattack! Come, become an immortal and kill all of the tall, rich and handsome! Come, become an immortal and capture all the beauties!” “Liu Yi, I said to capture all the beauties; not to capture me! Hey! Stop!”
《Mai Kitsune Waifu》 Text
Chapter 1 Help Me
Chapter 2 Too Small
Chapter 3 Onee-chan wa kitsune desu
Chapter 4 Become an Immortal Cultivator
Chapter 5 New Abilities
Chapter 6 School Is More Important Than Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 7 Running After The Bus
Chapter 8 A Monster
Chapter 9 I’m Afraid of Heights
Chapter 10 My Name’s Lei Feng
Chapter 11 You Said What?
Chapter 12 I’ll See You After School
Chapter 13 Miraculous Eyesight
Chapter 14 You’re a Super Nice Guy
Chapter 15 Be My Wife
Chapter 16 The First Star Jade
Chapter 17 You’re So Proactive
Chapter 18 Wanna Woo Her?
Chapter 19 The Question Is Who You Like
Chapter 20 Happiness Came Too Suddenly
Chapter 21 Fight Me If You Got Balls
Chapter 22 Hard To Fathom A Person’s Mind
Chapter 23 No Compassion
Chapter 24 Favorable Impression
Chapter 25 I Want Your Sword
Chapter 26 Kneel Down And Call Me Grandpa
Chapter 27 Uncle Wang Is Nearsighted
Chapter 28 Quickly, Use Your Right Hand!
Chapter 29 Annoying Multiple Choice Question
Chapter 30 The Road Of Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 31 Punishment
Chapter 32 Favorable Impression Level Increased
Chapter 33 Even A Female Immortal Got Caught
Chapter 34 The Long Awaited Technique
Chapter 35 Attack When One Should
Chapter 36 Practice Is So Hard
Chapter 37 Gotta Watch The Road When Running
Chapter 38 Wanna surpass me? Go practice so more!
Chapter 39 You Are My Witness
Chapter 40 Must Be Peaceful and Affectionate
Chapter 41 In the End, is it Right or Wrong?
Chapter 42 What A Huge Idiot
Chapter 43 Is Dignity Something That You Can Eat?
Chapter 44 Stupidity Is Contagious
Chapter 45 It Would Be Good To Have Some Supporters
Chapter 46 Slam Dunk
Chapter 47 If You Want Something, You Should Come To Me Hom
Chapter 48 Picking Up A Girl Is Not Easy
Chapter 49 Universe Diagram Of The Immortal Cultivation
Chapter 50 Demonic Power Formation
Chapter 51 It’s A Trap, But I’m Still Going To Jump
Chapter 52 Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra
Chapter 53 Having Fun With Ice Puck
Chapter 54 The Magical Effect Of The Breathing Technique
Chapter 55 Poor Student Does Not Mean Inferior Student
Chapter 56 Friendly Aura
Chapter 57 Indirect Suggestion
Chapter 58 Go To The Cinema
Chapter 59 Get Out Of Here
Chapter 60 My Name Is Liu Yi
Chapter 61 You Are A Scum
Chapter 62 The Road To Riches
Chapter 63 Man Stumped By Hot Spicy Soup
Chapter 64 Spoke Too Much
Chapter 65 Another Trap
Chapter 66 Orthopedic Hospital
Chapter 67 180 Degree Shy Of Heaven
Chapter 68 Go On A Mission
Chapter 69 Give Me A Backrub
Chapter 70 The Red Scarf Hero
Chapter 71 Ghost Baby
Chapter 72 The Skill To Pick Up Girl Can Work Wonders
Chapter 73 Principal’s Invitation
Chapter 74 No!
Chapter 75 A Real Man!
Chapter 76 Not Your Pet
Chapter 77 Can Treat An Illness
Chapter 78 Couples Clothing
Chapter 79 To Take A Look
Chapter 80 Desperate Straits
Chapter 81 The Fastest Way To Make Money
Chapter 82 Little Donkey, Run Fast!
Chapter 83 I Am Not A Vase
Chapter 84 The Zealous Wang An
Chapter 85 With Swords Drawn And Bows Bent
Chapter 86 Freedom Is Priceless
Chapter 87 Flame Civet
Chapter 88 The Haunting Of Evil Ghost
Chapter 89 Great Battle Between Human And Ghost
Chapter 90 Easy To Master
Chapter 91 Wenren Qian
Chapter 92 I Am Your Dad?
Chapter 93 New Mode Of Chatting
Chapter 94 All Are Grandpas
Chapter 95 You Are A Bastard
Chapter 96 Iron Palm
Chapter 97 Porcelain King
Chapter 98 Class Transfer
Chapter 99 Want To Take A Good Look At Him
Chapter 100 Come To The Door
Chapter 101 The Rebellious Murong Die
Chapter 102 You Did That On Purpose
Chapter 103 Cat Mother Wei Yi
Chapter 104 Blocking The Way Will Die
Chapter 105 A Drink Well Earned
Chapter 106 A Good Teaching
Chapter 107 Swimming Class
Chapter 108 Swimsuit Feast
Chapter 109 You Are Actually Not That Bad
Chapter 110 Immortal Fairy Descend To Earth
Chapter 111 Defeat In One Move
Chapter 112 How Could There Be An Immortal
Chapter 113 Tricycle Racing
Chapter 114 Break Your Arms
Chapter 115 I Control My Own Destiny
Chapter 116 I Am Ten Steps To Milk A Man
Chapter 117 We Are Close To Each Other
Chapter 118 Imperial Nightclub
Chapter 119 Knocking At The Door
Chapter 120 I Am Long Yang
Chapter 121 Long Yang’s Transformation
Chapter 122 Flesh Pain
Chapter 123 Playing With Cell Phone
Chapter 124 Promise Me Something
Chapter 125 We Will Get Out
Chapter 126 A Game
Chapter 127 Poison Jasmine
Chapter 128 I Am A Professional
Chapter 129 Ginseng Baby
Chapter 130 Do Not Go With Grandpa
Chapter 131 I Am Hot
Chapter 132 Acknowledge You As Master
Chapter 133 Go To Your Home
Chapter 134 Art Magazine
Chapter 135 Hiding
Chapter 136 Iron Man
Chapter 137 Must Have A Talk
Chapter 138 Are You Sure
Chapter 139 Son In Law’s Qualification
Chapter 140 I Am The Parent
Chapter 141 Wonderful Father And Daughter
Chapter 142 You Take Drugs
Chapter 143 Psyco Killer
Chapter 144 The End
Chapter 145 Thou Shalt Evildoer
Chapter 146 Working Together
Chapter 147 I Decide Your Punishment
Chapter 148 Blocking The Road
Chapter 149 Midterm Is Coming
Chapter 150 D Level Mission
Chapter 151 Strange Thing In Game Arena
Chapter 152 Lonely Life
Chapter 153 If I Win, Call Me My Husband
Chapter 154 Bait
Chapter 155 I Will Make You Satisfied
Chapter 156 Thirteen Aunt
Chapter 157 Two Conditions
Chapter 158 Spirit Animal
Chapter 159 Afraid Of Illness
Chapter 160 It’s You!
Chapter 161 Sudden Sister
Chapter 162 Will Listen To Anything You Say
Chapter 163 Put On The Mask
Chapter 164 Test
Chapter 165 Holographic Simulation
Chapter 166 For The Beautiful Girls
Chapter 167 Hunter’s Skill
Chapter 168 Sister, I Want To
Chapter 169 A Cute Pet
Chapter 170 Are You Her Lover?
Chapter 171 A Woman’s Jealousy
Chapter 172 A Woman Who ‘Drive’ An Airplane
Chapter 173 Hello Sister
Chapter 174 Good Night
Chapter 175 That Is My Family Jewel
Chapter 176 Nightmare
Chapter 177 Demolition Team
Chapter 178 To Deal With The Black Dragon Gang
Chapter 179 A Reward
Chapter 180 Bus
Chapter 181 Red Scarf Army
Chapter 182 Not Good Enough
Chapter 183 Price Of Losing The Game
Chapter 184 Red Scarf Army Development Plan
Chapter 185 Social Investigation
Chapter 186 Break Into The Gangster’s Lair
Chapter 187 Join The Red Scarf Army
Chapter 188 Can Be Hot
Chapter 189 Who Is The Boss
Chapter 190 Riyao Corporation
Chapter 191 Ninja
Chapter 192 Underground Base
Chapter 193 Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 194 Integrating With The Artificial Intelligence
Chapter 195 Dragon Group
Chapter 196 Will Never Go With You
Chapter 197 Fantastic Pet
Chapter 198 This Is China
Chapter 199 Invitation For Yuan Zhenyue
Chapter 200 Ten Meters Dive
Chapter 201 Mystical System
Chapter 202 Check a bit alright
Chapter 203 LeLe’s hidden illness
Chapter 204 Generous Young Master You
Chapter 205 You are a good person
Chapter 206 Assassination in the carpark
Chapter 207 – Gravity Training
Chapter 208 Where are you bringing me?
Chapter 209 Accepting discipline
Chapter 210 Do not anger Blood Emperor
Chapter 211 Night scouting of God Sect
Chapter 212 Battle against Ma YiXuan
Chapter 213 Icicle Blastwave
Chapter 214 Savior showing up
Chapter 215 Preparation before the tournament
Chapter 216 Personally beatdown
Chapter 217 Come and lick my shoe
Chapter 218 Snatch everything of his
Chapter 219 I am a good student
Chapter 220 Long Xin
Chapter 221 Confiscating everything
Chapter 222 Discussing cooperation
Chapter 223 The ambition of the Great God Sect
Chapter 224 Young master from Nimble Gate
Chapter 225 Explosion
Chapter 226 Where did this Section Head come from
Chapter 227 Netherworld Grass
Chapter 228 Curse of the Great God
Chapter 229 Good position
Chapter 230 Yuan Zhenyue’s Armour Second Stage
Chapter 231 Did you used Head & Shoulders?
Chapter 232 Why don’t you join Dragon Group
Chapter 233 She cannot die
Chapter 234 An awesome old man
Chapter 235 Killing everyone
Chapter 236 I can only wrong you
Chapter 237 The treasure sword from legends
Chapter 238 Your little lover
Chapter 239 Returning to Red Scarf Army
Chapter 240 Special means of transportation
Chapter 241 Feast of Hongmen
Chapter 242 Counterattack
Chapter 243 Occupying Xin Dong Island
Chapter 244 Changing Clothes ability
Chapter 245 Murong Die! Just you wait!!!
Chapter 246 Immortal Qi treatment method
Chapter 247 Murong family dinner party
Chapter 248 Second invitation
Chapter 249 Help Lele to settle everything
Chapter 250 Strolling around the temple fair
Chapter 251 Guy who keeps going to the toilet
Chapter 252 Liu Yi is not simple as well
Chapter 253 Escaping from a clamity
Chapter 254 Miss quickly run away!!!
Chapter 255 Shall not stop till death
Chapter 256 (Who is good?)(Who is bad?)
Chapter 257 Becoming enemies
Chapter 258 Merging with Little Black
Chapter 259 Final technique
Chapter 260 Breaking all ties
Chapter 261 Seducing the Gu king
Chapter 262 Ox-head, Horse-head
Chapter 263 Sent flying with a slap
Chapter 264 Ksitigarbha
Chapter 265 If I am leaving then both of us shall leave together
Chapter 266 Open your mouth and speak
Chapter 267 Nightmare
Chapter 268 Mysterious fifth floor
Chapter 269 Smash and rob
Chapter 270 Accepting a disciple
Chapter 271 Black Dragon gang’s protective umbrella
Chapter 272 I don’t sabotage my own people
Chapter 273 Dragon Palace
Chapter 274 Maritime weather
Chapter 275 Challenge from Army Blade
Chapter 276 Let’s play a game
Chapter 277 Dragon Pearl
Chapter 278 Meteor falling from heaven
Chapter 279 Little dragon girl who is finding her elder brother
Chapter 280 I will help you adjust
Chapter 281 Send you back home
Chapter 282 Concealed Sword Palace
Chapter 283 Isn’t it truly love at first sight?
Chapter 284 This girl is not ordinary
Chapter 285 Escaping in a sorry figure
Chapter 286 Dragon Palace Navy
Chapter 287 Scorpion Spirit
Chapter 288 Yan Qiuhong who is as tough as iron
Chapter 289 Blood Emperor
Chapter 290 Planting a heart devil
Chapter 291 Wait for this princess for two years
Chapter 292 Promise
Chapter 293 Chen Cai’s Goddess
Chapter 294 No money, no real love
Chapter 295 Where is my little bear?
Chapter 296 Who can go over?
Chapter 297 Want to join?
Chapter 298 Do you know who am I?
Chapter 299 Dragon Group’s task
Chapter 300 Turning into a devil
Chapter 301 Real and fake, fake and real
Chapter 302 Entering dreams
Chapter 303 Ling Tong’s decision
Chapter 304 Dragon Sound temple
Chapter 305 One year pact
Chapter 306 Cultivate
Chapter 307 Ma Hua’s second disciple
Chapter 308 Asura Realm
Chapter 309 The skeleton call asura
Chapter 310 Die!
Chapter 311 Five hundred years
Chapter 312 Finally coming out
Chapter 313 The crowds sweetheart
Chapter 314 Train to Jing Dou
Chapter 315 Diciple from a great sect
Chapter 316 Frost moon sword
Chapter 317 Undying ghost infant
Chapter 318 Ghost Infant? God?
Chapter 319 Even the soul scatters from the beating
Chapter 320 Passionate department head
Chapter 321 Magnanious Senior
Chapter 322 Dormitory four brothers
Chapter 323 Ten Great Beauties
Chapter 324 I am here! I am here!
Chapter 325 Duel Appointment
Chapter 326 It turn famous
Chapter 327 Forest
Chapter 328 Japanese Kunoichi Soldier
Chapter 329 Japanese classmate and the beautiful guider
Chapter 330 Yoko wants a boyfriend
Chapter 331 Making friends
Chapter 332 King’s game
Chapter 333 I am not Immortal Fox sister
Chapter 334 Dragon’s nature body
Chapter 335 Fiancee???
Chapter 336 Liu Yi’s trouble
Chapter 337 Sending out Little Black
Chapter 338 Transforming into a dragon
Chapter 339 Berserk oppression of the crowd
Chapter 340 Something bad has happened
Chapter 341 Not recognising one’s family member
Chapter 342 Each leading their own life
Chapter 343 Military training is about to begin
Chapter 344 Public enemy who snatched the goddess
Chapter 344 If you are a man then come over!
Chapter 346 Commencing Military Training
Chapter 347 Unique way of drinking Sprite
Chapter 348 Enemy from Asura Realm
Chapter 349 Tree demon
Chapter 350 Lance in hand
Chapter 351 Dog girl Xiao Mi
Chapter 352 Underground secret laboratory
Chapter 353 101 blind date failed
Chapter 354 Ninth Manger
Chapter 355 Tiger Dragon Path
Chapter 356 How about we exchange for a bit
Chapter 357 Crippling star jade
Chapter 358 Ai Ling’s headache
Chapter 359 Unique breakfast
Chapter 360 100,000 to have a meal together
Chapter 361 Club crisis
Chapter 362 Number one school flower’s dance
Chapter 363 Give me a show
Chapter 364 Acacia Sect
Chapter 365 Single elimination tournment
Chapter 366 What is karate
Chapter 367 China’s Prestige
Chapter 368 Take a trip with us
Chapter 369 Arrival of trial
Chapter 370 Not willing to escape even if someone comes and save me
Chapter 371 Senior Colonel
Chapter 372 Swallow 1
Chapter 373 Finding people is very troublesome
Chapter 374 Templar Knight
Chapter 375 Getting back 12 billion
Chapter 376 Murong Hong’s weakness
Chapter 377 Classroom
Chapter 378 Liu Yi’s Cloning technique
Chapter 379 Raising Immortal Palace Hall
Chapter 380 I am an Immortal’s disciple
Chapter 381 Exercise within the Pavillion
Chapter 382 Senior sister don’t ah!!!
Chapter 383 Demonic sword technique
Chapter 384 Murong’s Family Crisis
Chapter 385 Planning strategies
Chapter 386 Scarlet Cloth Guards coming to pay respect
Chapter 387 Russian Hitman
Chapter 388 Wang Lele is in trouble
Chapter 389 My Queen
Chapter 390 Ye Hanshuang
Chapter 391 Who is abusing who
Chapter 392 Unable to hold back
Chapter 393 Being a hitman harms karma
Chapter 394 Fake Priest
Chapter 395 Planting Demon Seed
Chapter 396 Unifying China’s underworld
Chapter 397 Disturbance in the tennis court
Chapter 398 Monster silhouette
Chapter 399 Off-tracked Hell’s Messenger
Chapter 400 Bullying an endearing silly girl
Chapter 401 Poison
Chapter 402 Do your job properly my servant
Chapter 403 There is still me
Chapter 404 Greatings Sect Head Ling
Chapter 405 Help you massage
Chapter 406 Beseige
Chapter 407 I am a disciple of Raising Immortal Palace Hall
Chapter 408 Demonic Sword Technique’s might
Chapter 409 Strenghtening the Taiji sword
Chapter 410 Dissection class
Chapter 411 Demon Child coming into being
Chapter 412 The sealed off location
Chapter 413 A completely new Ma Yixuan
Chapter 414 Fierce battle in the rain
Chapter 415 Ao Ri
Chapter 416 Li Biyue’s past
Chapter 417 Love the beauty don’t love the rivers and mountain
Chapter 418 Lucky star
Chapter 419 Battling an enormous snake
Chapter 420 Gu Yu
Chapter 421 A race against time
Chapter 422 Luring the tiger out of it’s mountain
Chapter 423 I am the Sect leader of Great God Sect
Chapter 424 Dragon Gene
Chapter 425 Finally Breakthrought
Chapter 426 Multiple choice question
Chapter 427 Regarding the new company
Chapter 428 Beginning to take shape
Chapter 429 Gods SAVE MEEEEE
Chapter 430 My maid
Chapter 431 World Dao Gathering
Chapter 432 Wenren Qian exiting seclusion
Chapter 433 For Raising Immortal Palace Hall
Chapter 434 Sky Heavy Gate
Chapter 435 Treasure house here I come!!!
Chapter 436 Drawing of an ugly woman
Chapter 437 Treat me as a guy
Chapter 438 Come! Bring it on!
Chapter 439 You shall be my big brother!
Chapter 440 Keep far away from her!
Chapter 441 Gao Feng
Chapter 442 Ai Ling’s request
Chapter 443 Start of competition
Chapter 444 Masculine Female
Chapter 445 Top 32 competition
Chapter 446 Gao Feng’s might
Chapter 447 Great God Sect’s movements
Chapter 448 Once again got plotted against
Chapter 449 Hero’s gathering
Chapter 450 Demon King? Saiyan?
Chapter 451 Fighting Cat Lady again
Chapter 452 Water Qilin
Chapter 453 This place is a battlefield
Chapter 454 Destroy Liu Yi
Chapter 455 Spiritual Beast Cursade
Chapter 456 Body Protecting Spiritual Beast
Chapter 457 Gu Yu’s eruption
Chapter 458 Loser must marry into wife’s family
Chapter 459 Stubborn girl
Chapter 460 Nine Mysterious Heart Sutra
Chapter 461 A promise made
Chapter 462 Shocking change
Chapter 463 Meteorite descending from the sky
Chapter 464 You can return back
Chapter 465 My justice
Chapter 466 Enemy against the entire world
Chapter 467 Liu Haisheng taking action
Chapter 468 Dragon Summoner
Chapter 469 New strength
Chapter 470 School Life
Chapter 471 This time got defeated
Chapter 472 Returning home
Chapter 473 Guangzhou’s Wang Family
Chapter 474 Visiting a sick person
Chapter 475 Miraculous medical pill
Chapter 476 Golden Dog Poop
Chapter 477 Mix feeling returning home
Chapter 478 The Wang Family
Chapter 479 God pill earning merit once again
Chapter 480 Breaking off relations once more
Chapter 481 Human-shape angel
Chapter 482 Liu Haisheng’s ambitions
Chapter 483 Righteous in heart
Chapter 484 Dog-head village
Chapter 485 Getting drunk
Chapter 486 Dragon bone
Chapter 487 Holy Tooth race’s legend
Chapter 488 Thousand year pig-spirit
Chapter 489 Know that guest have come
Chapter 490 Osmanthus Flower Mountain here I come!
Chapter 491 Meeting at the lotus pond
Chapter 492 Wedding
Chapter 493 All of us are idiots
Chapter 494 Say some secret
Chapter 495 We have return
Chapter 496 5 Phase Spiritual Body
Chapter 497 Ma Yixuan’s counterattack
Chapter 498 Intercepted midway
Chapter 499 This is my woman
Chapter 500 Ask me to stay behind?
Chapter 501 Confess then youngster!
Chapter 502 I also know how to sing love songs
Chapter 503 First time dating
Chapter 504 Huge operation for the date
Chapter 505 Do not fight for a sigh of relief
Chapter 506 Brother Erhuo
Chapter 507 Dagger Society
Chapter 508 Want to gamble
Chapter 509 Big Miss is angry
Chapter510 Are you going to agree