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111 Little detour

Yona is anxiously waiting for them to answer him. The woman asks him to follow her. Yona follows her to a pool in the cave. There she takes a blue stone and drops it in the pool. It changes to show a small girl who is being beaten . The person is screaming at her that she is a witch and needs to die. Morrigan waves the image away.

"This girl has a gift but does not know how to control it or use it properly. It keeps manifesting at the wrong times. She needs Aisling to help teach her. Even though Aisling doesn't know her full power or how to do everything the other four can help her. I need you to protect Aisling when she goes to bring this child back to her home with her. This man is angry because the child was not able to predict the outcome of an event. Since she didn't know he lost money. We need Aisling and you to go fetch her and take her to safety. " Yona is curious why can't they do anything for the child.

"We cannot interfere unless asked,but we can send someone else to help. Aisling is that someone. This child is destined for a very important work in the future and we cannot let her lose her life because of no one being able to teach her. " Uktena informs him as if he can read his mind.

" say we rescue her . How are we supposed to explain her?The moment we try to put her in school we have to have things such as birth certificates and adoption papers social security numbers. This person isn't going to just let us have her. " the woman looks at him with irritation .

"That will not be a problem, once you have her away from him. You are to return her to her parents. Aisling will need to glamour you two so that you cannot be recognized.

Yona has two more questions that needs answering.

"Who is this child and how is she connected to this family?" He knows that she is connected some way. Uktena nods to Morrigan to tell him.

"She is Salali's child she is kidnapped by this man . Since you will need to go into the future by five years. He has only had her a few months. So we can send you to stop him but then he will keep trying. Unless you can catch him right after so that he can be put away for life. Aisling will need to disguise you both so that no one can recognize you. You will only have a short period of time to accomplish this. When it is done you will immediately be returned to the lake right before she fainted. Only the two of you will know you were gone. "

Yona asks them one more question .

"Why our families?" Looking at them hostilely. Morrigan answers for both of them.

"She has both our blood in her . You and yours has just his. She was chosen because she was born of death yet still lived. She has been in both spiritual and physical . We protect all but we cannot interfere except for those gifted that are willing to keep the balance. She has sacrificed and been hurt yet still has the purity of a child. For that she has been chosen to help right wrongs and set things back to their original design. " Morrigan explains. They hear Aisling waking she see's Morrigan and bows to her then gives her a very tight hug.

" my sweet child we need you to save a special little urchin. She is only five going on six. She is like you were and needs to be returned to her family. The man keeping her is very dangerous and you will need to glamour both of you. The child is your future niece so no one can recognize either of you. You will need to hurry she is in great danger."

"Of course but my children will they be ok!"

Morrigan nods yes she places her hand on Aisling stomach to place a protective enchantment to keep them from all harm. Aisling says the glamour spell and she changes the two of them into a young Korean couple. Along with the glamour she gives them both knowledge of various fighting techniques. Nodding to Morrigan she takes Yona hand and they walk through the portal . When they emerge they are in The middle of New York City. Aisling holds the crystal from Uktena and places it in the water of the Hudson River. She whispers a finding spell. Looking into the water she sees the girl. She sees a sign near by. Looking at Yona.

"They are near Times Square she is with Randy we need to hurry. Catching a cab she asks him to please hurry to Times Square. Yona calls the police to inform them that they over heard a guy in a restaurant saying he was going to kidnap a little girl. He gives the cop a description of the guy he saw beating his niece. By the time he is done with talking to the police they are near Times Square. Getting out to walk around to see if they can find Randy . As they look around Aisling is rubbing the crystal it flashed a light when she came close to Randy. Following close she sees Salali coming out of the store. Hoping that they can follow naturally and not draw attention. After about thirty minutes They are sitting in a restaurant watching their family. Yona taps her shoulder. The guys is staring at the little girl. Watching her closely they hear her talking.

She is stating numbers. Looking around not understanding. Then she notices that she is looking at a lottery screen. It's a keno board that draws every few minutes. She predicted the last four games exactly. The man places a bet from her numbers and wins. He listens to her mumbling and places another bet. It wins again ,they watch them closely hoping that they will leave before the next game is drawn.