Magic Industry Empire
Chapter 107
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Magic Industry Empire
Author :Eight O'Clock At Night 晚间八点档
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Chapter 107

Only a chess piece

Putting his hand on the door, Xu Yi wanted to use force when a chill filled his heart and he withdrew his hand.

In that instant, he clearly felt a strange magic fluctuation coming from the door.

On this ordinary door, there was actually Magic Array!

If Xu Yi kept using force, the Magic Array would definitely have been activated.

Xu Yi felt into deep thought before stretching out his hand again.

His finger softly touched the door and Xu Yi felt a very faint magic coming from his finger. He investigated the Magic Array on the door bit by bit.

In order to research suitable magic machines, Xu Yi had reached a very high realm in terms of researching Magic Arrays, so he easily recognized that it was a Third Grade Wind Magic Array on the door, the Wind Burst Array.

Once this Magic Array was activated, it would send out intense air currents from the Magic Array.

Although a Third Grade Magic Array wasn’t strong, with the wind gusts being unable to take people’s lives, the gusts of wind would still be able to send people flying. Even if they didn’t die, they would still be injured.

After checking the door to the room, Xu Yi moved his finger from the door to the wall and investigated the faint magic energy traces on the wall.

In the end, he found that other than the door, there were actually Wind Burst Arrays placed on all four walls and the two windows!

This meant that in this room that wasn’t too big and didn’t seem that outstanding, it had actually been turned into a little jail cell!

Xu Yi took back his hand and slightly knit his brows.

The person who laid this trap didn’t seem to want to take his life, they just wanted to trap him here for a bit.

But this was the royal palace and wouldn’t others notice if he had been trapped here for a long time?

Xu Yi thought about this and instantly understood.

The other side should be trying to ruin his audience with the king.

Xu Yi had left the office at around four and had spent around half an hour on the way to the palace. Adding in the time he had spent waiting here, it was almost five which was Xu Yi’s time for his audience with the king.

Perhaps the person who prepared the trap didn’t want to get him stuck here, they just wanted to trap him for a while and make him unable to make it to his audience with the king on time.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi’s heart sunk.

With his current status, being able to obtain an audience with the king was very hard to get. If he missed this rare opportunity and showed up late to the meeting, he would without a doubt leave a bad impression on the king.

Even if Xu Yi could explain this, it wasn’t certain if he would have the chance to have another audience with the king. Even if he did, it wouldn’t mean that the king would trust him.

No matter what, if he missed this chance, it would be a very large hit to the plan that Xu Yi had in his heart.

Time was short and although Xu Yi had many questions in his heart, he didn’t have time to think it over. Taking a look at the gate that was shut, he gave a soft snort and slapped it.

Magic that was several times stronger than when he was investigating came out of his palm and instantly countless lines covered the door to the room.

The Wind Burst Array on the door was already covered by Xu Yi’s magic, but there wasn’t any signs of triggering. Instead, it was being erased bit by bit by Xu Yi’s magic.

After a while, a weak blue glow came from the door and then a breeze blew through the air, slightly moving Xu Yi’s hair.

Xu Yi revealed a faint smile. The Wind Burst Array on the door had already been broken by him and couldn’t be activated anymore.

After losing the obstruction of the Wind Burst Array, Xu Yi just needed to make a small change to the Wind Magic on the door and break the plug blocking the door.

With a “zhiya” sound, the door opened.

“Relying on a Third Grade Array to stop me, you really are looking down on me too much.” Xu Yi gave a soft snort. He kicked open the door.

When he wanted to walk out, several figures suddenly appeared outside the door and blocked Xu Yi off.

“Who is it? Daring to be this audacious in the palace! Catch him for me!”

With an angry roar, three large men wearing the uniform of palace guards charged at Xu Yi.

Seeing these three fierce men charging at him, Xu Yi hesitated a bit.

Breaking property wasn’t a problem, but if he moved against the palace guards, it would really cause trouble.

But he couldn’t hesitate at this time, as three guards were already in front of him. If he didn’t react, they would have caught him.

Xu Yi gave a sigh in his heart. He raised his hand and prepare to shoot out a spell.


At that time, someone roared out.

The three guards had already grabbed Xu Yi when they heard this sound from behind them. They immediately stopped and not a single person moved.

Xu Yi was stunned and took two steps back, scattering the magic he had already gathered. He looked at where the sound came from and was also stunned.

The one who had suddenly appeared to stop the guards was actually Harvey.

Noticing that Xu Yi was looking at him, Harvey gave a nod of acknowledgement to Xu Yi before looking at the guard who seemed to be the commander and saying in a sharp voice, “What is going on here?”

The guard immediately gave a bow to Harvey and responded in a loud voice, “Reporting to the Lord Viscount, we were patrolling nearby when we rushed over after hearing strange sounds and then we saw……” The guard commander pointed at Xu Yi, “He came out of the room breaking the door. I don’t recognize this person and thought he was an assassin, so was prepared to capture him to interrogate him.”

Harvey knit his brows as he thought for a bit before waving his hand, “Alright, there is nothing for you here. You can leave.”

The guard commander hesitated a bit, “Lord Viscount, but he…..”

Harvey looked at him, “He is his majesty’s guest, do you need me to explain this to you?”

The guard commander trembled before he quickly straightened himself and shook his head.

“Then why aren’t you leaving yet? What are you standing like a fool for?” Harvey then shouted.

The guard commander looked at Xu Yi before leaving with the other guards.

When they left, Harvey came to Xu Yi’s side with a dark look and asked in a low voice, “Chairman Xu, what is going on here?”

Xu Yi thought about it before telling him everything that happened after he came to the palace.

After he finished listening to Xu Yi, Harvey knit his brows. It was clear that he didn’t understand, but he only thought about it for a bit before shaking his head and saying, “There’s no time to think about it now. Chairman Xu, it’ll be your audience with his majesty soon. Come with me, I’ll bring you to see his majesty.”

Xu Yi nodded and followed Harvey in another direction.

After walking in silence for a bit, Harvey looked to see if anyone was around before asking Xu Yi in a low voice, “Chairman Xu, when you see his majesty later, I ask you not to mention this matter.”

Xu Yi looked at him before giving a nod with a faint smile, “Be assured, I know how to separate important matters.”

Harvey gave a nod of praise, “Chairman Xu truly is a wise person. Let me tell you some good news, after his majesty saw the results of our experiments over these past few days, he was very satisfied with them and has great praise for your Frestech Chamber of Commerce. When you see him later, as long as what you demonstrate can satisfy him, he will definitely give you a rich reward.”

Xu Yi laughed, “Rewards don’t matter, it’s fine as long as his majesty can accept my proposal.”

“That’s depend on if chairman Xu can convince his majesty.” Harvey said with a smile.

After walking through another part of the palace, Harvey brought Xu Yi to a large garden before suddenly stopping.

“I can only bring you here. There will be another servant to bring you in later and then you’ll be able to see his majesty.” Harvey thought about it before warning in a low voice, “Remember, don’t say too much.”

Xu Yi looked at him and was a bit surprised that he was this nervous.

This was the royal palace, did Harvey think that what just happened could be hidden from the master of the royal palace?

Of course, Xu Yi didn’t ask the question in his heart and just gave a slight nod to show he understood.

Harvey then waved at a servant to the side and explained Xu Yi’s identity to him before hinting to Xu Yi to follow the servant.

When Xu Yi wanted to move forward, it was like he had suddenly remembered something and stopped.

After pausing for a bit, Xu Yi came to Harvey’s side and said in a voice only the two of them could hear, “Viscount Harvey, since his majesty has taken interest in the agricultural magic machines, the best method is to let nature take its course and not do anything extra. Otherwise if too many things are added, it would be hard to expect something happening.”

Harvey’s eyes shrunk slightly as his gaze looking at Xu Yi suddenly became sharp.

After looking at Xu Yi for a while, Harvey said in a voice that was much colder than before, “Chairman Xu, since you are an intelligent person, you should know that many things today are unrelated to you. You do not have the ability to meddle in them.”

Xu Yi smiled and thought that this Harvey really wasn’t deep enough. Just a casual poke by him and he had revealed his true colours already.

Of course, it was also likely that he disdained hiding things in front of Xu Yi. In the end, it was like he had said, with Xu Yi’s current identity and power, there were many things he couldn’t meddle in.

So even though he knew that the matter after he came into the palace was related to a battle between important people and he was just treated like a chess piece, he didn’t have any method to resist and couldn’t even express any opinion.

Of course, Xu Yi didn’t care that much about this. Anyway, the battle between important people weren't too related to him and it was all good as long as he accomplished his goal.

Thinking of this, Xu Yi shook his head, throwing away all the thoughts that weren’t related to this matter and focusing his mind again.

If he treated establishing an industrial system as a war, then this meeting with the king was without a doubt an important campaign at the beginning of the war.


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