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MMORPG Martial Gamer

Author:Immortal Iron Bull

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Updates:Chapter 428: The First MT

Catching arrows, running up walls, crushing boulders and bending metal, these are but petty parlour tricks in the eyes of a true martial artist. But where can a martial artist stand in an era of material pursuit? Join Wang Yu, the greatest martial genius the world has ever seen, as he takes on the gaming world of “Rebirth”, where dragons, demons and immortals are more than just legends. 网游之我是武学家
《MMORPG Martial Gamer》 Text
Chapter 1: A Martial Artist’s Plight
Chapter 2: Joining a Gold Farming Studio
Chapter 3: Trash Job
Chapter 4: Independent Mode
Chapter 5: Slaying Wolves
Chapter 6: I’m a Martial Artist
Chapter 7: Encounter with Bandits
Chapter 8: 100% Dodge Rate
Chapter 9: Heaven Defying Strength
Chapter 10: First Bucket of Gold
Chapter 11: System Upgrade
Chapter 12: A Man’s Responsibility
Chapter 13: The Crazed Forum
Chapter 14: The Hidden Job’s Trial
Chapter 15: An Unfair Advantage
Chapter 16: Is He Retarded?
Chapter 17: Legendary Dusk Bandit --Wharton
Chapter 18: The Legendary Fast Break
Chapter 19: Killing With A Borrowed Blade
Chapter 20: Wharton’s Head
Chapter 21: Breaking The Game’s Balance
Chapter 22: Joining The Quan Zhen Sect
Chapter 23: I'm Afraid I'll Accidentally Beat You To Death
Chapter 24: Uncommon Skill
Chapter 25: Duel
Chapter 26: Friends
Chapter 27: Scourge Of The Dusk
Chapter 28: Glory Of The Martial Artist
Chapter 29: Big Trouble
Chapter 30: No Need To Thank Me!
Chapter 31: Seal the doors! Kill Iron Bull!
Chapter 32: A Huge Scandal
Chapter 33: Why Won’t You Just Die!
Chapter 34: We’ll Fight Until You’re Satisfied
Chapter 35: It’s Nothing To Admit You’re Scared, What’s Important Is Who You’re Admitting It For!
Chapter 36: Bounty Time! Unrelated People Please F**k Off!
Chapter 37: Looking For A Guardian
Chapter 38: Preparing For Battle
Chapter 39: The Following Discussion Is Not Directed At Any Guild
Chapter 40: The Perfect Terrain
Chapter 41: Battle!
Chapter 42: No More True Damage
Chapter 43: Bloody Vengeance
Chapter 44: Ming Du’s Slappable Face
Chapter 45: Complete Victory!
Chapter 46: The Most Shameless Guild
Chapter 47: The Most Fearsome Guild
Chapter 48: I’ll Crush Your Skull
Chapter 49: Hidden Quest
Chapter 50: The System’s Thought Process
Chapter 51: Adrenaline
Chapter 52: Killing You Isn’t That Hard
Chapter 53: Dishonest Boss And Shameless Wang Yu
Chapter 54: Then I'll Just Have To Kill You All!
Chapter 55: Arrogance
Chapter 56: Dare To Bet Dare To Lose
Chapter 57: Recipe
Chapter 58: Don't Worry, I'm Here Now
Chapter 59: As Long As I Can Be With You
Chapter 60: Glorious Martial Arts
Chapter 61: Elite Dungeon
Chapter 62: Just Do Whatever You Want!
Chapter 63: Hell Hound Gasol
Chapter 64: Ground Fist
Chapter 65: Hell Queen Andrea
Chapter 66: Transforming Boss
Chapter 67: I Want to Touch
Chapter 68: Let Them Understand
Chapter 69: I Don’t Have Time For Trash
Chapter 70: If you really want to act so tough, then you better have the balls to finish your act!
Chapter 71: Legacy Road
Chapter 72: I Doubt The Integrity Of All NPCs!
Chapter 73: Soul Of Darkness
Chapter 74: I'm Not Running Because I'm Scared!
Chapter 75: Boson’s Springtime Of Youth
Chapter 76: Nian
Chapter 77: Kill Steal
Chapter 78: Because Of You
Chapter 79: The Unobtainable Musket
Chapter 80: Nian Boss
Chapter 81: Nian's Weakness
Chapter 82: Taking Advantage Of The Terrain
Chapter 83: A Sky Full Of Fireworks
Chapter 84: Sunset Warboots
Chapter 85: Sanguine Gangster
Chapter 86: Dusk Quarry
Chapter 87: The Weak Are Definitely Wrong!
Chapter 88: Monster House
Chapter 89: The Hunter In The Shadows
Chapter 90: Low Grade Engineering
Chapter 91: Found You!
Chapter 92: Simple, We’ll Fight Them Head On
Chapter 93: You Can’t Beat The Local Tyrant
Chapter 94: Run
Chapter 95: Descent of Chaos
Chapter 96: Who Can Even Stop me?
Chapter 97: What A Mess
Chapter 98: Bull One, Bull Two
Chapter 99: Devious Guild
Chapter 100: Familiar Faces
Chapter 101: Blood Dragon God
Chapter 102: The Nearly Perfect Boss
Chapter 103: Prediction
Chapter 104: Open Goal
Chapter 105: Inhuman Monster
Chapter 106: Dragon Slayer
Chapter 107: Faction
Chapter 108: What A Coincidence
Chapter 109: Notre Dame Cathedral
Chapter 110: Mark Of The Martial God
Chapter 111: Occult Crystal
Chapter 112: Technomagic Cartridge
Chapter 113: Because God Needs Me
Chapter 114: I Don't Even Know You Ok?
Chapter 115: Losing Face
Chapter 116: Bare Handed Weapon Stealing
Chapter 117: Wait For Success
Chapter 118: It's Not You Anyway
Chapter 119: Holy Knights
Chapter 120: I Believe In My Fists More
Chapter 121: Pain In The Ass
Chapter 122: A Shameless Battle
Chapter 123: Without Lifting A Finger
Chapter 124: How Should We Fight The Boss
Chapter 125: Wanted By All
Chapter 126: Don’t Worry, Help Is On The Way
Chapter 127: Sowing Discord
Chapter 128: Escape
Chapter 129: Escaping from Vatican City
Chapter 130: Defiant Tiger
Chapter 131: I Just Need To Run Faster Than You
Chapter 132: Mystic Snare
Chapter 133: The Origin Of Refining
Chapter 134: Fighting Zeus
Chapter 135: Eight Trigrams Roaming Dragon Palm
Chapter 136: Sin City
Chapter 137: Meeting An Old Friend In A Foreign Place
Chapter 138: Despicable Scum
Chapter 139: Opposing Quests
Chapter 140: Making A Deal With The Rich Young Masters
Chapter 141: Ambush
Chapter 142: A Provoked Ming Du
Chapter 143: Dark Scorpion King
Chapter 144: The Weird Saber
Chapter 145: Dual Blade Master Iron Bull
Chapter 146: It’s Just Trash Anyway
Chapter 147: Deterrence
Chapter 148: Don’t Let Him Put On His Clothes
Chapter 149: A Passable Lightning Wizard
Chapter 150: Help Has Arrived
Chapter 151: City of Darkness
Chapter 152: Burial Site
Chapter 153: A Three Way Battle
Chapter 154: Making Every Second Count
Chapter 155: Factions and Friendships
Chapter 156: Exiled Disciple
Chapter 157: Opening A Store
Chapter 158: A Young Man’s Problem
Chapter 159: Title Deed Acquisition Quest
Chapter 160: Gathering Numbers
Chapter 161: A Familiar Figure
Chapter 162: He’s Part Of The Quan Zhen Sect
Chapter 163: Twenty Members
Chapter 164: Do You Dare To Fight Me?
Chapter 165: Don’t look Down On Anyone In The Quan Zhen Sect
Chapter 166: Too Much Trouble! Just Clear them All At Once
Chapter 167: Undying Knight
Chapter 168: Just Do Whatever You Want!
Chapter 169: Disrupt His Skill!
Chapter 170: The Cugel’s Area Of Control
Chapter 171: Assimilation Skill
Chapter 172: A Difficult Boss
Chapter 173: Kiting
Chapter 174: Unlucky Vainglory
Chapter 175: Foreboding
Chapter 176: Boss With A High IQ
Chapter 177: Scheming Boss
Chapter 178: Someone Even More Shameless Than The Quan Zhen Sect
Chapter 179: I Won’t Let Them Live It Down
Chapter 180: How Does It Feel?
Chapter 181: Gentlemen Fearless???
Chapter 182: Hidden Room Under The Church
Chapter 183: The Quan Zhen Sect’s Special Formation
Chapter 184: The Terrifying Heart Manipulation
Chapter 185: Would You Believe Me If I Told You I Taught Myself?
Chapter 186: Reversed Martial Arts
Chapter 187: Nebulous Sphere
Chapter 188: Perfect Clear
Chapter 189: True Colours
Chapter 190: Evasion Skill
Chapter 191: I’m An Actor
Chapter 192: The True Villain
Chapter 193: The Formal Agreement
Chapter 194: A Storm Is Approaching
Chapter 195: Blacksmith Wang Yu
Chapter 196: Chasing Perfection
Chapter 197: Draconic Set
Chapter 198: The Real Culprit
Chapter 199: New Year’s Eve Dinner
Chapter 200: Unreliable Father
Chapter 201: A Safe Place
Chapter 202: The Slippery Quan Zhen Sect
Chapter 203: Miraculous Rooftop
Chapter 204: Requesting Help
Chapter 205: Working Together
Chapter 206: Mrs Bull's Convenience Store
Chapter 207: Ambushed
Chapter 208: Drastic Measures
Chapter 209: One Still Remains
Chapter 210: The Most Terrifying Player In The Quan Zhen Sect
Chapter 211: A Present For Pure Lands
Chapter 212: Blackmail
Chapter 213: We Are The Law
Chapter 214: Event Points
Chapter 215: Event Reward
Chapter 216: The Cheap Stuff Are Absolute Trash!
Chapter 217: This Is Not How You Advertise
Chapter 218: The Real Number One
Chapter 219: Sanguine Warflag’s Troubles
Chapter 220: Experts From A Studio
Chapter 221: The Monopoly In The Game
Chapter 222: Avoiding It
Chapter 223: There’s Skill Involved In A One Wave Attack
Chapter 224: Dodge It If You Can’t Block It…...
Chapter 225: Bullying Dumb Bosses Is the Best
Chapter 226: Seven Points To Strike A Snake
Chapter 227: I Have Priority
Chapter 228: Enemy In The Air
Chapter 229: Tricked
Chapter 230: Suicidal Fighting Style
Chapter 231: Pet
Chapter 232: V-Shaped Formation
Chapter 233: Snake Queen Angela
Chapter 234: Total Collapse
Chapter 235: Backbiting Blade
Chapter 236: A Predicament
Chapter 237: What Is That Weapon?
Chapter 238: Angela’s Curse
Chapter 239: Simba’s Pen-Ruler
Chapter 240: Spring-rain Pavillion
Chapter 241: Nian Liuyun
Chapter 242: I’ll Allow You To Call Me Uncle Bull
Chapter 243: Substitution
Chapter 244: Sorry My Hand Slipped
Chapter 245: A Guild Leader’s Woes
Chapter 246: The Same Move
Chapter 247: Tricked
Chapter 248: Scenario Dungeon
Chapter 249: Wordplay
Chapter 250: Taking Advantage Of The NPCs
Chapter 251: The Pugilist That Surpasses The Legends
Chapter 252: Intense Battle
Chapter 253: We Just Need One Of Us to Survive!
Chapter 254: There He Goes
Chapter 255: No Rest Until He’s Dead
Chapter 256: Mistaken To the Very End
Chapter 257: They Must Be Punished
Chapter 258: Because I’m Trouble!
Chapter 259: Deliberately Causing Trouble
Chapter 260: Dark Past
Chapter 261: I Will Never Forgive Someone That Embarrassed Me
Chapter 262: Commission
Chapter 263: Pricing Expert
Chapter 264: Simba’s Leather Blueprint
Chapter 265: Player to Monster Ratio
Chapter 266: Fearless’ Defence Strategy
Chapter 267: Trigram Formation
Chapter 268: Disposition of Quan Zhen Sect Members
Chapter 269: Unafraid of Adversities.
Chapter 270: Individual Breakthroughs
Chapter 271: Honoured Experience Points
Chapter 272: Chapter 272: Imminent Peril
Chapter 273: The Main Gate Falls
Chapter 274: Wang Yu’s in Danger
Chapter 275: Screwing Angela
Chapter 276: Rest in Peace, Angela
Chapter 277: Book of Sealing
Chapter 278: Hidden Defence Quest
Chapter 279: The End of Defence.
Chapter 280: Big Project
Chapter 281: Back-up Plan
Chapter 282: The choice of Faction.
Chapter 283: Rolling Mario
Chapter 284: Wang Yu’s abandonment.
Chapter 285: Neutral Faction
Chapter 286: Elf Queen’s Trial
Chapter 287: Compass
Chapter 288: Gnome Wolf Knights
Chapter 289: Team Storm
Chapter 290: Hidden Dungeon Quest --------- Wonderland Forest
Chapter 291: The terrifying Pickpocket.
Chapter 292: Who’s the real thief?
Chapter 293: Alice’s Letter of Recommendation
Chapter 294: Shops in the Hidden Dungeon.
Chapter 295: Hidden Dungeons are full of treasures.
Chapter 296: Master Swordsman, Golden Goblin
Chapter 297: The best countermeasure against a dexterity type boss is to stop its movements.
Chapter 298: Ancient Grade Skill
Chapter 299: Stone Golem King
Chapter 300: Shoot its head
Chapter 301: 2 and a half dollars
Chapter 302: The Dungeon’s Final Reward
Chapter 303: Trashy or Godly?
Chapter 304: Fire Dragon’s Pistol
Chapter 305: Faction System Activated
Chapter 306: The Update Period
Chapter 307: Beautiful Sister-in-law
Chapter 308: Various types of Talents.
Chapter 309: The game between Fearless and Daybreak Studio
Chapter 310: New Contents
Chapter 311: Goddess of Luck
Chapter 312: God is a joker
Chapter 313: Get Wrecked
Chapter 314: Scheme
Chapter 315: Product of Fearless’ Bonding
Chapter 316: The Strong Dominate the Weak
Chapter 317: The First Strike On The Boss
Chapter 318: Peerless Dominator’s Scheme
Chapter 319: Teaching You How to Fight A Boss
Chapter 320: Taking Advantage Of The Situation
Chapter 321: Who’s More Overpowered Than Who?
Chapter 322: Splitting The Spoils
Chapter 323: Valuable Top Tier Equipment
Chapter 324: PVP Arena
Chapter 325: The Pugilist Who Can Perform One Hit KOs
Chapter 326: The Best Counter For Pugilists
Chapter 327: I’m In A Rush
Chapter 328: I’ll Be Back Soon
Chapter 329: Traps and Ambushes
Chapter 330: The Same Attack Won’t Hit Me Twice
Chapter 331: The Team That Came Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 332: Grinding for PVP Points Like Crazy
Chapter 333: Twilight Temple
Chapter 334: Making Up The Numbers Again
Chapter 335: Are We Really Attempting A Hell Tier Dungeon?
Chapter 336: Fallen Holy Beetle
Chapter 337: It’s Just That Simple And Violent
Chapter 338: The Terrifying Dung Beetle
Chapter 339: Where Is The BOSS’ Breakthrough
Chapter 340: Blessing of the God of Sunset Light
Chapter 341: Shield Of Sunset Light
Chapter 342: Traps
Chapter 343: A Bunch Of OP Players
Chapter 344: Pope of Sunset Light, Harriot
Chapter 345: Is It Martial Arts Or Skilled Movement?
Chapter 346: Sacrificed Beings
Chapter 347: Sunset Light Sanguine
Chapter 348: Where's the BOSS?
Chapter 349: Do You Know The Leap Of The Clouds?
Chapter 350: Fly, Fly Proudly
Chapter 351: Sanguine Hunter
Chapter 352: The Wretched BOSS!
Chapter 353: The Servant Sanguine Hunter
Chapter 354: The Strongest Duo in History
Chapter 355: The End of the Battle
Chapter 356: Two BOSSES With Bountiful Output
Chapter 357: Two People Set
Chapter 358: Lecherous
Chapter 359: A Woman Troubles Another Woman
Chapter 360: Since You Won’t This Old Man Get Up The Bed, Then You Will Come Down
Chapter 361: The Seemingly Drunk Wang Yu
Chapter 362: After You
Chapter 363: **** Technique
Chapter 364: Wine Immortal Skill
Chapter 365: Targeted
Chapter 366: Suspicion of a Grinder
Chapter 367: You Know Nothing!
Chapter 368: Husband and Wife Squad
Chapter 369: I Am Looking For Yellow River and Seaward Flows
Chapter 370: All Men
Chapter 371: The Strength of Professional Squad
Chapter 372: No Proper Recognition For One’s Talent
Chapter 373: A Surprise Visitor
Chapter 374: I’m F*cked!
Chapter 375: Surveying The Market
Chapter 376: Fraudulent Smelting
Chapter 377: A Mysterious Pretentious Prick
Chapter 378: To Pay A Home Visit
Chapter 379: A Pugilist’s True Fighting Style
Chapter 380: An Invite From Land Of Imperial Power
Chapter 381: I Like My Freedom
Chapter 382: Ambush
Chapter 383: Killing Their Way Out
Chapter 384: Let’s Take The Ferris Wheel Together
Chapter 385: Trap
Chapter 386: The Boy Who Cried Wolf
Chapter 387: Are You Scared?
Chapter 388: Hidden Quest
Chapter 389: Biological Weapon
Chapter 390: Chain Quest
Chapter 391: Guild Treasure
Chapter 392: Mutual Benefits
Chapter 393: Jade Beauty
Chapter 394: Every Second Count
Chapter 395: Treacherous Fearless
Chapter 396: Non-harmonious Voices
Chapter 397: Fearless’ Miscalculations
Chapter 398: High Grade Recovery Medicine Formula
Chapter 399: The Desperate Daybreak Studio
Chapter 400: Sunset Swamp
Chapter 401: The Arrogant Feng Yun Guild
Chapter 402: Conqueror
Chapter 403: A Frog Has Entered The Water
Chapter 404: Frog Emperor’s Heart
Chapter 405: Vainglory Was Killed
Chapter 406: Ming Du’s Occupational Disease
Chapter 407: Walking Into A Heavy Ambush
Chapter 408: Have You Heard Of The Story Of The Mantis Stalking The Cicada?
Chapter 409: Professional Ambushers
Chapter 410: Peculiar Feng Yun Guild
Chapter 411: Luring The Tiger Out Of The Mountain
Chapter 412: Doing Back Unto Them
Chapter 413: Safely Leaving
Chapter 414: The Difficult Headquarters
Chapter 416: Defence Collapses
Chapter 417: Killing Machine VS Killing Machine
Chapter 418: Reclaiming The Situation. Fighting Till The End.
Chapter 419: How To Charge Out?
Chapter 420: A Technical Loophole
Chapter 421: Negotiation
Chapter 422: You Got Yourself Into Big Trouble
Chapter 423: The Precious Job Change Token
Chapter 424: Acupuncture Skills
Chapter 425: The First Ten to Enter
Chapter 426: Old Enemies
Chapter 427: Combined Party
Chapter 428: The First MT