MMORPG: Martial Gamer
1138 Full of Treasure
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MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Author :Immortal Iron Bull
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1138 Full of Treasure

After the Departed Spirit Lock was broken, the pile of skeletons in front of Departed Spirit City's main entrance made an opening.

Wang Yu and the rest happily entered the city.

Departed Spirit City really lived up to its name. Both inside and outside were dead silent without a single living human.

Departed Spirit City really lived up to its name. Both inside and outside were dead silent without a single living human.

It was different from the previous wall in terms of its extremely tall height. Under the sunset, it was so tall they could not see its top. Logically speaking, it would be connected to a lair so instead of calling it a city wall, it was more of a castle.

The only entrance and exit on the city wall was a hanging bridge. The bridge was up, blocking the entrance.

Under the tall skeleton city wall was a moat with dark red water flowing in it. It looked creepy, as if it was blood, making it extremely scary.

Not only Five Flagtree, even Wang Yu who was so daring was disgusted by the water in the moat.

After all, these law-abiding civilians never saw bloodshed. Even when they saw ketchup, it was a little revolting.

However, this moat was not too wide, about twenty-odd metres, but as there was no landing on the other side, if the hanging bridge is not put down, they had to cross the river to enter the city.

"Brother Bull… Can you swim?" Unfathomable Mystery gave it some thought then asked Wang Yu.

"Nope…" Wang Yu decisively shook his head.

As a northerner, Wang Yu rarely saw water bodies.

Furthermore, Wang Yu was the Wang Family's treasure. He barely had enough time to practice his martial arts so he definitely was not allowed to play in the water so it was understandable that he could not swim.

"Why do you ask this?" Wang Yu asked puzzledly.

Unfathomable Mystery said, "Swim over and put the hanging bridge down."

"Swim over?"

Wang Yu heard him then frowned. He casually picked up a stone and threw it into the water.


A ball of green smoke appeared.

Before anyone heard the stone land on the water, it was already turned into a ball of smoke.


Seeing this, everyone shivered in fear, especially Unfathomable Mystery who suggested to swim over. His hairs all stood up.

Damn, this moat was not filled with water, this was sulphur.

Luckily they did not jump in haphazardly or else they would be turned into air… It would be fine if they just died but if it melted their equipment, who should compensate them?

Unfathomable Mystery asked worriedly, "Then how? There is nothing to open it here."

The current scene was not big and could fit into their eyes so they could tell at once if there were anything to open it or not.

"Traps…" Wang Yu looked at the surrounding the looked at the hanging bridge in front. He leapt up then in a few bounces, he flew to the wall with the hanging bridge.

Wang Yu grabbed the wall, checked in detail but came to no conclusion so he shook his head and flew back.

Wang Yu had already expected to not find anything.

After all, if he wanted to check out the bridge, he would have to cross the water but normal players could not fly nor did they know qinggong and the system could not give everyone an impossible mission.

Hence, when Wang Yu leapt over, he did not carry much hope.

After he checked, the hanging bridge did not have an opening mechanism and by then, the rest was completely helpless.

Five Flagtree looked at the hanging bridge and shouted, "There's nothing to open it with. It can't be that we have to yell, right?"


Hearing what Five Flagtree said, Wang Yu's eyes lit up then roared loudly, "Open the door… We want to enter."

Seeing that Wang Yu really yelled, Five Flagtree's face turned red. She tugged Wang Yu clothes and said, "Brother Bull, what are you doing? I was just kidding…"


Before Five Flagtree finished speaking, a weird sound suddenly came from the city wall. Soon after, the hanging bridge on the wall began creaking as it swayed while slowly descending down.


After a few seconds, the hanging bridge landed and laid horizontally on the moat.

Five Flagtree and the rest were completely stunned. They stared at Wang Yu and said, "This… This is possible?"

After playing games for so many years, they had seen such scenes countless times but it was the first time the door was opened by yelling. How insulting was this to the game.

Just then, they finally understood why they were all players but Wang Yu was a top-notch expert while the rest of them were so mediocre. So it was because his thinking process was completely different from normal people's. He really was unpredictable.

The system was even worse, they actually accepted this kind of methods.

"Why not?" Seeing everyone question him, Wang Yu questioned them confusedly, "You guys have not been cheated by the system?"

"Of course… Of course, we were." Everyone nodded.

Wang Yu rebutted, "Then how could you forget… How stupid."


Seeing Wang Yu mock them heartlessly, everyone chose to keep quiet. What kind of damn designer did this game have? He was not allowing them to play the game properly. The gaming experience was horrible.

After the hanging bridge came down, Wang Yu stepped onto it then entered the extremely humongous castle.

Everyone saw how he peacefully entered and felt relieved enough to step onto the bridge too.

Well, after witnessing how shameless the system was these two times, if they did not learn their lesson and just stepped onto the bridge, they would not just be stupid, they would be idiots.

Wang Yu could fly so naturally he was not afraid of traps on the bridge. Hence, after Wang Yu made his trip across, everyone felt reassured.

Obviously, the system's shamelessness was still limited, at least they did not design a one-time use bridge.

After entering the castle, the lighting of the scene suddenly brightened.

Wang Yu and the rest were dizzy from the light, then looking across, they saw rows and rows of gold coins and jewellery lying around the castle. On the skeleton city wall were luminous pearls the size of a fist cast all over it.

The gentle lighting and the skeleton bones reflected each other, casting reflections on those jewellery, diamonds and gold coins, making the inside of the castle as bright as daylight.

With this amount of treasure, even Wang Yu who was rich and was used to seeing gold coins was stumped. Compared to this luxurious castle, Holy Dragon Emperor Dales' golden castle was a mere village mansion.

The Departed Spirit Evil Dragon was also a dragon. To be so addicted to shiny things showed how this was in their genes.

Of course, not only dragons had this characteristic of the Dragon Race, women had it too.

No matter how pretty or ugly they were, as long as they were women, they would not be able to resist the temptation of jewellery.

Five Flagtree's soul almost flew out upon seeing this castle filled with treasure. They watched her walk to the pile of treasure and picked up a bunch of diamonds and emotionally said, "Why continue the quest, let's just stay here."

"F*ck! This kid is insane!" The rest heard her and were ready to send their punches.

Just as Wang Yu wanted to punch her to wake her up, just then, a body landed behind Five Flagtree and smoothly pulled her into its embrace.

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