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996 The Weakness Of Encircling To Attack Reinforcements

War Is Peace was considered an old school expert with a certain level of reputation. He was never going to bear with the ridicule of these players as he instantly flew into a rage, \"What a joke! If it wasn't for the fact that your boss spent a great amount of money to hire me to help out, I couldn't be bothered with you guys at all. Whoever thinks I cannot make it, please feel free to point it out to me now.\"


Everyone had heard of Raptors so nobody dared to belittle War Is Peace. When everyone saw that War Is Peace almost lost his cool, everyone immediately kept their mouth shut.

All of a sudden, Bloody Sunset commented, \"Old War, they are ignorant and you don't have to be like them… Let's go!\"

\"Tsk!\" War Is Peace was not one who loved to bicker with others. When he saw that nobody dared to say anything, he grunted and became the first to enter the city.

The rest of them twitched their mouths as they followed behind.

In this quest, Wang Yu was the most important target because of his status as the City Lord. Therefore, Wang Yu was not allowed to leave the city, and every now and then, the system would refresh Wang Yu's coordinates.

Hence, everyone's first target after entering the city was Wang Yu.

According to the previous refreshed coordinates, Wang Yu was at the periphery of the City Lord's Mansion which was why everyone headed there straight.

The present Twilight City was simply an empty city which silence was frightening… The group of them walked from the entrance to the mansion without spotting a single soul. This sent cold chills down their spine.

Even so, everyone continued to report the situation within Twilight City to their respective leaders.

After everyone heard the updates from the various guilds, they were all pleasantly surprised. They were extraordinarily impressed with Four Tree Forest.

Everyone asked, \"Boss Four Tree, what should we do next?\"

Four Tree Forest waved his fan as he replied, \"Twilight City's players actually took a gamble by placing all their forces at the entrances of the city. It seemed like they are very confident of their defence from the outside as they planned to encircle us to stop reinforcements from coming to our aid. The person using this tactic is not a simple man.\"

\"Encircling us to stop reinforcements?\" Many of the players present had not heard of this strategy.

\"They are using the main city as the bait as they destroyed every single wave of intruders. If we continue to work separately, they will definitely be able to exhaust all of our forces.\"


Hearing Four Tree Forest's explanation, everyone couldn't help but breathe in a cold air of breath.

A family member will naturally know the family matters.

All of these fellas harboured ill-intentions and were never bonded from the very beginning. For this strategy to work, they had to depend on the unorganised nature of the opponent.

If it wasn't for Four Tree Forest's breakthrough, everyone might not be able to break through Twilight City's defence even after a few days.

\"So what should we do now?\" Extravagant Riches asked.

\"Hehe!\" Four Tree Forest replied, \"First and foremost, we have to be united. At the very least, we should only talk after we enter the city.\"

\"Of course, of course!\" all the leaders agreed.

\"And also, while I admit that the person using this strategy is very smart, he actually neglected one point!\" Following that, Four Tree Forest laughed out loud.

\"What do you mean?\"

Four Tree Forest took out a simplified map, \"Can everyone see this? Among the three entrances, the Dusk Canyon is the narrowest while above Dusk Canyon is a large space which is impossible for them to set up defenses there. Their players can only hide in Dusk Forest behind. As long as we gather enough troops at the top of Dusk Canyon to enter Dusk Forest together, we will be able to crush their players hiding in ambush.\"

\"Makes sense!\" Extravagant Riches nodded his head but asked one more question, \"But right now, the two entrances are occupied by the smaller guilds and lone players.\"

The players from the small guilds as well as the scattered players might not be of the same scale as those large guilds. However, the number of players that they gathered was still incredible…

During normal days, these minorities had suffered enough from bullies from big guilds. When they gathered together, they were actually joined in opposition to the same adversary. Therefore, the leaders of these big guilds didn't dare to lead their men to snatch their position too.

\"Hehe!\" Four Tree Forest laughed, \"This is the point that the players from Twilight City neglected! These small guilds and scattered players are here to take advantage of the situation. Do you think they will continue to stay here after dying so many times?\"

\"This… Will they actually back out of this situation?\"

Everyone furrowed their brows when Four Tree Forest asked this question.

At this moment, someone from the crowd spread the news, \"Players from the other two entrances have all retreated…\"


When all the leaders heard this news, everyone couldn't help but turn to look at Four Tree Forest again.

Four Tree Forest smiled faintly as he revealed a confident expression, \"I think this is the perfect opportunity!\"

The various leaders replied in unison, \"Alright! We will head back there now!\"

The players within the city itself were getting frustrated. They sneaked in to attack the home players but they couldn't even find anyone.

Presently, everyone started to think that there was really no one guarding the city at all. They felt so lonely that they actually wished someone was here so they could actually kill a few people to collect points.

\"It is really lonely without any enemies…\"

Everyone started complaining to the sky!

However, when they raised their heads, their hearts almost popped out of their mouth. In that very moment, someone was actually squatting at the top of the roof.

The person wore kung fu clothes and had a square face. With a frightening glare and aura, everyone could tell that this person had a tall and sturdy figure even though he was half squatting.

\"Eh, who are you guys talking to?\" The person squatting down stood up as he laughed at the people beneath him.

\"F*ck! Who are you? Which guild are you from? Why are you standing on top? You really scared us for a moment! Hurry down hurry down!\" Seeing how casual the person was, everyone was certain that he was one of them as they instantly felt much more relaxed. God knows how unfamiliar this group of people actually are… To think that they cannot even recognise if he was one of them.

Of course, there were still people who actually recognised this big fella. War Is Peace stared closely at the big fella as his heart stopped beating for a few moments. He hurriedly looked towards the big fella's chest and he cried out almost immediately, \"Not good! He is Iron Bull! Everyone, run!\"

Wang Yu turned his head subconsciously as he stared at War Is Peace in his eyes, \"Hi, it's you! How are you?\"


War Is Peace didn't answer as he quickly fled.

However, nobody else turned to leave with him. Instead, everyone became incomparably excited.

\"F*ck! Who knew we can find you so easily when we actually travelled far and wide to look for you?! We're looking for you!\"

As they said that, everyone raised their bows and arrows to aim at Wang Yu while Assassins charged forward and used [Climbing] too.

Archers in the game had this unity when they were all focused on this one target…

All these fellas didn't know each other before and never talked to one another on the way here. However, all hundreds of arrows were aimed at one point…

Wang Yu simply dodged to the side and avoided every single arrow.

Following which, Wang Yu made use of the Archers' cooldown time to jump off the roof as he landed right in the middle of the Archers.


Wang Yu landed, and a circular lightning ray spread out from Wang Yu.