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995 Empty City Strategy?
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MMORPG: Martial Gamer
Author :Immortal Iron Bull
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995 Empty City Strategy?

When Four Tree Forest saw that everyone was staring at him, he grew arrogant as he started waving his fan, "We have too many people so who knows how long we will take to finish climbing? And the fact that we have so many people makes us an easy target to be exposed. Hence, I think it is better for us to create a diversion."

"Diversion? How?" Everyone couldn't help but ask him.

Four Tree Forest replied, "Simple! We will gather our firepower at the valley and let an elite squad of players from each guild to climb over."

"But how many people will we have on top? Can we still attack Twilight City with such a small number?" The leaders of the various guilds were skeptical of Four Tree Forest's words.

Everyone knew how to fight a City War but even if every guild sent a squad of players, there would at most be one thousand players. It would be an impossible dream to break through the city with this quantity.

Four Tree Forest replied, "How many people do you think Twilight City have?"

"Didn't the system announce that there are three hundred thousand?" Extravagant Riches recalled.

"Exactly!" Four Tree Forest continued, "There are over two hundred thousand players at Dusk Swamp and Dusk Canyon. Even though we are not able to deduce how many players are here, I doubt it will be much lesser than the two other locations. At this moment, Twilight City is definitely without any players defending it. We will sneak over and even if we cannot break through the city, we can minimally force them back to defend… Once they send players back to defend, we will be able to march forward and with our superior numbers, I cannot see how we will lose this war."


The various leaders started considering this plan in a serious manner when they heard Four Tree Forest's explanation.

Four Tree Forest was right because nobody knew whether the Twilight City was empty. However, once someone managed to infiltrate, the guards at the entrance would certainly be weakened. At that point in time, all they had to do would be to charge forward with all their forces. Even if they couldn't barge in all the way, all they needed to do was to take over the inns and resurrection points. This way, everything from then on will run extremely smoothly.

"Alright, we shall act according to Boss Four Tree's plan!" At the thought of this, all the leaders agreed as they started choosing their squad of elite players to commence this stealth mission. Very soon, one thousand elite players were chosen while all the other players started their second wave of attack.

At the other two entrances, ordinary players were initially charging without thinking through a strategy.

However, in the eyes of the prepared Twilight City's players, such clueless and ill-disciplined charge were basically the same as sending themselves to death… Not only do these fools not believe anyone else, they even looked down on each other. Therefore, they were completely unable to unite effectively.

In the end, every single charge was sent back easily by 2012 and Sanguine Warflag.

Although it was a City Invasion War and PK value was not counted, the losses of players' death were the same as usual. Ten percent loss of experience was not a small amount and after numerous attempts, almost half the players dropped level and one of every ten players dropped equipment.

Even though the intruders were not united, they were also not dumb. Conversely, they were all very smart people who knew not to attack on their own.

After waves of attacks and consecutive defeats, these people would have realised the air-tight defence of Twilight City.

Initially, everyone was still hopeful of attaining some rewards by joining the party. In the end, they didn't even manage to catch a glimpse of the enemies. Everyone grew more disappointed and even more desperate.

After dying in vain on so many occasions, some players refused to continue fighting as they simply headed back home… Damn it! Instead of dropping a few levels here, they would rather head back to complete a dungeon quest.

Humans are always looking for someone to take the lead in anything that they do. Once people saw someone gave up, others started following suit to leave the city.

Therefore, the number of players attacking both entrances became lesser and the lesser their numbers, the greater the despair of those who stayed. It became almost like an infectious disease as even more started leaving the quest. In the end, they couldn't even form a decent looking team to charge.

"Boss Fearless, many players attacking the city are retreating!" 2012 and Sanguine Warflag sent a similar message at the same time.

"En, I got it! Good job, everyone! We will take over for now so everyone can take a break now." After Fearless sent the message, he turned to Wang Yu and the rest, "Everyone, keep your spirit up! The sneaky players are coming soon!"

"F*ck! I've waited for one entire day!" Hearing Fearless' words, everyone sat up straight as they asked, "So how are we going to fight?"

Fearless replied, "In any way you like! As long as Old Bull doesn't die, we will win!" Fearless continued to ask Wang Yu, "So, Old Bull, you don't have any problem right?"

"Of course!" Wang Yu laughed, "The moment I saw the condition to attack the City Lord, I already knew for sure that they were going to lose!"

"Hehehe, you are really our Old Bull!" everyone complimented.

Presently, the elite squads arrived near Twilight City…

Because it was a stealth mission, the players here were only either Archers or Assassins. Of course, there were a few more high-level Pugilists.

The unique characteristic of these three jobs was very obvious as all three jobs were specialised at being flexible as well as concealing themselves. Other than Pugilists, they were also very good at PK and were basically experts at going in for the kill.

However, when they arrived at Twilight City, they were slightly dazed.

Damn it! This was clearly a City Defence War yet there was nobody at Twilight City's wall. The city gates were also wide open and this scene looked incomparably suspicious. At that moment, everyone couldn't help but stopped in their tracks.

"Do you think there is an ambush…" the leader called Bloody Sunset warned.

At that point, a muscular Pugilist sneered coldly, "Ambush my fart! This is clearly an Empty City Strategy. All of them must have been at the entrances so it is normal that nobody is here to guard. Players from Twilight City are all extremely crafty!" This Pugilist seemed to be quite fearful of Twilight City.

"Heh, War Is Peace, I've heard that your Raptors have been destroyed by Twilight City's players before?" someone mocked.

"Yes." War Is Peace did not deny it as he replied, "Let me tell you guys something. If we meet any ordinary players, we can go ahead and beat them up. If we meet any player with the Yin Yang Fish around their chest, we have to disperse."


Hearing War Is Peace's words, everyone laughed out loud, "Are you going to tell us about that Iron Bull Pugilist that you're so frightened of?"

On their way up, War Is Peace kept mentioning about Wang Yu so much so that people started to be disgusted by the sheer number of times War Is Peace mentioned him. The fear in their hearts was no longer there as some of them even wanted to personally experience how impressive this legendary Pugilist was.

"Just listen to me." War Is Peace continued, "Do not ever underestimate them."

Everyone laughed, "How can we continue with this game if we listen to you… Don't you know that Iron Bull is the City Lord of Twilight City?"

"We should just wait for the main bulk of the army. Why do you want to die so badly…" War Is Peace shook his hand helplessly.

"Haha… Why are you trying to interfere with the matters of our big guilds? Just look at how frightened you are!" everyone started mocking him again.

After all, those who had truly suffered at the hands of Quan Zhen Sect were all silent during this war.

As for War Is Peace's warnings, these ignorant fellas simply treated it as a joke. There were over one thousand men with PK jobs here… Why should they disperse just because they meet a small group of players? What a joke.
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