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994 Four Tree Fores

Seeing the Dark Faction players catching up with them, someone in the crowd shouted, "Let's just charge forward first. Otherwise, we will have nowhere to run!"

Hearing this sentence, the players were all blanking out.

Behind them was a main city of the Dark Faction so there was no way they could escape towards the back. Regardless of how Twilight City was, it still belonged to the same faction as them. Moreover, it didn't look like there were any dangers ahead of them. Why should they stay here to await their deaths?

At the thought of this, all the players started panicking again.

Of course, leaders of big guilds were not fools. Seeing that people were getting out of control, they knew that someone was stirring sh*t to affect the morale of the camp. Therefore, they came out to reorganise their army. However, at a time like this, several white lights flashed from within the crowd of players.

Following which, someone shouted, "This isn't good! There are Assassins!"

Repeated rumours become a fact. The first two waves were merely to create a disturbance but the last one directly gave rise to chaos. The map was not huge to begin with and this chaos got all the players from the different sects to mix with one another.

With that many people mixed together, the situation became even harder to control. Furthermore, these people were not the friendliest to each other on normal days. Therefore, they were a certain level of conflict between them and those with a higher level of conflict even started an internal war during this chaos.

Seeing that everyone started fighting each other even before entering the city, the several leaders were really panicking.

"You guys can just wait to die here. We will be heading off first!"

At that moment, a crowd of players from a random sect shouted as they charged right into the valley.

What was the current situation of the players outside Dusk Mountain Range? Even though there were a lot of players, all of them were from different guilds. While they were not as unorganised as ordinary players fighting for themselves, everyone here had their own ulterior motive.

Seeing that some people had entered the valley safely, others were anxious and caught up with them quickly after.

Players in front were worried that players from other guilds might snatch their spots so they fought hard to squeeze forward. Players at the back were reluctant to lose out as they tried to squeeze their way through too.

Just like that, the entire valley was stuffed with players. Just as the guild in front was about to reach the entrance of the valley, they suddenly disappeared.

"Eh? Why did the people in front disappear? Oh no, there is an ambush!"

Everyone was startled when they saw that the players in front disappeared. They were so anxious that they wanted to U-turn.

However, a sky full of flaming rocks had already descended upon them…

At this moment, the entire valley had turned into a complete mess.

Because of the sheer number of players in each guild and the fact that they were all from different guilds, there was no way for the players at the back and in front to communicate. Presently, players in front wanted to retreat while players behind wanted to charge forward.

This scene… was simply unbearable.

White lights were all over the valley as the flames were blazing as well. Countless players in the valley were either smashed by rocks, burnt to death by the flames or killed by their own friends.

Captain Don't Open Fire was so satisfied that he started smiling wickedly. In just one round, he didn't lose or injure a single member of his crew and managed to kill over ten thousand enemies… This was an unprecedented success for Captain Don't Open Fire ever since he started gaming.

The good thing was that the valley wasn't exactly very big. Seeing that there were no players hiding in ambush in the valley, various leaders of the big guilds hurriedly calmed their men.

However, the players outside the valley were already terror-stricken at the news… This was especially true for the players who survived by the skin of their teeth just seconds ago. At this moment, some of them were even determined to go offline to sleep.

F*ck! They didn't sleep a wink for the entire night just to die in this manner?

The leaders of the big guilds were also flustered and exasperated. They ordered, "All of you better search for me! I don't believe this is the only entrance here!"

Concurrently, the players from Quan Zhen Sect were almost going crazy. When they saw how Sanguine Warflag and the rest were reporting success on their sides, everyone felt frustrated.

"F*ck! Fearless, didn't you see people will be here and needed us to guard this place? Now that you have sealed up all three routes, how are they supposed to enter for us to kill?" Ming Du was frantically waving his staff at Fearless.

Fearless smiled, "Three routes? If you solely based everything on the map, why are you even playing the game?"

"?" Ming Du was lost and confused as he asked, "What do you mean?"

At that point, Wang Yu drew a circle on Dusk Peak of the Dusk Mountain Range, "Dusk Peak is a terrain that can be climbed!"

In >, there was a skill called [Climbing] which was specially used to climb walls and mountains.

Back when Wang Yu was completing the faction dungeon quest, One Page Book and Lone Vagrant Guest climbed up Dusk Peak which was why Wang Yu had such a deep impression of this place.

Even though [Climbing] wasn't a skill that everyone possessed, there was also a dungeon that gave out this skill book specifically. Presently, almost all experts would learn [Climbing] as a self-defence skill. As long as those intruders were not dumb, they would have thought of this point.

"No wonder!" Ming Du nodded his head as he quickly replied, "Will we be able to defend it by ourselves though?"

"What do you think?" Wang Yu's mouth twitched because the reason why they were invading Twilight City was so that they could kill Wang Yu. Given Wang Yu's ability, he might not escape from all of them, let alone defeat them all…

Fearless replied, "Don't worry! The fourth route is limited and they can only send their top experts!"

There were requirements for [Climbing]. For example, the reason why one could climb Dusk Peak was that there were a few vines on the mountain. However, there were only so many vines for so many intruders. Therefore, it would definitely not be enough for everyone. Moreover, when a player climbed, they would be in a vulnerable state. Many players wouldn't be able to hide well so the moment they were spotted, there would certainly be quite a number of deaths near the vines. Therefore, the best solution was to send a small group of people to commence this operation.

Ming Du thought about it as he commented, "Looking at the current situation, why don't we simply block all four routes so that they will never be able to enter? Why are we even letting them in?"

Fearless laughed, "Everyone will grow and nobody will remain stagnant. As for the reason why we're not blocking out the fourth route, it is because we want them to know that nobody is defending the city…"

"Why?" Ming Du couldn't wrap his head around this idea.

"Because I believe Old Bull will not be killed by them…" As Fearless said that, he squinted his eyes and revealed that symbolic wicked smile.

Just like Fearless predicted, after the players by the side of Dusk Mountain Range searched the area, they finally found the vines.

At this moment, all the leaders of the various guilds gathered to discuss and when they heard of this news, Extravagant Riches asked, "There is indeed a route. So… which guild shall go up first?"

"Nobody is to go up first!" All of a sudden, a Magician holding a white folding fan walked forward.

Looking at the Magician, Extravagant Riches was taken aback before asking, "Are you the rumoured Boss Four Tree?"

"That's right!" The Magician nodded in satisfaction.

This Magician's name was Four Tree Forest, a renowned master of tactics who was incredibly impressive. His symbolic attire was white fan and green robe which everyone would be able to recognise easily.

Looking at the current situation, there was no way they could fight their way in. In order to attain victory, they had to depend on tactics and hearing Four Tree Forest's words. Everyone kept quiet in hopes of hearing his opinion.