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607 Do Not Have Any Fantasy Towards The System“s Integrity

The Quan Zhen Sect was the most familiar with Wang Yu's capability. After playing together for such a long time, they knew that no matter how difficult every BOSS was, Wang Yu would be able to deal with it while chatting and laughing. After some time, everyone was convinced that there was no limit to Wang Yu's strength.

Now that Wang Yu was not replying to them, everyone naturally felt the severity of this issue.

"F*ck! Did Old Bull die and left this place?" Ming Du cried out.

There were only two possibilities for such an occurrence. One was that Wang Yu met an extremely powerful BOSS in which he couldn't afford to be distracted. The other possibility was that he was just killed by a BOSS and was waiting to be resurrected.

Hearing what Ming Du said, everyone opened up their teammate list. When they saw that Wang Yu's name was still bright, everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief.

It seemed like Wang Yu was not dead and simply met into some trouble. Of course, the situation wasn't optimistic. While the BOSS didn't kill Wang Yu, the fact that the BOSS could force Wang Yu to not reply to them proved that the difficulty of this BOSS was not something Wang Yu had experienced before.

"I bet Old Bull is in some trouble! We should hurry over to help him, right?" Ming Du was eagerly wanting to enter the city but was pulled back by Boson.

"You just want to use this opportunity to kill more monsters in the city, right?" Boson glared at Ming Du coldly.

After hanging out for that many years, everyone was well aware of each other's character. Seeing how high the drop rate of the monsters was and the fact that the monsters here were not much more difficult to deal with, it would be unlike Ming Du to not make use of this opportunity to profit more.

Ming Du chuckled, "Hehe, we can casually kill a few more monsters on the way to help Old Bull, right? Either way, we have nothing to do now so why should we waste this opportunity?"

"We cannot continue killing the monsters in the city!" Fearless suddenly responded coldly.

"Why not?!" When Fearless said that, Ming Du was not the only unhappy one as Vainglory joined in the unhappy crew. The NPCs here at Atlanta City was of low intelligence and weak attributes. They were evidently much easier to kill than the wild level 60 monsters. Moreover, the dropped items were truly of practical use and value. To everyone else, these monsters were like an ATM. Not killing them would be letting down the system.

"Considering the fact that the system rarely gives out such good items, isn't it a little too unreasonable for us not to pick these up?" an unhappy Vainglory complained.

"Wow, even you're able to tell that these are free items from the heaven?" Fearless coldly replied.

"Ah? Why? Are they not?" Vainglory replied.

Fearless laughed, "Haha, is this your first day playing this game? Since when will the system let players have it so easy?"

"What…" After saying that, Vainglory was slightly taken aback but did not continue saying anything. Ming Du, who was by the side, wanted to help convince Fearless but also kept quiet.

To be completely honest, after playing > for such a long time, they had always been exploited by the system in all sorts of way. The system NPCs were so despicable that even the rewards that they obtained would be squeezed dry by them. There was never such thing as the system giving out benefits for free. Even if there was, it would be a trap concealed in one way or another.

"Could there be a trap somewhere?" Ming Du asked fearfully.

"What are you saying?! Of course there is! Earlier on, Old Bull was still jumping around and talking to us. After we killed a group of NPCs at the city's gate, he suddenly stopped talking to us. Have you not figured out what is happening?" Fearless reminded, "Did you guys forget about the dark magic at Dusk Peak?"

"Ssss ~~!!" After Fearless' reminder, everyone was shocked as they took in a deep breath of cold air.

"No way! How despicable can the system be?" everyone asked in fear.

In the faction dungeon, the system would merely play with the wording of their sentences to cause some players to misunderstand the meaning. In a hidden scene like this, the system became even more despicable than ever. They actually initiated to send out a bunch of goodwill NPCs to give out lucrative items so as to lure the players to dig their own grave. Such actions were truly deserving of their middle fingers.

"I'm telling you guys that the system will only become more despicable." As Fearless saw how the players still harboured the slightest of hope for the integrity of the system, he suddenly had a fit of undeniable anger in his heart.

"Hehe!" Ming Du chuckled as he said, "That won't affect us! Since no one knows whether Old Bull is dead or alive now, it might be worth it to sacrifice him if we can leave this place with more items. This is so we will not let Old Bull die for nothing."

"Stop spouting all that nonsense! Didn't you see that all the items the Dead Spirit City's players picked up dropped out after they were dead? Do you believe your underwear will drop out too if you're dead?" Fearless replied in a disdainful tone.

Everyone listened before looking at the items in their bag. Concurrently, they thought of the quest they accepted before entering the scene so they couldn't help but curse again. "F*ck! This Soaring Dragon Game Studios is really wicked!"

Normally, people would be willing to part with their fish bait when fishing. However, this system was so contemptible that they refused to let the fish eat the bait. To make things worse, the moment the quest failed, they might still have to drop something out from their original bag. How is this fair to the players?

"So what do we do now? Should we go and help Old Bull?" Everyone asked. This time, everyone was genuine in their query. After all, in order to make sure the items they picked up wouldn't drop out when they die, Wang Yu must not fail now.

"How to help? Do you know where he is? How are we supposed to climb something so high? If we get surrounded by NPCs once we enter the city again, what do we do?"

Fearless' consecutive questions instantly shut everyone up.

Everyone knew that Wang Yu was currently at the Tower of Elements. As for the Tower of Elements, nobody else except Wang Yu and his Qing Gong abilities would be able to ascend it. The Quan Zhen Sect was no exception.

Moreover, the moment they were surrounded by NPCs in the city, everyone could only choose between fighting and waiting to die.

If they choose to fight, Wang Yu will definitely die, and the quest will be deemed as a failure.

If they wait to die, Wang Yu could fail and if everyone dies and leave first, they will also not be able to collect anything.

Currently, even though Wang Yu had no time to reply to their messages, he wasn't dead yet. This proved that there was still a slight possibility of succeeding this quest.

Therefore, whether it was for the good of Wang Yu or themselves, it would be better for everyone to simply stay put at the city's gate.

At the thought of this, everyone shook their head helplessly as they dismissed the idea of entering the city.

"Come on! Who wants to play for another two rounds?" Ming Du took out his mahjong set again.

Spring Halo responded anxiously, "Let's carry on from the round earlier on!"

Fearless, Vainglory and Ming Du replied concurrently, "Carry on your head! Restart!"

At the same time over at the monitoring crew's side, 9527 and co. were close to tearing by laughing so hard. Initially, 9527 was still worried that Wang Yu had found the God of Puppets' weak spot. However, because of the commotion at the city's gate, the BOSS's attributes had increased to 20%.

Looking at the dismayed Wang Yu, who was struggling to retreat from the BOSS, 9527 suddenly felt satisfied and pleased.

"F*ck! How is this possible?" Before this, Wang Yu had already reduced the God of Puppets' health to 50%. All of a sudden, the God of Puppets' body emitted white radiance which sent Wang Yu flying. Following that,