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MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks
Author :Lord Dragon
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766 Magic Cloud

This phase of attacking the pearls was not difficult at all. As long as the players were quick enough in their attacking an dodging, they could beat this whole segment relatively easily.

The only thing was that this segment was extremely long. After Li Yi and company fought for nearly half an hour, the Sky Emperor's gigantic body finally started to break and crumble.

As countless blue pearls burst out of its body, flying all over the place, the Sky Emperor's body slowly started to shrink, reverting to the size of a human.

The next phase was much easier. The now smaller Sky Emperor was nothing more than an "Empyrean Guard" with a HP boost. As long as the player avoids its "Sudden Impacts", they could just slowly toy with it till death.

Half an hour passed by in the blink of an eye, as the Sky Emperor's HP went down to zero, it fell to the ground.

Lying face down on the ground, the Sky Emperor had a solemn look of melancholy. However, Li Yi knew that it was still not dead. There was still the last phase that they had not beaten.

As a pale purple light shot down from the heavens, it enveloped the Sky Emperor's body. Then, the Sky Emperor suddenly rose up once more, this time, its eyes glowed bright red.

Its entire body was covered in a purple light as a strong aura permeated through the area, causing even the air to sizzle.

At this time, if the players tried to approach it, they would probably be ripped to shreds by this intense aura before they could even attack.

At this point, the White Elf Carine gave the players some guidance. She asked for Li Yi and company to go collect the "blue pearls" that were scattered about to deal with the Sky Emperor.

"Only the Blue Pearls can reduce the damage from the Sky Emperor's Territory Barrier. I will hold it back! Heroes, go forth and collect the Blue Pearls!"

Carine opened her arms wide and shot a "White Light Pillar" in the direction of the Sky Emperor, isolating it within the pillar.

This was Carine's Binding Territory. Within the next 10 minutes, the target that was Bound will not be able to move.

"Search for the Blue Pearls, the more the better. No matter how much you find, we need to gather back here in 9 minutes!"

As Li Yi gave out his orders, the five started to make their move. They all went their respective directions and started to gather the scattered Blue Pearls.

The more Blue Pearls they manage to collect, the lower the damage from the Sky Emperor's Territory Barrier would be. However, there was only a time limit of 10 minutes for them to gather the pearls. Once the time was up, the Sky Emperor would break free from Carine's Bind and go into Berzerk state. At that time, if the players tried to fight it, it would be a guaranteed TPK.

After nine minutes, the party members reunited. Li Yi had found 9, whereas the others all managed to find more than 6.

To defeat the Sky Emperor, they would need an average of 5 pearls each, With Li Yi's party's result, it was no doubt a great success.

The players did not need to equip the Blue Pearls, they would automatically take effect when they were in a player's inventory.

Under Li Yi's leadership, the party flew downwards. At this point, Carine's Territory had almost been fully exhausted as the strong aura surrounding the Sky Emperor's body started to violently leak out once more.

In this battle, the player should never get off their horses. Otherwise, the Sky Emperor would initiate their Super Ultimate, one-shotting the player instantly.

Players were only allowed to fight on their horses, so they only had a single move to choose from - Sudden Impact!

With the "Blue Pearls", the players would not get any sort of stat boost, their only effect was to reduce the damage dealt from Sky Territory. One Blue Pearl would allow the players to be immune from Sky Territory for around 2-3 minutes. Hence, the number of pearls the players had would directly affect the progress of the dungeon.

The Sky Emperor in its current phase would not fly. It would use a series of Knight-class skills. If its powered-up Charge hits a player, it would oneshot most players.

However, Li Yi and the gang were stood at five different directions as they used Sudden Impact on it one after the other. It was a hit-and-run tactic, none of them stayed in one spot long enough to get hit. Despite the Sky Emperor having immense strength, it was utterly helpless in this situation.

By the time the part used up five "Blue Pearls" each, the Sky Emperor's HP was almost completely exhausted. Under the continuous Sudden Impacts by the five players, the great Sky Emperor had once again fallen.

Then, a golden Achievement notification popped up, as all five of them had received the "Conqueror of Skies" achievement.

[Player Dark Wing led his party and successfully defeated the Heroic difficulty "Sky Emperor"! System reward 5 Skill Points obtained…]

[This event has been recorded in the World Hall of Fame!]

"Heroes, we won…"

The White Elf Carine forced out a smile before she fainted…

As the Emperor's Sword flew out of the inventory, it slowly drifted above the Sky Emperor's corpse. Just a moment later, the Sky Emperor's soul had emerged, kneeling down on one knee as an admission of defeat.

Li Yi had successfully obtained one "Sky Emperor's Imprint".

Out of the twenty 5-man Small Instance Dungeons, he had already completed nineteen of them. Now, it was just down to the last one!

"I'll go loot!"

Jiaojiao rubbed her palms together as she wanted to start looting. However, Pale Blue Elegance had also wanted to do the same, so the two had to decide with a game of rock-paper-scissors. In the end, Jiaojiao was the victor.

"Wanna play Yakyuukenwith moi? You're still miles away from being at my level."

As Jiaojiao arrogantly bobbed her head, she skipped over to the Sky Emperor's corpse.

Although Jiaojiao had long already been turned from a 'girl' into a 'woman' in the hands of Li Yi, her energetic happy-go-lucky attitude still had not changed. No matter where she was, she was still the cheerful mood-maker in the group.


As Jiaojiao reached out her hands, a Virtual Inventory Pane appeared. The dropped loot took up more than a dozen slots, with loot from various colors…

Other than the various equipment fragments, in the bottom-most listing in the inventory pane was a single weird-looking "white cloud". This was the Sky Emperor's unique drop, the super rare Epic-level mount "Magic Cloud Mount".

[Magic Cloud(Epic-Level)]

[On-ground SPD: 150%]

[Flying SPD: 280%]

[Nature's Gift(Passive): Natural Attribute Resistance +70]

[Ruler of the Skies(Passive): When in a battle in the sky, User's Critical Hit Rate +50%]

The Magic Cloud mount did not have any active skills, but just based on these two passives, the mount could easily be classified as a "Legendary" item.

"Natural Attribute Resistance +70", what did that mean? It meant that it would reduce all damage from Spell-type classes. In this meta where the more Wizards than one could count, this was one of the most practical passives a player could hope for.

As for "Ruler of the Skies", the description says it all. It was so strong that it would leave most people speechless. As long as the user was in the sky, their crit rate would increase by 50%. To put it bluntly, with this passive in effect, it was not an exaggeration to get a crit every single hit.

"That's amazing…"

Everyone in this five-man party, including Li Yi, were all awestruck when they saw that Magic Cloud mount.

Never would Li Yi had expected to be able to see this "Magic Cloud mount" the first time they beat this dungeon. In all honesty, even in his past life, the number of players who had gotten their hands on this mount was in the single digits. The existence of this item was more like a legend than anything…

Now that the Sky Emperor actually did drop the "Magic Cloud", it seemed like the urban legend about "how all the bosses in the twenty Small Instance Dungeons in the Ancient King series would drop a unique item" could finally be proven.

'It was actually real, hot d*amn…"

Jiaojiao placed both her hand across her chest as she made puppy dog eyes at Li Yi, Brother Yi, how are we distributing this?"

Needless to say, it seemed like Miss Jiao had taken a liking to this thing.

"Decide by rolls!" Little Elf from the Magical Realm stepped forward.

"No, we should decide based on team contribution!" Big-tits Qian also stepped in. Her contribution was just slightly lower than Li Yi, but it was leagues above the other three girls.

"We'll rock-paper-scissors it! Hmph, I don't believe I'll lose again!" Pale Blue Elegance also suggested.

There was one "Magic Cloud mount", but all five of them wanted it…

"I…" Li Yi opened his mouth, but before he even started to say anything, he was suddenly bombarded with three dagger-like glares. Helplessly, he shook his head and changed his stance, "I don't need it, you guys decide on how to split it."

As Li Yi finished, he walked up to pick up the "Magic Cloud mount" and flew off with it.

In the latest King of Pantheon patch, they changed the mount pickup mechanics. Every mount that was deopped would have a buffer period of two hours. Any player could use the mount within the mount within the two hours and it would not be bound to their accounts. In other words, mounts could now be test-driven.

Needless to say, the Magic Cloud mount was extremely eye-catching. As Li Yi stood atop the golden cloud and flew around freely in the sky, the four ladies' eyes suddenly ignited with passion from down below.

Jiaojiao arrogantly beat her chest as she declared, "The Flying Nimbusis mine!"

"That's not a Flying Nimbus, that's a Magic Cloud and it's mine!"


"No, we're deciding by team contribution!"

'It's a drama series when three girls gather, but it'll become an all-out catfight when three becomes four…'

As Li Yi was enjoying his test-drive, he was completely ecstatic as he peered down at the four girls fighting.

He had "God Mode", so he could already fly whenever he wanted. To him, the Natural Attribute Resistance was something that he could do without. Only the extra 50% crit rate in the air was somewhat useful to him.

However, as long as his girl liked it, what man would want to disappoint his girl?

No matter how amazing an in-game item, what value did it hold in real life? After his failure in his past life, the current Li Yi already did not care much about the in-game items. Even if it was the legendary "God's Mount", much less just the Magic Cloud mount, he would not even hesitate a second to give it as a gift to someone he liked.

After the four ladies argued for a long while, they finally came to a decision. They would use all the suggested methods once, and the overall winner would get the mount.

The first suggestion - rock-paper-scissors!

Although Jiaojiao's fist was small, but it was just as she said, her Yakyuuken skills were very good.

In the end, Jiaojiao won.

The second suggestion - rolling for points!

Little Elf from the Magical Realm seemed to be on to something when she suggested it. She actually managed to roll a maximum 100 points.

As for Qian'er's suggestion, she was the undisputed winner in terms of the team contribution. There was no need to compete, she was the winner.

After the first session, the lone soldier Pale Blue Elegance had been eliminated…

Pale Blue Elegance was never Li Yi's girl in the first place. She was merely Li Yi's disciple. The only reason she joined Jiaojiao and the others in this party was that she had mastered her Territory Power recently.

However, this kind of elimination felt more like being ousted…

"Everyone won once, so let's come have a PK session! Winner takes the mount! Hahahahahaha…"

Jiaojiao pulled out her Greatsword full of confidence.

"Let's PK then! Let's go right now!" Qian'er naturally did not want to show any weakness.

"Alright, who loses gets eliminated! Little Elf from the Magical Realm agreed.

"No fair! I also wanna join!" Pale Blue Elegance raised her hand.

"If you wanna fight, go fight with him!" The three ladies all pointed up at the sky.

…A Japanese variant of rock-paper-scissors. See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yaky%C5%ABken.In Chinese and Japanese, the word for "girl" can also mean "virgin".In Chinese culture, this can be seen as an affectionate/intimate way of calling a person, especially when they want to be spoiled.Referring to the flying cloud that Sun Wukong/Son Goku used in Chinese history.
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