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439 Difficult Segmen

"Main tanks, hold on steadily at the front. Ol' tertiary tank's down, Jiaojiao, you're up. Little Elf, battle resurrect quaternary tank. Healers, give your all in healing. Those with DPS, on full blast!"

With 50% of the segment over and done with, Pretty Good Mood's voice was trembling with excitement.

The party went through a readjustment. The four main tanks pulled each of the Four Roaches below the platform and to the corners again.

Apart from Little Elf from the Magical Realm, there were five other Sky Vagabonds who could Battle Resurrect in the party, but there was a rule in Light Conference dungeon that stated Battle Resurrect could only be used once in each battle. A such, this quota was extremely precious to them.

Jiaojiao had switched to Dark Protector, transforming herself into a potent tank. Under such state, the damage inflicted on her would reduce by 20%. Her ATK would decrease by 20% as well.

"I'm losing this round!" Jiaojiao was still thinking about the bet she made with Li Yi.

"Don't worry about it. When do the calculations later, I'll add 50% more to your damage value."

"Humph humph, that's more like it."

DPS was on full blast, and every major skill on the book was unleashed in this segment.

Li Yi made the right move to have them level up. With the rise of their levels, not only did their survival skills strengthened, their damage input as well as skills to learn multiplied.

Level 80 was the stage where every class could master an awesome skill, including the priests.

The discharge of various skills caused the Four Roaches' HP to plummet by 20%.

"Holy Light Shockwave!"

"Holy Blessing!"

"Holy Light Circle..."

When the Four Roaches' HP went down by 20%, all types of recovery skills had been released. A normal Holy Light Shockwave could add 200 thousand HP back. A continuous cycle of Holy Light Circle that was not dispelled in time could easily recover a million points worth of HP.

This part of the battle was the most pain in the ass because all Four Roaches were capable of healing. Moreover, their healing target was completely random. As a result, one of their HP would increase rapidly and the remaining three roaches' HP would continue to drop.

If the Four Roaches were not all killed within ten seconds, the dead Roaches would revive with a full HP. Once this happened, the entire party was basically doomed.

It was vital for them to control the Four Roaches' HP so that they could die at the same time!

"Those with DPS, aim at the ones with a higher HP. I'm gonna run my mouth on anyone with the slipped hand!" Pretty Good Mood was still lying on the ground, yelling non-stop. The system fix allowed corpses to shout so his commanding standard was back in action.

The part consisted of 200 players. If one were to exclude the 10 main tanks and 20 healers, the remainder were all focused on DPS. The bosses' HP was draining in huge numbers with so many of them on DPS.

Everyone slowed down their frequency of DPS, including Li Yi. They began hitting once every few seconds to avoid inflicting too much damage.

It was not easy to keep all of the Four Roaches' HP at the same level while they were healing themselves. The Four Roaches would still unleash Regional Holy Light Impact from time to time. The players who did not manage to evade in time would die easily under its impact.

More and more players were dying. The Four Roaches' HP was going up for a second and down the next. This unpredictable fluctuation was putting everyone on edge.

This segment went on for more than ten minutes before the Four Roaches went back to their normal state. The frequency of them using spells had now decreased.

"Turn on Miracle, take your potions and blast them!"

"Wind Miracle!"

"Undead Army!"

"God Mode!"

"Major Extinction!"


It was a multicolored, gloriously radiant sight. All major skills were activated and blasted forward.

This stage served as a testament to the team's ability to inflict damage on their target. If the Four Roaches were not killed within the allocated time, then the 'unlimited healing' segment would make its appearance again.





The Four Roaches' HP was decreasing at a steady pace. Li Yi's God mode was outstanding as it did not require any no cooldown, and it could indulge in the party's buffs as well. His mana was seven folds more than when he was without buff!

With almost limitless mana, God Mode's monstrous power was able to be put on full display.

Li Yi did not have a fixed target. He was in charge of adjusting each of the Four Roaches' HP. He was to make sure that their HPs were decreasing at the same rate.

"Warning, warning! The hardest part's coming. The Four Roaches are gonna raise their swords. Make that triangular sign as your center and follow it as you go!"

Pretty Good Mood had just finished speaking when a triangular sign appeared on Li Yi's head. In the last 2% of the segment, he would be the one to lead everyone to their assigned positions.

The last 2% of the segment might be the hardest for everyone else, but it was too easy for Li Yi.

Soon, all of the Four Roaches' HPs had dropped to 2%. The hardest part of the battle had arrived.

The Four Roaches raised their swords in unison. A layer of golden Holy Light enveloped their bodies as they activated the Holy Shield Spell and entered the 'Invincible' state.

The Holy Shield Spell by the Four Roaches was more powerful than a player's. A player's Holy Shield and Invincibility could only last 12 seconds but the Four Roaches could go on for 5 minutes!

5 minutes of undispellable Invincibility!

"Holy Light grant me power to disperse the evil at hand."

The Four Roaches roared as they ran up the platform to start a game of Regional Holy Light Impact.

The Regional Holy Light Impact this time was different from the last time. It was released one after another previously but this time, it was unleashed by the Four Roaches together!

Pretty Good Mood did not dare to shout any commands for this segment as the coverage of the impact was beyond anything. One could be picking up the pace at the front but three impacts in a row would descend upon you without warning. There was no way to run.

Szh tst—

Szh tst—

One after another streak of Holy Light descended from above. The impact spread the moment it hit the ground. It looked as though it was raining there. Li Yi had a triangular sign on top of his head as he led the party members to run around...

There was a short cut setting in King of Pantheon and that was the function for a player to choose a target to follow automatically.

Li Yi was running in the front while a whole bunch of players were following in the back, tracing his steps wherever he went.

Li Yi ran to precise spots where he could successfully evade the Four Roaches' Holy Light Impact, shuffling up, down, left, and right on the map. He felt no pressure at all dealing with this Holy Light that was raining down on them.

Li Yi's terrifyingly accurate positioning allowed this segment to pass with ease.

Of course, some team members still would die during the process because of the pause that happened when the target they had followed automatically had turned to a different direction...

Li Yi did not make the slightest mistake in running to positions. The whole scene was bathed in Holy Light, but it did not touch him once. It was not long before the 5 terrifying minutes were over. The Four Roaches were on bended knees, catching their breath...

"Go... Go, go, go, go, go..." Pretty Good Mood had regained his spirits.

Even without his command, everyone knew that it was time to attack. They were charging up on their DPS, even the healers gave up on healing and contributed their insignificant damage...

"The Holy Light will always...




The Four Roaches breathed their last and collapsed together on the ground...

They passed!

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

Golden rays flickered around the team members, even those that were dead on the ground. Many of them had leveled up after clearing this stage.

"Cleared! Hahahaha, motherf*cker, we've finally cleared this level." A lot of them cried tears of joy.

"F*cker, we would've caught up given a little bit more time." There were also many who lamented.

On the progress billboard of Light Conference Instance Dungeon, Team 1 Elite Party of Iron Alliance was placed second. They were only an hour slower than Three Major Guild Alliance... 

There was no first kill reward, only the corpses of Four Roaches shimmering in tempting light.

The healers were prompt to rescue their people. Everyone present conscientiously distanced themselves from the bosses' corpses but that did not stop them from tilting their heads, discussing and looking at the bosses' corpses.

Every participating member would obtain 20 Pearls as a reward Ffor taking down the Four Roaches. This was faster than a party of 5 clearing small instances. A 5-man small instance dungeon would earn them one Pearl each. In a group dungeon, however, 5 Pearls would be awarded when a boss was taken down and 20 Pearls would be awarded when the final boss was defeated.

"It was quite a struggle. I expect no less than 200 Tier 2 Equipment Sets."

"You must be dreaming. 200 Tier 2 Equipment Sets, that's impossible..."

"You'll never know. Bosses can give out big drops. We better start praying then, haha."

"Whatever. I don't think I'll be getting any types of equipment..." A thief checking the battle statistics sighed. He went down at the same moment Pretty Good Mood did. Needless to say, his DPS was at the bottom.

"It's too early to say. We'll see what Guild Master says about it."

"Yeah, I'm good with anything. We wouldn't have cleared the dungeon without Guild Master. I'm good with 20 Pearls."

"Hahaha, you're right."

After all the party members were rescued, Pretty Good Mood announced the battle statistics.

[DPS list: (Damage dealt)]

[1st place: Dark Wing (Archer) - 31334 DPS]

[2nd place: Dark Left Hand (Dark Wizard) - 25121 DPS]

[3rd place: Wang Wang Dumpling (Ice Wizard) - 21133 DPS]

[4th place: Confused Fox (Arcane Wizard) - 21098 DPS]

[5th place: Invincible Jiaojiao (Black Paladin) - 19876 DPS]

[6th place: Rising Wings (Mount Vagabond) - 16542 DPS]Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


[Main tank list: (Damage sustained)]

[1st place: Unending Unmatched (Warrior) sustained 97866554 damage]

[2nd place: Confused Elephant sustained 87864443 damage]

[3rd place: Red Boxers (Paladin) sustained 76865443 damage]

[4th place: Golden Gun Cannot Fall (Paladin) sustained 7565443 damage]


[Healer list: (Heal value)]

[1st place: Little Elf from the Magical Realm (Sky Vagabond) supplied 21% of the party's heal volume]

[2nd place: Nirvana Inaction (Light Priest) supplied 19% of the party's heal volume]

[3rd place: Fire Ice (Light Priest) supplied 18% of the party's heal volume]

[4th place: Wu Old Wolf (Light Priest) supplied 17% of the party's heal volume]

[5th place: With Heal Comes Love (Sky Vagabond supplied 7% of the party's heal volume]


Pretty Good Mood said, "Clan Master Jiaojiao, try your hand at the boss."

"Me?" Jiaojiao was stunned.

Pretty Good Mood smiled. "There're four bosses in total. You're the queen, so you get first dibs."


Jiaojiao retrieved her greatsword and walked towards a Roach with enthusiasm. She extended her arm to loot.

Ding! Ding!

4 items appeared in sight. Light Noble's Breastplate, Dark Winner's Helmet, Dark Protector's Breastplate and a Holy Light Impact Skill Tome.

3 Tier 2 equipment and a Skill Tome. Jiaojiao had a good hand this time.

God Hand!

Pretty Good Mood said to Li Yi, "Guild Master, you're next to loot."