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219 to be edite 20

Zhi Rui frowned.

A glimmer of teasing was apparent in Xa Dayu' eyes. "I'm an alchemy expert but my main studies are the occult; Witchcraft. I can't trust, so I seek the absolute truth. On the day we arrived in the Underworld. I conjured clairvoyance in a wide-scale that covered the entirety of the cleaned area.

The spell gathers all the information around and processes it, into possibilities. From then on is up to me to choose the best path. Which was to become your friend. compared to all others, I'll become greater with you."

She spoke in a way the left no reason for doubt, and even in her very core there were no signs of a lie, yet Zhi Ru was still bothered.

But the smile on Xa Dayn and the way she answered made Zhi Ru I think she will dance around bu won't tell all the truth, and even if she did, Zhi Rui though she might not believe it.

So she just smiled and thanked for the tips. "Hopefully we'll help each other in the future then." Zhi Rui said.

"If the possibilities allow me, then yes."

The light shone on her and a weird feeling of trust blossomed on Zhi Rui wich she did everything to suppress, with a gentle smiled she walked back.

SHe couldn't understand what just happened, her body was impenetrable for people in the sixth level, how would someone at the fourth be able to influence her mind?

She barely managed to conclude the thought, when Chao Cheng suddenly appeared.

His tall shirtless bronze body was leaning on the tree five meters in front of Zhi Rui, there was nobody else in sight.

The transluscend river on the air was the only source of light present. Zhi Rui laughed.

"First was An Bai, now you, should I go and meet Bain Bengwa to avoid the hassle of being stopped in the middle of my walk?" She said while preparing to step back.

Her motion was soft and somebody else would miss it due to her words, but a glint flashed in Chao Cheng's eyes and he laughed.

He got out of the tree and opened his arms wide with a puffed-up chest.

he trotted forwards to Zhi Rui.

"Yes! It's truly pathetic right!?" He showed the same apparatus that An Bai used to cut off her hope rock. "But what can one do when he lost everything?"

Zhi Rui visibly winced, his eye shone darkly and he shot forward, ready to corner Zhi Rui to the tree behind her.

But suddenly her lip corner went up on a sneer.

'Not good!' But it was too late.

Zhi Rui 's arm came like lightning, the pressure it exuded was thicker than his own punches. it came closer, but he had stepped back in time. as he was about to land back on earth his enraged eyes locked on Zhi Rui's smirking eyes. He opened his mouth and pointed his trembling finger...



A deep sound echoed and Zhi Rui wasn't on his eyes, he saw the top of the trees and then the ground, he felt absurd pain between his legs.

His crotch was crushed. He couldn't speak because of the pain, he also felt the pain crawling up to his abdomen and a warm taste went up to his throat.

But what he focused on, was Zhi Rui's enchanting aroma, that came right beside his ear and whispered softly.

"How is it, as a man, to have your balls busted by a lady I heard some like it, do you?" Zhi Rui chukled "Tell this story to your wives, see if they like it."

Zhi Rui mocked and walked away.

Nonchalantly the old man with a long beard and hunched back floated down and stood in fron of her. It was his Dao protector. His eyes were not so lost in alcohol intoxication as usual.

"Girl, that retreating posture was a clever trick, you got me and him with our guards down. " He said with a chuckle then his eyes went serious.

"But you shouldn't do that often, it worked today, and I couldn't save him in time. But I could simply hurt you right now. you know, to vent my annoyance." The pressure in the air increased tenfold, Zhi Rui felt her organs shaking.

But then another presence entered the mix. like a phoenix in the sky.

"Hoho, Fellow Feng, these are a matter of the younger generation, we shouldn't meddle, right?"

It was Xu Fenguyin. From the moment Zhi Rui met An Bai, she activated the hope-rock connected to Xu Fenguying.

Dao protector Feng looked up and then at Zhi Rui He laughed out loud while distancing himself. "You have some interesting choice for protectors girl. A very discerning eys indeed."

His face was red while he laughed and mocked. Perhaps because he had to back off due to a thing like Xu Fenguying he as feeling ashamed. 'If that's the case, then I should soothe his worries.' Zhi Rui thought inwardly.

Zhi Rui nodded heavily. "Of course I chose right, you see, he came to help, before anything happened."

She laughed while poking his sore spot. He was there yet couldn't help Chao Cheng. one more time he laughed but his eyes became increasingly wicked.

"Young girl, you chose wrong today, your fate is settled."

'Another threat...' Zhi Rui frowned.

She expected it but the way they spoke it was like they already decided on what to do.

Just in case Zhi Rui contacted Izay and Shizu, she anted to call them back to the base. There was no evidence but her gut feeling was sounding alarms on her mind.

Zhi Rui picked up the hope-rock, But no sound came from the other side.

She frowned and tried to contact one of her slaves that were together with Izay and Shizu, but not one of them answered a rush of feeling came to her and she looked up at Xu Fenguying.

"My subordinates are more than half of my strength if I lose them you won't get what you won't either."

He snorted "The only reason I protected you girl, is because I have an oath binding me. But I already gave up on you, I cannot control you no matter what I do, and you seem to be more interest in something else, I rather spend my days in leisure. I'm sure I can get some relief days in whatever small place I'll go to. KeKe."

He said and laughed.

Zhi Rui's eyes twitched and she tried another tactic. "Did the temporary leader, talked to you? made you any promises?"

She was spot on and with her mocking tone, Xu Fenguying's eyes soured.

Zhi Rui laughed again."He doesn't respect you, if he didn't make an oath, it's all pointless."

Xu Fenguying smiled at Zhi Rui, "You only realized it now girl? You irritated him too much. I hate to talk like this, but, I'm merely a stray dog, He despises me, but otherwise couldn't care less. But you're different, you directly insulted and shamed him. if it means crushing your legs, he doesn't mind feeding me some meat."

He laughed again and bolted away.

Her body trembled she clenched her teeth in rage. then remembered the real issue. She materialized the ground and bolted towards Izay and Shizu.