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191 The pleasure of a thrill, always triumphs reason.

As Robert bawled his eyes out Zhi Rui raised her eyebrows in surprise, she smiled at Hilda. "How did it feel, to capture the man you cheated on me with?"

Her chuckle sounded like pleasant bells to Hilda. But a chill crawled up on her skin. She ignored the question and just lowered her head with sighed.

Silvery eyed the awkward Hilda with amusement,
"Regardless of your regrets, you'll still be punished," She said while licking her lips.

Zhi Rui looked at the blood pond and the crying Robert, feeling a little nostalgic, although it's been only half a year, it felt like more.

She stopped Silvery form teasing Hilda again, and made the humor serious again. Although the ritual went right once, it didn't mean it would happen again. Even more so in this kind of circumstance, where the person of the ritual is an independent clone.

Both Zhi Ruis closed their eyes, They accounted for everything, and nothing diverged much from the previous time. Right Beside Robert, there were another level two and threes cultivators, two of them were taken form a tavern and the other was a disciple on vacation form the light sect.

There was also the ancient barbarian that jumped to Silvery's core in the hopes of finding a way to possess her,

'Foolish old man.' Zhi Rui scoffed inside. 'Well, I guess he's that desperate.'

[Girl, are you going to do the Pseudo-rebirth ritual?]

Silvery looked a the original meaningfully and chukled "Yes old man. do you know of it?"

The old man wasn't completely in the known of Zhi Rui's previous ritual, and the possibility that he knew about it, did pass through Zhi Rui's head, but she waited for the moment when he'd talk about it himself. It'd be less suspicious like this.

[Of course, I know, the one who created it as part of our people, he was banished because of it. But your is quite lacking compared to his. The attributes of these cultivators are all varied, how can this succeed? and the drawings are wrong too.]

'Oh?' Zhi Rui thought

"Enlighten me, old man."

At once the words started to flow from the old man's mouth. Zhi Rui compared it to what she already know and experience, she found where he was being truthful and where he was laying his traps, like Demon Hu, he also saw an opportunity in this ritual. But the information he gave was essential, and to her regret, she realized just how off the mark she was in the previous Ritual. From what the Barbarian said, The ritual sacrificed the affinity with all other elements, and took the sacrifice's highest affinity element and fused it on one's own core.

Zhi Rui was lucky because Demon Hu's remnant spirt was the most strong and had high affinity with the ethereal, so did Prince Julius. So she became an ethereal adept cultivator. But the chance of it failing was high. Unknowingly she had almost killed herself.

Zhi Rui absorbed all the information from him and closed her eyes. trying to find the best path ahead but then she discovered that if the ritual worked, her control over Silvery would diminish. Now, if Zhi Rui ordered, silvery had to obey regardless of her will. But if the ritual worked she'd rebirth anew, more than a clone, she'd truly be like a twin sister, Zhi Rui would have no authority over her.

They'd share the same conscience still. So If Zhi Rui died, The clones would die too. And with the number of dangerous enemies, they have to work together regardless. So in the short term, there isn't a problem. But what about after? if there's room to stretch one's legs, Silvery might want to have a power of her own, they are the same person in different bodies, with the same motives and drive. It wouldn't be weird if one fought the other for supremacy.

Zhi Rui thought innumerable possibilities. and as time passed, things looked more bad than good, no matter how she thought about it, having herself as an enemy was an absolute menace to her plans.

She raised her face and opened her eyes. Ready to call things off in spite of the uncomfortable feelings in her chest. But then Silvery's deep green eyes were staring at her with a wicked smile.

That smile was a silent statement. It stated that she knew exactly what Zhi Rui was thinking. Because they were the same, she knew exactly what was passing through her head.

Silvery opened her mouth letting out a soft, enticing voice that Zhi Rui often used.

"Don't pretend to be rational. Because a the end of the say, you're not, you'll follow your own will. Yo- no. wait, WE- are irrational, in the end you'll choose pleasure in spit of everything else. The thought alone of competing with yourself is already giving you goosebumps of excitement, if you had a dick it'd be hard right now. You want to feel the real thing, regardless of life and death, you want excitement. You want pleasure, regardless of consequence, you're lust! to deny pleasure is to deny yourself!"

Silvery said passionately, with not a single sliver of doubt on her voice.

Her words resounded deeply into Zhi Rui's chest. She knew it was a manipulation. Meant only for her to keep the ritual going. Zhi Rui knew it yet, the uncomfortable feeling inside of her was gone, a similar wicked smile showed on her lips.

Her rationale worked perfectly, calling things off and having silvery as a mere strong clone to help in her battle wouldn't delay her plans at all. It made perfect sense to follow the most secure path, and call things off, yet Zhi Rui couldn't do it.

She chukled

Her chest started to tremble

Her voice got louder and she slapped her tight.


She laughed loudly, crazily even, Silvery followed her and started to laugh too. Hilda stood on the side looking at the picture of two beautiful women laughing like crazy around a pond full of blood. the visage brought goosebumps on her spine, and she stepped back a little. They both scared her. And at the same time, they both made her excited.

"Fine." Zhi Rui said through laughter. Then she stopped herself and made a serious face. Staring directly at Silvery she said, "But I'll have you made an oath to not disturb my plans and follow my orders." They both stared at each other seriously.

"Pfft! AHAHAHAHAH!" they laughed out loud. Neither have a soul, how can heavens punish either of them!?

Since they had already concluded the thought. Zhi Rui cleaned the tears of laughter from her eyes and walked to the blood pond.

Silveryforcefully composed herself, but some small laughter still scaped.

Slowly she stepped in the middle of the pond. Zhi Rui drew some symbols around the pond. she left silvery to meditate in the pond and went with Hilda to properly prepare the ritual based on what she learned from The barbarian old man.

After three hours, six people were tied up around the blood pond, they were all rogue cultivators of the fire attribute at the third level. They were all unconscious. With Hilda's strength and Zhi Rui sensory capabilities, to find and capture level threes was an easy task.

New symbols were drawn around the pond. With this everything was prepared.

Hilda stood by the sidelines, while ZhiRui entered the pond and rested her hands on Silvery's back. She was alone on her first time, so it was hard. But now she knew exactly where to guide silvery.

And the Ritual started.