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190 Xu Fenguying, the trash.

Xu Fenguying lowered his body to sit on the luxurious sofa, but Xia Chu Threw him a cold glance, freezing him on the spot.

"Don't sit, also, don't touch anything, I can barely withstand your presence in front of me. If you touch something here I'll have to burn my furniture to ashes."

He stared at her face, wide-eyed. He took two deep breaths, held in the urge to curse and straightened his back, trying to hold onto an imaginary sense of pride.

Xia Chu laughed. "Your kind is the one I despise the most; useless, incompetent, resentful, and wasteful. You're a rotting thorn in the garden of humanity."

Trying to change the subject, he laughed. "You might change your mind once you hear my words."

"Then spill it. I don't want your breath to contaminate this place too much." She said after sitting down on the sofa. her eyebrows were in a perpetual frown.

Does this woman, didn't get rid of her 'monthly issue?' HE thought but continued with no change to his face.

He didn't dare to allow his thoughts through his mouth. The woman in front of him was everything but normal, even the venerable realm temporary sect leader treated her with a level more of respect in relation to others Dao protectors.

With that in mind, he came running after he heard of the event with Zhi Rui. He couldn't pass on the opportunity to use her means to himself.

"I have a deal with Zhi Rui. I'll fund her operations on the underworld, and protect her from the assassination of level six masters. In turn, she'll give me the Position of Sect leader, once she wins she wins."

He said with his hands behind his back. pacing two steps back and forth, then he stopped and waited for her answer, the fire pit behind him cast a shadow on Xia Chu.

She laughed. Disdain came to her face. "Are you out of your mind? That girl is strong and competent. You were here while she accomplished each of her deeds, do you really think she'd make a deal where she'll give up the main prize?"

'Did this woman did a course on how to infuriate people!?' He swallowed his thoughts and proceed to convince the woman.

"What Zhi Rui finds more important, is not the sect leader position, she started to cultivate practically six months ago, even f she did receive the title, how could she manage this sect? Her objective is to establish a solid foundation. She wants to build a Disciplinary peak to gain experience. That's what she said to me, but I'm guessing she actually wants to grab the eyes of some higher rank elder and go to another, more successful branch. Either way, regardless of her true objective. She made an oath, If she wins, she'll have to hand the title over to me."

'This must've appeased most of her questions." He thought. It eas the first time in a long while, since he had to lower himself like this, but he thought he did well.

At first, she disdained and scoffed at everything he said, he was telling mere conjectures then proofs. But then he said Zhi Rui made an oath.

She frowned, not out of disgust, but for pure doubt.

'Zhi Rui is by no means dumb. How could she make a decision like this?' Xia Chu thought of the various possible reasons for Zhi Rui's action. But it all comes down for two possibilities.

'Either she really intends to go to another, more strong branch. Or she has a way to fraud the Oath... But these are too unlikely.'

Xia Chu was conflicted with these possibilities because; Zhi Rui was smart. it could be even said that the girl was wise. with her eyes she probably could see the value of the underworld for this sect, not all sects had an underworld gate near them, and those who did often had other powers as competition. Only in this far away, desolate corner of the continent can the light sect branch have the monopoly of an underworld gate. And if she knows, how could she let go of that to be just another shrimp in a larger ocean? The other possibility is even more unlikely. The ability to trick the heavens, are rare, those who managed to do it, are too few, there's only two or three in the whole history of cultivation that did it.

Her cold eyes rested on Xu Fenguyin, "Make a statement oath, if it's a lie, you'll die."

He sighed, nobody liked to state an oath so casually like this, but alas, he was the one in need.

"I Xu Fenguyin, swears that Zhi Rui did an oath with me with the aforementioned clauses. If I'm lying, then my soul shall shatter."

Thunders echoed in the skies above. Xia Chu Frowned even deeper. Suddenly another possibility flashed by her mind and she widened her eyes in surprise and awe. She looked at the almost smug Xu Fenguying with a hint of disdainful pity.

'She plans to get rid of him.' Xia Chu concluded. 'This Zhi Rui is quite an interesting woman.' Although she suffered a loss on the girl's hand, she couldn't help but feel admiration by the girl's ambitions, and fearlessness.




On the empire, Inside the Institute center was silent. Zhi Rui entered the d The classroom where the entrance to the underground was, after that fun time with Izaya, she didn't close it again. Silently she used a basic rune of soundproofing and alarm. And went down the dark tunnel.

On her way down, she could feel the stench of blood. There was no light in any side of the recently dug Tunnel. Zhi Ru remembered the Dark elves city, where Bianca rules and thought about building a similar city in the underground of the sect. Yes, she was counting the eggs before the chicks lay them, but she didn't mind, others might become drunk in flights of fancy, but imagining a good Future was a small pleasure for Zhi Rui, that in turn, made her stronger.

The stench grew stronger and stronger, after ten more steps she exited the tunnel to find five bonfires on the edges of a circular dug hall, with a blood pond in the middle.

There were tied people all around, all unconscious. But one caught Zhi Rui's attention.

She laughed, her laughter attracted gazes, including of the tied man she was eyeing right now.

"Prince Robert, It's been so long, how've you been?"

Prince Robert, the one who underestimated Zhi Rui and sent his loyal subordinates and younger brother to kill her. Only for them to end up turning into spell ingredients.

His eyes were wide in horror. He had suffered endless mocking on the hands of the white-haired young Zhi Rui, but now, another came in front of him with the same sadistic smile.

Tears streamed down his eyes, after his failure, He was beaten up badly by his father–The Level five emperor, then suffered in isolation for a whole six months, and when he started to appear in public again, he had no power anymore, the black market was closed by the emperor, the nobles that were under him were ransacked amidst the tragedy, they all ignored him completely. His most trusted subordinate and pawn were dead. And when he finally resigned himself to start over again, Hilda, the one who supposedly ha betrayed Zhi Rui. Emerged from the palace wall and dragged him away effortlessly.

He hated being isolated to his room, but now Seeing Zhi Rui again, he started crying and wished for nothing more than to go back in time so he could avoid having any contact with Zhi Rui.