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"W-What?" She asked in disbelief.

Zhi Rui smiled gently "For his life. Give me your storage pouch."

"You're the disciplinary peak's leader! Will you extort me in front of all these disciples!?"

Zhi Rui laughed out loud. "He just tried to cut my head off, I, as the disciplinary leader, am going easy already by just confiscating your belongings. You're the one who didn't hold him back after all. As his Dao protector, it's your responsibility to clean if he shits on his pants."

The already cold eyes went even icier.

"Girl, I'm not like those other Dao protectors, I'm merely repaying a favor to his family. I don't depend on them nor do I fear them. I have no personal issues with you, but if you do this, I"ll have a reason to go after you. Do you want that? A level six after your life?"

Zhi Rui's green eyes went slightly red and she stepped forward, touching chests with the woman. "You wouldn't be the first." Then she raised her hand. "If I give the signal his head will fly. Ten."

The woman frowned.


Her lips trembled in rage.


Seeing the woman looking with hatred and not acting, Zhi Rui smirked.


The woman's eyes trembled, blood flowed down her lips.

A malicious glint passed on Zhi Rui's malice filled eyes, she gave the woman a twisted smile.

"-One" the Dao protector felt the muscles on Zhi Rui's starting to move.

"ALRIGHT!" She yelled. Her scream sent shock waves making the weaker disciples around vomit blood.

Zhi Rui smiled gently again and extended her hand. Clenching her teeth the woman took out a small golden storage pouch, a glint flashed in her eyes and light flew out from the pouch and a new collar formed on the woman's neck.

Seeing the cold look on Zhi Rui's eyes The Dao protector snorted. "You already got what you want, if you corner me more than this, I'll just throw reason away and kill you on the spot."

Zhi Rui sighed like she was resigning herself to circumstances.

"I can only accept it then." She said while shrugging her shoulders. and taking the pouch in hands. "As they say, the best deals are the ones where both sides feel like they lost."

She looked at Ren Zu. "Ear."


An ear fell to the ground. Before blood started to flow, Ren Zu threw a drop of her blood on the fallen ear, melting it into a black goo.

Bain Bengwan trembled, feeling the warmth on his left side he reached with his hand, he knew what it was from the smell and warmth, but he never expected to feel his own.

His eyes trembled, he looked at his Dao protector, opening and closing his mouth like a fish, he tried to walk, but his knees gave in, and he fell unconscious.

The Dao protector's eyes widened, she clenched her fists tightly and looked back at the smiling Zhi Rui.

"By my authority as The Disciplinary division Leader, I confiscated a storage pouch and an ear as compensation for Bain Bengwan's attempt on murder against me. Those of you who witnessed, have the duty to report your side of the story through the sect token at once. Lies and omittance will be punished ruthlessly."

Zhi Rui's imposing aura sent chills down their backs, and if that wasn't enough, the black goo on the ground was a better motivator.

They did as told right there and then.

The Dao protector looked at Zhi Rui with calm rage. her eyes were cold, the pressure of a sixth level was weighing down on Zhi Rui. But she stood firm with a smile.

"You're too daring for your good." She said. "My name is Xia chu do not forget."

She took her fallen Young master and jumped away.

Zhi Rui walked forward, with the same calm pace as she came. Zhun Xuying and Ren zu followed.

Zhi Rui patted Ren Zu's head with love. Then smiled at Zhun Xuying.
"Was it teleportation?" Zhi Rui asked.
"No, It was the wind predator frog's core, its called wind trick, I become one with the wind for two seconds." zhun Xuying answered.

Zhi Rui smiled grabbed them both by the hand and led the way giggling.

Inside the Disciplinary Peak, Zhi Rui sat down on a lonely rock and ate beast meat with wine, while her body recovered. Withstanding the pressure of a sixth level monster was nearly the same as fighting to the death with somebody on her level.

She threw and caught the golden storage pouch with a smile on the face She tried o open it but a voice came in her mind.

(Blondie me, The ritual is ready to begin.)

(Why am I blondie?) Zhi Ru asked.

(Because your natural color is blonde!) Silvery answered with a chuckle.

(Good, little silvery, I'm going then.)

(Okey then)

Zhi Rui's smile grew thicker and brighter. If everything works out fine, She'll be nearly unbeatable on the physical level.

She threw the storage pouch upwards and let it fall inside her own. Then bolted away from the sect in the direction of the empire.




"That little..." Xia Chu Clenched her teeth. Arriving in their peak She healed and threw Bain Bengwan on the bed like a rag doll.

She didn't measure her words and sent a letter to his family, demanding the total value of the items on her storage pouch plus fifty percent. She wouldn't just sacrifice her materials for a trash's life. And counting on the humiliation she just suffered, the fifty percent felt cheap.

The image of Zhi Rui kept surging on her mind, rage bubbled inside of her.

She wasn't avid in this competition, her only objective was to protect the trash's life. But now she wanted to end Zhi Rui's life... She started to plan her option when a knock came to from the front door.

"Who is it!?"

"Xu Fenguyin, The ex-sect leader"

'Another trash!? Fuck you!'

"I don' thave time, go away!"

A chuckle resounded from the door. "I have Zhi Rui's trust." He said.

Xia Chu stopped, she turned around and opened the door. an unkempt old man was in front of her with a smirk.

The stench of body fluids came to her nose, her face twisted she waved her hand and an absurdly hot air washed over Xu Fenguying without warning. His clothes and hair seemed to have disappeared, he stood there, like the day of his birth. The cold breeze came right after and his little manhood shrunk even further.

Xia chu's eyes were still twisted in disgust, but she closed them and sighed. "Your pale and soggy body is the worst thing I saw in a while, but at least the stench is gone. Come inside, I don't want to be seen with a thing like you."

She turned around and walked inside.

Outside, his chest heaved, indignation was written on his face the words came to his mouth, but he'd swallow them back, he started trembling, All kinds of curses rang through his mind. He started seeing red.

But then Xia Chu turned around with her ice-cold eyes. "Stand there a second more, and I'll cripple you."

His rage dispersed in an instant. He smirked and walked inside.