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Zhi Rui looked around the people anxious to enter the forge and look at the weapons.

"Until she wakes up, nobody will see their weapon." There was some sighing and inwards complain, but Zhi Rui's cold eyes made so that nobody opened their mouths.

She took Zhun Xuying from the ground and personally carried her to the master bedroom for rest.

"Follow me, we'll dine together."
They followed her steps in order, Hilda, Izaya walked behind her with REn Zu in the middle, Shizu, the couple followed them then came Azula with Izumy and the slaves behind them. They were silent.

Through the short walk, the world turned solemn.

it wasn't on purpose they just didn't dare to disturb those in front of them.
Zhi Rui's back had a certain red illusory pressure it compelled them to be right there, following behind there without another world.

In the far distance, Bianca was watching. With her vision, she could see the parasite threads spread in each of the subordinates. She also knows their emotions to an extent. And she envied. Her sin was of lust, but she couldn' help but envy.

She saw Zhi Rui solemnly carrying Zhun Xuying on her arms while the subordinates followed without tumult or discrepancy. All of them had their reasons to be there, some of them even had resentment for her, but ultimately, she was respected. Not one of them could say they despise her.

Bianca's had no personal subordinates, only the church's believers, and even they would often discuss if she's a good cult leader. SHe lived her life to be the child of Lust, then suddenly the prophecy changed..

She gnashed her teeth and scoffed, the pink in her eyes shone brightly. 'It doesn't matter. I'll have it. I"ll take it all from her.'




Zhi Rui sat at the end of the table and faced everyone.

The table was filled with all kinds of beast meat dishes, wine, juices and plain water.

The ceiling was filled with luminous stones.

Gaze wandered to each face, she had gathered them herself, each one of them, used and raised them, she rewarded and punished accordingly. and now, everyone had their most basic needs met, although they had hierarchy it didn't matter since they all had the right to the same things.

But that had to change, as the time flow, the comforts will los value, the softest pillow will give you headaches, the most expensive wine will feel like juice. The scenario must change so you can still appreciate the older view another time.

"A week from now, we'll be on the underworld. I gave the one hundred pages book with knowledge about it to each one of you, this knowledge is private and rare, you're not to share with anyone besides yourself, not even between your own. I'll give you orders expecting you to have already read and committed the knowledge to memory. Anyone who doesn't know or forgot and ends up messing the objective will be executed where he or she stands." Her words were light and soft to the ear, but the content hammered in their minds

"You are to follow your superior's order. Regardless of your liking or respect. I won't ever demand your life, but I'll order you to take risks. And if you hesitate, you'll be executed. The underworld will be filled with danger but if we succeed amidst them through blood and sweat..." Her gaze turned soft, and her voice deep. She spoke slowly with each word sipping deeply into their minds.

"The light sect, the empire, the barbarian lands, and everything that comes with them, will be mine to play with and yours to reign over."

She raised her bottle of wine high

"For pleasure!"

"FOR PLEASURE!" They yelled.

Zhi Rui laughed and broke the tip of the bottle in the corner of the table and dawned its contents.

"Let's eat!"

That night was less engraving than the night if debauchery. But it was still a memory they never thought they would ever have. Even now they didn't know how this night would be engraved in their story. Zhi Rui's words, about reigning over this corner of the continent was, were strong and imposing, it was engraved in their mind, but that was her. including them was merely preparation talk. none of them expected such because they were slaves, commoners, oppressed beastman, assassins, whores, drug addicts, Where they are is the highest mountain they had ever been in. That's why they didn't expect more than talk.

And Zhi Rui smiled, knowing full well of their mind. They ate well, and laughed, and planned, once the slaves part were talked about. their leaders stood behind. Zhi Rui planned with them as well. and when it was midnight she let them go.

In the dim-lit, dining room, Zhi Rui, while seated, looked at ren Zu with her provocative, tipsy eyes. she gave her a grin and spoke.

"I'll need a dessert."

Only seconds later did She understood and her neck flushed red. She slowly walked beside Zhi Rui. But she stood awkwardly not knowing what to do.

Zhi Rui's red eyes shone and the dishes in front of her shattered away leaving only the hardwood table.

Her blood red eyes sternly locked on Ren Zu making her chest tremble

"Dessert must be served on the table." The low pitched tone made Ren Zu hot.

With a hop, she sat on the table, and awkwardly adjusted herself to be in front of Zhi Rui.

The deep red eyes shone again.

"AH!" Ren Zu gasped. Her clothes were torn apart.
Breathing fast and roughly. Ren Zu leaned back, distanced her left and raised them up.

Zhi Rui smirked. and pulled the tighs to herself. voraciously relishing on the sweet dish. five minutes in and Ren Zu's whole body contracts with tension, She opened her mouth, but the air had left her lungs, it was a silent scream.

Zhi Rui raised her head and rested her back on the chair. Ren Zu was breathing deeply but her body was all numb and sprawled on the table. Zhi Rui cleaned her mouth with the napkin.


Hilda slowly emerged from the ground.

Zhi Rui's cold eyes and emotionless face looked straight at Her.

"I need another serving."

Hilda stood on all fours above the sprawled Ren Zu and the three of them enjoyed themselves through the whole night.




In the morning everyone was ready to go to the sect.

Zhun Xuying woke up and she first looked at Zhi Rui, "I managed to make yours into a Soul bound weapon." She said with an excited smile.