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178 Preparations complete.

Three days later Zhun Xuying walked out of the cave on her own. There wasn't a single scratch on her skin.

An elegant woman like Zhun Xuying in front of a cave in the middle of the wild while naked with the morning sunlight on her body. was one of the best visages one could witness.

That's what Zhi Rui thought, as even she, couldn't help but stare in a daze.
Ren Zu stood on her side equally stunned.

Zhun Xuying took a deep breath, the wind around her moved like a tornado sending everything spinning.

The feeling of the thick wind element emanating from her body was absurdly powerful. Her half opened eyes stared at Zhi Rui, and she smiled.

"I did it, I've reached the bottleneck." She said before fainting away.

Ren Zu moved first and caught her before she could fall.

The wind went calmed down, and the tree's they were in stood still.

Zhi Rui opened her arms wide, slowly the air entered her nose and circulated inside of her like a cool breeze on a hot day. It was healing.

Slowly her arms settled down by her sides, and she exhaled.

The smile on her face was gone, replaced by resoluteness.

"From here on there'll be only struggles and death."

She said it sternly, in a way to ingrain that thought on her. But ren Zu, watching from the ground didn't know if she was successful. Since she stamped a smirk on her lips right after her words.

They slowly passed by the forest. After one day ZHun Xuying woke up, and before she could complain and demand Ren Zu's potion of youth, Zhi Rui told her orders.

"I'll give you the design and methods to forge the weapons we'll need. You'll go to the sect, meet Xun Lee and ask her to buy the materials needed for the weapons, tell her to go to the interconnected Store in the name of the Tower Maiden, no one will question her then."

Zhun Xuying felt her blood run cold as she guessed Zhi RUi's next words.

"You'll need to finish our weapon and the slaves before this month's last weekend. If you don't do it, then we can't enter the underworld gate."

ZHun Xuying felt her shoulders tremble. The air suddenly felt heavy, and the trees she jumped from seemed too tall.

Ren Zu jumped to her side and smiled cutely with her late-teen face.
Envy took place of panic She touched and toyed with Ren Zu until
her nerves calmed. Zh Rui waited patiently.

"Alright, I'll do it." Zhun Xuying said. Although refusing or giving up was never an option. But the most important thing right now was motivation.

Zhi Rui nodded, "Once you finish, we'll choose a core and evolve together."

That picture was good enough motivation for her. reaching the hidden camp. ZHun Xuying went directly to her forge after taking the Designs for the weapons. She read them and thought of the materials she could already work with and, her ability, and disposition of the materials, she summed it all up and went directly to the sect.

"Why didn't you go?" Ren Zu asked.

"I offended and talked big, they must be waiting to jump on the first chance to take me off my pedestal and show their strength. While Zhun Xuying is my direct subordinate, she's also the one in charge of dealing with the trade between the barbarian kingdom and the light sect. it's natural for her to come and go."

Zhi Rui looked around her camp, everyone was already at the fourth level, even the slaves, all reached the third level, 'Lust is really a powerful blessing.'

The fact that their inner energy was tainted by her own, was what made them evolve so fast.

Until Because of the bottleneck, every advance she has will be bottled up and will accumulate, IF she keeps it within herself then she'll eventually explode if she did not enter the fourth level soon, but she could share it with the slaves...

There was no choice, she had to keep on cultivating.

SHe looked at Izaya talking to his daughter and Azula. Her attention was focused on the slim and shy Izumy. Zhi Rui knew what kind of desire would blossom if she stared too long, but that's what she wanted. The naked girl entangling with Azula surfaced on her mind, her slim and young tighs, and slim body...

The craving blossomed on her bosom intensely. She turned her eyes to Ren Zu who looked barely eighteen. The Craving that blossomed was the desire to eat young meat.

REn Zu trembled at Zhi Rui's hungry gaze. She was taken by the wirst and brought into the now clean Manor.

She was thrown roughly on the bed. She didn't have the time to adjust herself on the bed and she felt two humid palms grabbing and pulling her by the ankles.

She already knew what was about to happen and her spring was already dripping with dew.

Zhi Rui ripped tore the bottom part of the dress off and ripped Ren Zu's underworld to shreds. Nothing but a reddish pink, Fountain of youth was there, with not a single leaf around.

Zhi Rui barely managed to distract herself and question Ren Zu with her eyes alone.

Her voice was almost like a whisper, she wasn't a virgin, but with Zhi RUi she couldn't help it.

"I-I T-Thought t-that hairless would be a good experience?" She said with a red face.

Zhi Rui's gave her the same smiled a beast does when the pray is cornered.

"It certainly looks delicious." She said and the feast began.

Ren Zu's muffled moa rang nonstop and Zhi Rui pleasure filled waves laughter echoed louder.

"She seems like a villain." Izumy blurted out in the middle of a talk between Shizu, Izaya, Azula and herself.

Izaya laughed. Azula kissed and spoke on Izumi's ears "Do you like it? I might start laughing like that if you do."

She spoke with low volume, but Izaya still stared at her with stern eyes.

Shizu chuckled at their exchange and casually commented: "I'm probably her next victim."

They stopped and stared back at her, there was nothing to say because it most likely was true.

"She forced nobody." Izaya said, softly "She can provoke, manipulate, seduce, blackmail, threaten, and bewitch. But if you're one hundred percent unwilling, then she won't do any of these with you."

Shizu smiled gently, feeling good for his concern.

"Then I guess I'm done for since I want it too."

They laughed at her straightforwardness.

Six hours later, when Zhi Rui had finished Ren Zu.

Zhun Xuying appeared and went directly to the forge, to start her work. Zhi Rui didn't want to delay so she left any question for later.

The sound of pounding echoed unceasingly, They had to trap the sound inside the camp since as if the beginning was just a warm-up, It got louder and louder. A set of basic armor and weapons were being produced continually for all the slaves.

Two weeks later, after Zhi Rui managed to seduce and bed Shizu and sating another desire. The basic armors and weapons produced for the slaves were done, Zhi Rui took one in hand and saw that it was three times better than what one would consider a good armor for a third level. "She really has talent" Zhi Rui commented. and those around silently agreed.

Izaya, Hilda, Shizu, Bai Hui & Yu Yan, Azula, and Izumy looked on with expectation at the forge.

including Zhi Rui, remembering the weapons designs she handed Zhun Xuying, she expected her Warhammer with anxiety.

"She has only one week to finish it all right?" Ren Zu asked

Zhi Rui nodded.

Suddenly Zhun XUying jumped out of the forge, her face was white and her eyes entranced she came to Zhi Rui and said only one word. "Blood."

Zhi Rui wasn't sure but didn't questioned or hesitated she took an empty storage pouch and cut her wrist open, her blood flowed like a small river into the pouch, it kept streaming down for five minutes.

Zhun XUying collected it enough and nodded, she then asked the same from Hilda, which obliged without a fuss.

More pounding and hammering resounded, it was the last day before the deadline Zhi Rui gave.

The door to the forge opened. without eating anything, without cultivating, Zhun Xuying simply went on without stopping. Now she walked past the door to the outside pale like a corpse and dirty like a coal miner.

"It's done, "She said with a tired smiled and fell to the ground.