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177 For your own good.

Zhi Rui went on her way with a grin on the lips. The wind felt wonderful on the skin. Ren Zu followed with the same mood. feeling like she forgot something, she tilted her head to the side and put a finger on the lips. "Ah!"

She opened her mouth with an awkward expression.

"Miss, you forgot to take Zhun Xuying out of the pouch."

"Uh?.. oh!" Zhi Rui slapped her pouch and Zhun Xuying got out coughing like a drowning person, Her eyes were red with grief for the injustice.

Zhi Rui threw her a change of clothes and smiled apologetically. "To be fair, you started the feud. And I promised a reward for her and punishment for you."

"No! I didn't start it! I thought it was a casual banter to amuse ourselves! and you also promised to punish the others that laughed so why just me!?"

Zhun Xuying claimed injustice nonstop. While Zhi Rui nodded repeatedly and expressed understanding with no sincerity whatsoever.

Ren Zu giggled. Bringing Zhun Xuying's eyes to her.

Zhun Xuying remembered Ren Zu from before and seeing her now, made her eyes jump out of the socket.

She looked at Zhi Rui breathless, she pointed at Ren Zu. Her arms trembling with the anger she had, spewing saliva from her mouth she demanded hysterically.

"I want that! Give me what she took as compensation! I want to be younger too!!!!"

But Zhi Rui was already two kilometers away. Zhun Xuying used her affinity with the wind and each step took her thirty meters ahead. She used everything to pursue

"I WANT THAT!!!!!" She yelled

"Hehe~" Zhi Rui giggled and sped away shamelessly

Ren Zu giggled from up on the air, her wings contrasted with the blue sky.




They kept on that chase for nearly half a day.

Zhi Rui saw the cave she wanted ahead and was glad Zhun Xuying was so worked up, otherwise, they'd take three days to arrive, she wasn' in a hurry, but the earlier the better.

Zhi Rui stopped in front of a seemingly inconspicuous.

Zhun Xuying saw red and laughed like a maniac.

She jumped on Zhi Rui with her arms ready to embrace and never let go until Zhi Rui relented.

Zhi Rui turned to her on the nick of time with another apologetic smile.

"It's for your own good, remember to ignore the pain and concentrate on the wind." Her words were spoken as she moved.

She distanced and sidestepped Zhun Xuying at an absurd speed. She gently pushed the woman's bottom, increasing her momentum.

"AAAAHHHHH!!" Zhun Xuying screamed. Her eyes looked at the cave, a small lizard wandered inside. She could see it happen with her eyes, out of nowhere and absurd noise echoed and the lizard was cut into pieces smaller than a hair strand.

Her eyes bulged "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!"

Ren Zu looked on worriedly. "Won't the pain knock her unconscious?"

"She's a natural with the wind, I gave her the manuals for forging because of her affinity with it." Zhi Rui said with a smile. "She has a natural affinity of 80 percent with the wind."

Ren Zu eyes widened at the shocking talent. Then she envied. for the little time as cultivator she had, Zhi Rui had taught her about elemental affinity. Those blessed with it would shine anywhere.

Even though she gained an inheritance. The only blessing it gave was that it enabled her to follow Zhi Rui. Otherwise, she was just a monster. She avoided changing her age appearance before, because of how inhuman it was. She was peeved by it. But then Zhi Rui's casual reaction put her heart at ease.

Zhun Xuying acted in an instant, She sat cross-legged as the wind cuts tore her clothes away. The first thousand wind blades cut through her skin but she calmed herself, soon her own energy covered her body and started to absorb around 10 percent of the attacks wind element.

With time she managed to ignore the pain and the absorption raised. She was feeling immense pain, but her cultivation would reach the bottleneck in around three days if she kept the pace.

Zhi Rui shining eyes stare down at her as if urging her to go faster. While pursuing Zhi Rui, Ren Zu talked to her from above and spoke of the geniuses arrival.

Zhi Rui sometimes playfully speaks how a woman shouldn't have to do so much. But looking her eyes now, Her emotions were obvious. She desired nothing more than to fight and crush those geniuses and take everything on her control.

Remembering the promise she has with Zhi Rui, a sudden excitement rose in her heart.

She madly absorbed the elements.




"Where is the one named Zhi Rui!? I Chao Cheng heard her mocking words! Come forth your big mouthed waste! I show you the difference between us!"

Two meters winges waving in the sky, attached to a two meter's tall bronze-skinned man, countless scars marked his shirtless muscular upper body. His skin tone contrasted with the gold necklace and earrings. his pants were tied with a golden short rope instead of a belt, somehow that man transmitted a sense of wild handsomeness.

All the disciples stared at him with awe, even those already recruited by the other five were astonished and trying hard to not show the obvious commotion inside of them.

The Dao protector with a hunched back shook his head with a sigh. From the ground, he waved to the Young man.

"Young master! Yunh Master Chao Cheng! That lass isn't in the Sect, she disappeared a couple of months ago."

"WHAT!?" He questioned loudly. "Did she died? after all that talk!?"

Again The old man shook his head. "She just left to prepare herself, she has a precedent of going missing, I think she just could be bothered to warn the sect."

The Young man shook his head and retracted his wings and fell down on the ground creating a small crater.

Elder Aurelio widened his eyes 'This weight... How dense are his muscles!?'

"Humpft, when she comes back I'll test her myself." He looked at the other four that came with him "UNDERSTOOD!?"

One effeminate Young Man wearing a spotless white robe with simple black lines had his eyes upon the clouds and didn't even glance at the commotion. His Dao protector, the Woman with the most beautiful body and face went to his side and greeted with a smile.

"It's been a long while, Young master Bain Bingwen."

He finally reacted to something and looked at her with a smile. "Xuer, indeed it's been long, you become more beautiful."

ignoring everything else the both of them walked away, not caring for the little faction of disciples His Dao protector gathered.

Two of the others that came along, couldn't care less and went away with their respective gathered disciples.

Only a stern looking woman in her twenties and Cao Cheng stayed behind and talked to their small factions.

Although none of them showed reactions, they all heard of Zhi Rui. They knew and prepared for the competitors since the news of the Underworld gate's opening. But Zhi Rui was a bolt out of the blue, They kept tabs on her and heard all her stories. Eventually, the tale of how she cussed and faced the Venerable that had just arrived at the sect fearlessly reached their ears. They then prepared themselves for her too.