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176 The arrival of the geniuses.

The debauchery went all night long, some got tired and left to enjoy other pleasures. Some stayed until the end without ever stopping. The slaves were done by the early morning. Zhi Rui saw each of them off with a smile.

While caressing Hilda and ZHun Xuying's back. She looked venomously at Izaya who had Shizu dozing off on his chest.

He smirked at her and kissed Shizu's forehead.

'If you ever find a wife again. I'll make sure she puts a beautiful green hat on your head and she'll do it with me.' Zhi Rui thought maliciously. while giving him the gentlest of the smiles.

Her attention went back to Zhun Xuying and she kissed the woman's blushed cheek.

She passed her finger by Hilda's tight and questioned: "Why didn't she evolved yet?"

"She liked smithing too much, the idiot spent all these months practicing on the forge. And she didn't even start to build our weapons," Hilda said with eyes closed, she adjusted her head better on Zhi Rui's bosom.


Zhi Rui circulated her inner energy to the tip of her index finger. She slid it between Zhun Xuying's plentiful chest.

Feeling the familiar energy, Zhun Xuying opened her eye for an instant. Smiled, and doze off again.

The energy entered without the least sign of resistance. Making Zhi Rui smile. She kissed Zhun Xuying and concentrated on her core.

A minute later she stopped and let Zhun Xuing sleep more.

Hilda embraced Zhi Rui from behind.
"You promised me a reward."

Zhi Rui laughed "Then what do you want?"
Hilda's eyes glimmered, she didn't think and just did it, she hesitated then finally sighed and spoke with a smile. "I want to have one more night with you."

"Don't lie to me." Zhi Rui said.

Hilda flinched and whispered. "It's not good to say it in this mood..."

"Say it, now."

"I-I-I want to have my own place."

Zhi Rui turned to her and stared silently.

"I-I want to recruit my own people, I want to build an assassin's guild."

Zhi Rui frowned "Without you at my back and all I'd lose a great asset."

"I'm yours regardless, I just want some time off to manage it can be a week or month it'll be like building a sand castle, I wanna have fun."

Zhi Rui closed her eyes.

If she had a league of assassins of quality under her, it might be useful for the future, If it spread towards the entire empire the barbarian lands and the Light sect, then she'd have a good information network. Managing the place would be easier.

"Alright." Zhi Rui said. "You'll have that, as long as you tell me your true wish." Hilda widened her eyes in surprise.

Zhi Rui smirked. "I don't observe the reaction on your body to see if your lying, so keeping it stable with inner energy is useless."

Hilda blushed out of embarrassment.

She whispered in a tone only Zhi Rui could hear "It... It was an impulse from the moment, not worth mentioning."

"I'll only ask it one more time."

Hilda blushed harder and looked at Zhun Xuying and whispered even lower. If not for her own high perception Zhi Rui wouldn't have heard it.

"I- I couldn't beat Zhun Xuying on the same level so she provoked me freely. so I- I w-wanted to...to bully Zhun Xuying..."

Zhi Rui stared at her dumbfounded. "HAHAHA!" She laughed out loud. The sleeping people awoke from their dreams.

All eye were on Hilda and Zhi Rui.

Hilda tried to become immaterial and enter the ground but Zhi Rui held her by the shoulder.

"Fine, you can do as you please, as long as you know where to stop."

Zhi Rui laughed and gave Zhun Xuying a deep kiss that woke her up. She softly caressed her body and smiled "I'm sorry, but that's the consequence of your Naughtiness."

Zhun Xuying looked with confusion a the people staring at her with pity. Zhi Rui left the bed leaving only Hilda and Zhun Xuying on it.

Hilda suddenly pinned Zhun Xuying down and bit her nipple; a gasp escaped her mouth, And her eyes widened. "W-What are you doing?"

"Guess who got permission to bully a helpless third level wind cultivator?" Hilda whispered.

"She's yours until evening." Zhi Rui's voice came from the entrance. answering the question.

Zun Xuying was dumbfounded, there was a tension between her and Hilda but it was fun because she was the one in charge in that relationship. But now....

Hilda laughed. "Today you're mine."

Zhun Xuying's voice spread through the hall. Six hours later, the rest of the people left satisfied with the show. Izumy was red-faced.

Izaya came to Zh Rui. "Why you didn't stay to watch?"

Zhi Rui's vision was stern, she shook her head and smiled a them "Is she too tired?"

"Both of them are." He answered.

Zhi Rui nodded. she went inside. grabbed Zhun Xuyinng and brought her outside, the woman had her slapping marks all around her butt and thighs, she was almost unconscious.

'This way is better.' Zhi Rui thought and took her away. Ren Zu followed right after.

Feeling the disappointment on REn Zu, Zhi Rui sighed. "It's not the time for you yet, traumas aren't something so light it can be shrugged off."

"I'm not traumatized, the transformation renovated my body whole. including my psyche." Her voice was weirdly younger.

Zhi Rui looked back to find a seventeen to eighteen years old woman. She was even Younger than Izaya's daughter!

"What did you....?"

"Perhaps Master didn't like my age so I changed my form to someone younger, it was written how, in the etérnal method." She said with a smile.

Zhi Rui frowned and sighed The real reason I didn't let you join

Was because you're so eager like this." She smirked. "I could feel you squirming while watching us from the windows."

"But seeing you depressed like this takes the pleasure off of it. Why are you so eager anyway?"

'Because I won't live long.' Ren Zu thought, but her mouth did not open.
She could only keep it on her mind.

Two distinctive sounds of people moving through the forest were caught by Zhi Rui's senses

She shoved Zhun Xuying on her storage pouch and signaled Ren Zu with her eyes.

They bolted in the direction of the sound. and intercepted two light sect disciples one female and another male. Both inner disciples.

They were sweating profusely and was in a clear hurry, but Zhi Rui saw nothing pursuing them.

They recognized Zhi Rui at once and, although they were inner disciples that were way older than her, they still bowed first and foremost.

""We greet the division leader!""

Zhi Rui nodded, "Why the hurry?"

The male disciples widened his eyes, remembering her fight with the temporary sect leader on the day he arrived he scratched his hair.

Zhi Rui Frowned "Spill it."

The boy trembled.

"There was a call on the sect's token, the five geniuses arrived, and we are to greet them, Division Leader probably didn't receive the call because of the incident with the temporary sect leader. The one to answer was the girl.

Zhi Rui frowned "You can go."

Breathing a sigh of relief the boy went first and the girl followed. Once they thought it was the good distance the boy frowned and scoffed, "Why is she so arrogant? Now that the geniuses came, her oh-so-great-name will have no value in the sect.".

"Yes, I heard that most of the disciples in the Disciplinary division left without a second thought. There's only some left, but they're either dumb or are being paid to stay there.

Their voices grew faint and were gone in seconds.

Ren Zu jumped down behind Zhi Rui. Her face was somber, "If we take them down, nobody will know."

Zhi Riu waved her hand in a dismissive manner.
"Don't casually kill people, it'll only bring trouble."

She looked up at the evening sky, "Finally it'll start. The prelude of my empire! HAHA!"

Ren Zu looked t her laughing with worship filled eyes, 'I might not be here long but at Least I want to see that.'