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The people watched in silence.

Zhun Xuying who was more than happy to see Zhi Rui suddenly had an awkward expression.

The rim of Hilda's eyes turned red and she sniffled. A small tear run went down her cheek.

Hiding her face on Zhi Rui's bosom she nodded. and spoke in a sobbing voice.
'Zhun Xuying bullied me, and the others laughed"

The onlookers were astonished, Zhun Xuying's eyes twitched uncontrollably.

Too quick! she went from warrior to tamed kitten in a jiffy!

Zhi Rui smiled and caressed her back, "Really? What did she do to you?"

Hilda's tragic sobbing voice resounded as she told the tale of how Zhun Xuying kept provoking her, then forced her to say meow in front of everybody.

The closest to Zhi Rui knew of her nature and only mused, but the newcomers grew tense in their hearts.

Zhi Rui looked at Zhun Xuying somberly. "Do you have anything to say?"

Zhun Xuying lowered her head, "I'm guilty."

Zhi Rui caressed Hilda's back and kissed her cheek. "What do you want me to do to them?"

Hilda's cheeks were already blushing red, because of Zhi Rui's natural smell. She raised her face looking at Zhi Rui's eyes. "I want you to reward me, and punish them."

"Reward you? My kitty has grown greedy... but I'll do it if you meow to me."

Because of the barbarian inheritance, Zhi Rui became half a head taller than Hilda.

With a smile, Hilda straightened her back and stood on her toes, her mouth as right beside Zhi Rui's ear. In the most sensual and provoking tone, she moaned "Meaowww.."

Even the onlookers such as Izaya and Bai Hui trembled. Bai Hui, of course, was met with a subtle punch on the ribs by Yu Yan.

Zhi Rui's breathing got rough and her green eyes shone with a red glow


Hilda smirked and licked Zhi Rui's neck."Meoww...."

Shivers went down Zhi Rui's back, even Zhun Xuying who only had eyes for Zhi Rui was breathing roughly.

Zhi Rui slid her hand down Hilda's back and squeezed the round well-toned buttcheek.

Hilda gasped and meowed again. as if it was her original language.

Zhi Rui's red, intoxicated eyes stare down on the tame kitty. "I was going to end this soon... but you provoked me."

Hilda who's been full two months without action, felt her loins burn. She smiled wickedly. "Thank god I did it then."

Zhi Rui raised her face and looked at everyone around. She had taken one more month to raise Ren Zu to the fourth level, and her own cultivation to the summit of the third level.

She smiled, anyone who looked her could see the thirsty beast behind that gentle facade.

Zhi Rui spoke "There's only one more month until the underworld gate opens. And most of you are already on the necessary level to help me. Today, only for today, we'll live in pleasure." Zhi Rui said, and her words although not that charismatic or manipulative. Shook the mind of everyone around.

They were always fighting, even before Zhi Rui appeared in their life. There was always some kind of stress, always a struggle. They always survived, only now, on the care of Zhi Rui, they don't need to worry with anything else besides following her orders. and Since Zhi Rui's order was to live this day in pleasure, all their thoughts disappeared, and only the most primitive and honest desires surfaced in their mind.

"From today, until tomorrow afternoon, we'll live for ourselves." Zhi Rui finished her speech.

She looked down on Hilda who had snuggled on her bosom, she went down and joined her mouth with Hilda's, her tongue explored freely. entangling with Hilda's. It was a wet, moist, sloppy kiss. Salive seeped through the corner of their mouths.

As if it a fuse was lit, everybody else got aroused by the sight of it.

Suddenly another body rammed between Zhi Rui and Hilda. The soft, almost whiny voice of resounded. "I want it too...."

While Hilda was looking at ZHun Xuying with disdain. Zhi Rui set the mood. She kissed Hilda deeply, sending her mind reeling, on her stupor Hilda didn't notice how Zhi Rui pulled Zhun Xuying's neck, and a third mouth joined their kiss, as their tongue toyed with each other Zhi Rui distanced her own.
And watching how they kissed each other deeply without caring for who's in front of them.

Zhi Rui eyed the spacious manor she built for herself but has yet to pass a night in. She looked for Azula, the head of the slaves and Izumi's guard.

But she was embracing Izumy from behind and whispering dirty things in her ears, Izumy had her neck and face red like a tomato but she didn't fight it, rather, she seemed hot and bothered by it.

Surprised Zhi Rui looked at Izaya. He just shrugged as if it couldn't be helped.

Through her glance, she signaled towards the house.

Izaya understood and gathered the slaves watching from the sidelines.

Zhi Rui continued the show with Zhun Xuying and Hilda, while the manor was prepared.

She tore both their clothes and slid each hand in the middle of their legs, they gasped, and Hilda even trembled with pleasure. Zhi Rui took her fingers and tasted their spring dew.

'Not having this taste for two whole months was tortuous..' Zhi Rui thought.

Izaya clapped his hands.

Zhi Rui's drunken eyes looked at him, inside the manor was numerous incense being burned, with an enormous bed inside.

She smiled. 'This is my reward.' She told herself and held the hand of both women who were bickering just a few minutes ago. She walked towards the entrance and looked back.

The slaves, Shizu, Bai Hui, Yu Yan, Azula, Izumy, and Izaya. They all locked eyes on her.

"All of you are invited to participate, in any way you like, the only rule is to not do anything." She said and entered. Walking directly to the bed.

Slowly, the slaves followed.

The couple, Yu Yan and Bai Hui went after them, they chose to do it with only themselves but they would do it amidst their feast.

Azula and Izumy had the same thought.

Izaya looked at Shizu who was still seated.

"You won't participate?"He asked.

"I'm a virgin." She answered.

Izaya froze. 'A virgin?'

She smiled at him, "While I don't care for virtue. I rather have a man as my first."

Slowly he relaxed, He held the hand of the knight and led her inside the manor.

She didn't speak a word. And Just followed him.

It's been only ten minutes, but everyone was naked and the smell of sex was thick and floated around with the inviting smell of burning incense.

Zhi Rui was right in the middle of the bed, Hilda as back don kissing Zhun Xuying was above her. Zhi Rui worked on her nether regions. She raised her torse, seeing Izaya with Shizy she passed her thump through her lips and licked it.

Izaya felt relief as Zhi Rui went back to her business. if she knew Shizu was a virgin she would take her and eat her whole.

He passed by Bai Hui and Yu Yan who were playing with themselves on the edge of the bed, then passed by his daughter and Azula on the other edge.

He went and laid the now naked Shizu right beside Zhi Rui's play area.

He kissed her lips, caressed her skin softly, worked his tongue up and down until she was prepared.Zhi Rui found it strange, she never saw him being so gentle.

Then he positioned himself and inserted.

She saw red between Shizu's tights.

Her eyes went round. her chest trembled and she clenched her fists until her knuckles turned white. She slammed it down on the blameless bed.


Her scream momentarily took the people out of their trance.

"Oh, you're in trouble," Shizu said.

Looking at her blush, and feeling her warmth. Izaya spoke with a voice he hadn't used since his wife passed

"It was worth it."