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Inside Zhi Rui's hidden camp, a clearing with tall trees around,
besides each one's self-built home, there was a small trinkets store that Izumy built for everybody to have their own thing, a mansion for Zhi Rui that was built but rarely used. and Zhun XUying's forge.

Hilda jumped in front of the forge and exclaimed: "Do you still want that one hour of kitty time?" She sneered, her tone was laced with provocation.

Zhi Rui had given Zhun Xuying scrolls and knowledge of forging weapons and artifacts, she didn't know why Zhi Rui chose her to do that, but nonetheless when she smashed iron and create her first dagger, she had fallen in love with the craft. So much, that everyone else but her, has evolved. And because of that, now this insolent kitty came to laugh at her expense...

Zhun Xuying squinted her eyes. Hilda stood in front of her, with shining hair and yellow eyes, even her leather Armor was eye-catching. All eyes were focused on her. Still, Zhun Xuyin couldn't feel her 'presence' of the feline woman in front of her. She felt like a painting or an illusion.

Zhun Xuying grinned. "Ha! Kitty. You must've forgotten that the one making your weapons is none other than your mother here!"

Hilda widened her eyes astonished.

"You're threatening me!? What about fighting and beating this kitty here!? instead, you're threatening to sabotage my weapon? How can you be so shameless!?"

Zhun Xuying with all her elegance snorted and looked at Hilda with disdain.

"When we were both at the third level you only barked back, but now you try to pressure me with the fourth level aura? If that isn't more shameless then what is!? If you don't want a knife that'll shatter and stab your neck instead of the enemy than pipe down and meow like a house cat!"

Hilda's neck and temple veins bulged and moved like earthworms, She didn't expect for Zhun Xuying to be so thick-skinned as to so readily admit weakness and threaten out of pettiness.

Zhun Xuyin licked her lips "Come on kitty, give me that meow meow or you won't ever be able to trust your weapon."

Hilda trembled with inner rage, but the stakes were too high to not consider it...

Izaya watched with his daughter giggling by his side. The couple; Bai Hui and Yu Yan, stood beside them watching the show while eating their breakfast.

Shizu, wearing her usual silver armor approached and sat on the table. She felt the aura coming from the couple and raised her eyebrows. "Have I been gone for too long? you guys evolved to the third rank? Congratulations."

Bai Hui and Yu Yan smiled and thanked.

Yu Yan suddenly looked startled and smiled "Congratulation on your breakthrough too. I don't think I say that."

Shizu laughed, "No need for that. I just do it out of habit too."

The couple didn't take offense. Yu Yan had already unearthed everyone's circumstances and how they come to be with Zhi Rui. Shizu was one of the most absurd of them, she was so nihilistic that she lived on stimulus alone, and never had her emotions attached to her decisions.

"Why are those two flirtings so early?" Shizu asked after looking at the trembling Hilda and teasing Zhun Xuying.

Izumy explained to her what has happened so far. Shizu smiled with amusement. A glint flashed by her eyes.

"Hey, today I'm your tutor. Now come here and watch!" Her voice echoed through the forest, the noise of people moving resounded unceasingly. thirty people suddenly appeared, and all the eyes went to Hilda and Zhun Xuying.

Hilda's neck turned stiffly in the direction of Shizu. Her chest was heaving up and down

"Hey~ you gained an audience, say it like this: Meaow~~ I'll count down to from five to zero if you don't do it, then say goodbye to your weapon." Zhun Xuying teased and Hilda's attention snapped back to the nasty woman in front of her.

She clenched her hands, she could feel her muscles jerking, and the instinct uses her dagger had never been so enticing. Before, she was an assassin disguised as mercenary. working solemnly for the nobles and living leisure, good life. Respected and feared. Now as an experienced assassin of the fourth level she was being teased and messed with publicly.
She could accept it from Zhi Rui, but Zhun Xuying...

but then again... the weapons Zhun Xuying are producing is on another level...If she could make bound weapons in the future, she would lose out on half of her strength.

Hilda closed her eyes, the revolting feeling came over her, trembling in rage she stammeringly spoke


*Thump!* An impact shook the whole camp

*Whoosh!* dirt and dust mixed with dead leaves shot up to form the ground and danced through the air only the handful at the fourth level could see through it and smiled.

The storm passed, and the dust slowly settled.

The camp was clearing surrounded by tall trees and in the middle of the clearing, Zhi Rui wearing a flawless vivid red robe appeared with her hands on her hips and a sharp glint in her eyes. Ren Zu stood behind her with hands behind her back.

Zhi Rui looked at the surrounding eyes, feeling their evolved aura, her lips curled even more upwards, Her green eyes flashed with an excited glint.

They were all looking at her in expectation. Zhi Rui felt an impulse, a whim. IT was a childish feeling, but one she wanted to do it, and as always she indulged.

She opened her arms wide and released her aura completely. The strong winds shook the camp violently, Zhi Rui exuded that aura of being one step away from the fourth level.

They all smiled at Zhi Rui's childish shown of strength. Although it was cute, and not much to talk about since most of them were in the fourth level the knowledge that Zhi Rui could crush any of them easily was etched on their minds.

Satisfied, Zhi Rui stopped, She walked to Hilda and Zhun Xuying with a frown.

Softly she pulled Hilda to her arms. She leaned in on Hilda and started intensely with her green eyes at the feline yellow eyes

"Has anyone bullied my kitty?"

Silence reigned.