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168 A sense of wonder.

Now completely healed, the elder reached the entrance of the cave, at first, he thought he would disappear and hide to ambush him. but he could clearly see her waiting for him, around twenty meters away from the entrance.

The only sign of the hole he pierced on her chest was ever there, was the torn cloth around it.

"Girl, we might be at the same level, but I'm a senior with forty years of experience. And It's obvious that you just reached the level a few days ago.
She' not looking. I could just go away, you claim I managed to run away, and I go to live somewhere else, after today I can go back to the sect anyway. I have a treasure here, that she'll never let you even smell, you can pick one. What do you think?"

Ren Zu's eyes never left the night sky, since the beginning, she never gave the elder more attention than she would give the beasts she had killed until now.

"Attack me first." She said. "She wants me to acquire fighting experience, so I'll use you through the night." She mumbled to herself.

He clenched his teeth tightly.

"Slut, do you really think that an immune body is enough to beat forty years of experience? I don't know what technique are you using, but I guarantee as rare as it is, I can beat it."

A chilly breeze passed by, shaking leaves and their clothes "Coward, just do it." She said.

his eyes went wild and he suddenly appeared in front of her with five light swords floating around aimed at her and she could clearly feel something like a halo on the top of her accumulating the surrounding energy. His body was covered in a slim white barrier.

"Slut you'll pay for underestimating experience!"

He used six light blades each covering a difficult angle, a massive attack from above and a strong defensive method.

It was an unexpected surprise attack, but there was only irritation on her eyes. 'To think I could be watching her face instead of fighting this turtle..'

She sighed, and they collided.




"Haa...haa" He huffed while, running through the tall trees, he even passed by an extremely rare herb, but he didn't dare to pause for a second.

An unusual sound echoed behind him. He accelerated further with the hair on his arms standing up. He looked back but he did not even catch her silhouette. Despair overcame him. But three steps alter he was out of the dark woods with two, fourth level elders around a bonfire.

"Elders! help me!" he yelled, they looked at him, joined him, and fought the evil woman, they won and took the spoils for themselves, they became friends and eventually, he was promoted to the inner sect. He was ecstatic, drunk to his heart content, and fell sleep with happiness on the chest.


Ren Zu looked at the man's ecstatic face. Even though his body was being emptied of any liquid he had pure bliss on his eyes. She couldn' help but be disgusted. It wasn't her plan to let this man who almost bothered Zhi Rui, die peacefully in an illusion.

She fought him throughout the night. Never revealing all her secrets always letting him hang onto a light of hope. She feigned to be struggling against him, and let his attacks tore her body apart, to test how much she could take.

She let his light-based attacks burn and tore through her to see how her nocturnal nature would react to it and just how much she could sustain this kind of battle. But the small drops of her poisoned blood that seeped unto his skin gradually started to take effect, so she showed more strength. He became afraid of death and decide to run away.
She pursued relentlessly for five hours. When he healed, she showed a tired appearance, and hope came over his heart again. He counterattacked.
She fought and trained, one hour before the sun showed up, She smiled.

"It's morning, and I'm not dead." She said to him with a smile and bit off a chunk of his neck with lightning speed and beastly strength.

The poison on her blood seeped into his brain and sent him into wonderland. this way he wouldn't struggle.

She looked at him still smiling as the light left his eyes. Her eyes were scorning him until the very last moment.

but then she thought about seeing Zhi Rui's face again and smiled.

'But before that...' She thought and crossed her legs. She was going to digest the essence of the elder's blood.

Soon her blood's fragrance started to spread, and the beasts in the area roared with hunger.

She started to sweat, she didn't expect a single old man of the same level as her to achieve the same phenomenon from when she evolved.

But there was nothing she could do, if she stopped now, the backlash would leave her barely breathing on the ground. That would be no different if they were to come now.

After half an hour, she felt the beast's gaze. A little while later she could hear them roaring and competing for the prey.

Tears formed on her eyes. She couldn't endure the thought of not seeing Zhi Rui becoming a goddess with her own eyes.

The little time she spent with Zhi Rui, was the best of all her life summed up. She gave her life meaning and drive. The world wasn't so black and white anymore. It was.... pleasurable.

She felt a beast sniffing her hair. She knew it was her last moments alive. She only regretted not being able to show her appreciation for Zhi Rui.

The level three boar's rough breathing grew erratic by the second. His paws moved and he stepped backward. Taking impulse.

Feeling it's tusk aiming at her head, Ren Zu just sighed with sadness.
It charged, the noise was horrible. Them a smelt reached her nose.

The burning smell of meat and fat.

The sound of a cat purring suddenly replaced any other.

"You did great blackie, just need to practice a little more." Zhi Rui's voice tickled her ears and a soft hand rested on her back, suddenly the absorption became fast and smooth.

Ren Zu's eyes opened.

Zhi Rui was completely naked in front f her. At first, she was devoid of ay hair, then it started to grow in a speed visible to the eye.

Ren Zu admired agape until it was fully grown.

"perfect..." She unwittingly muttered.

Zhi Rui laughed with amusement.
"Let's go, because of Blackie, I completed one of my training objectives fast and smoothly."

Without caring to wear another set of clothes Zhi Rui went around jumping through the trees. the Burning panther followed without setting fire on anything.

The world of cultivation was full of mysteries and wonder, even though she only saw a tiny sliver. she could assure, that such a visage of a bright blonde naked Zhi Rui smiling through the jungle with a burning panther familiar to the side, was on another level entirely.

(It's a wonder of the world, It's a blessing to this world. That's why you need to protect it)

A sudden voice softly crept to Ren Zu's ears

(You did well, you showed all your strength and struggled. But you hid the manipulation of your poison well. That'll be your triumph on the future. Lust will be reborn because of you.)

Remembering the goddess on her mind and Zhi Rui's smile.
Ren Zu trembled, her lips curved up. 'For her, I'll do whatever is necessary.'

With that thought, she followed Zhi Rui.

On a tall tree beyond their eyesight, Bianca was drinking wine with a smile.