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157 Jealous Sweety.

Zhi Rui walked back to the disciplinary peak with a calm heart. The only time she felt this sense of achievement was when she completed the ritual to raise her talent.

Everything was perfectly laid down, She only needed to focus on cultivating, and training her subordinates until the day to enter the underworld comes.

Zhi Rui spread her senses, finding out there wasn't a single soul present on the peak. Zhi Rui's lonely steps on the grass were the only sound. She closed her eyes and enjoyed it.

Nearer her cave door, a sudden chilling breeze startled her skin, knowing exactly who it was Zhi Rui stopped opened her eyes and smiled.

"Senior, It's been a while since we last saw each other."

A man in rags levitated cross-legged with an eery smile on his face.

"Yes, the last time was when I protected you form that Zhang Wei guy, that slash, was it too painful?" He asked.

Remembering how she fell down on her face unconscious, Zhi Rui chuckled.

"A little but was worth it. It's not every day you can curse a venerable and go out scot-free." She arched her eyebrows and snickered with amusement, then walked to a fallen tree trunk and sat relaxed.

Diggy, the pangolin, smiled. her indifference towards authority was always A breath of fresh air to him.

"I'm curious girl, How did you know the sect's plan for the underworld? Zhang Wei only spoke with the Dao protectors about it, and they didn't comment with anybody."

"If the sect wanted to establish a branch in the underworld, with the people they sent. That's the only way."

"You're wrong, girl. There's also Zhang Wei."

Zhi Rui shook her head

"Zhang Wei might be a venerable, but he's just a baby sitter. He was sent to manage and keep control of the portal while overseeing the competition of the geniuses."
Zhi Rui said and suddenly smiled at Diggy.

"About this, senior, I have a favor to ask."

Diggy widened his eyes "I promised to do you a favor, only when you became strong enough to take over the sect. Do you think you're already there?

Laughing she shook her head. "No, it's more of a small effort to keep your entertainment. Contact the main branch of the light sect, and gave them a report about me, and that'll be competing for the sect."

Her voice was bright, but her eyes were serious.

Diggy squinted his eyes and thought about it.

Zhi Rui let him think for a solid five minutes, without bothering.

He smiled showing his teeth.
"It's possible. I've been the protector here for a good long while, If I ask them, they'll send an explicit order For Zhang Wei to not kill you. But doing that will make him angry. And for him to create a situation where your death isn't his fault is easy. Hell, he can eve directly ask one of the geniuses to deal with you in exchange of a favor."

"Ha, Senior as if he doesn't wish to kill me now, he's just trying not to show it, even in the trial, from the way I handled it he could keep me there for another hour and still punish me in some way, but he's too concerned with face. He had enough of a reason to go after me, everybody there knew that. It'd be common sense if he did. That's why he dismissed me instead. Doing so made him a non-petty person who doesn't mix personal with Sect matters."

Diggy caressed his beard nodding. "Well girl, I just came here to thank you for keeping things interesting." He cackled and started disappearing.

Zhi Rui's eyes remained the same until the moment he was gone. Her eyes filled up with mockery.

'Thanks for keeping things interesting? Only a bystander? Oh, you old thing, how can you still treat me as a child. If you don't have an agenda, I'll go into celibate.'

Zhi Rui opened the door and entered the pocket dimension thinking about Diggy's possibles motives.
"Hello sweety," she greeted.

[...Your maid regained conscience, but fell asleep again.]

'Is he sulking?' Zhi Rui mused.

"Why call her my maid?" She asked after seating on the couch. But the usual refreshments didn't float towards her.

Zhi Rui giggled at the pettiness.

[She talked in her sleep, saying she'd be cow or horse and would do anything for you. I'm here! why do you need a maid!?]

Zhi Rui imagined a little boy saying that while stomping the ground with his small feet. And laughed at herself for a good minute.

"Little thing, she isn't my maid, no need for jealousy."

[I'm not jealous!] Iced orange juice, bread, and cheese slice finally floated to Zhi Rui, making her smile.

"Thank you, sweety, you're the best."

There wasn't an answer but Zhi Rui knew he was just shy.

As she ate away while enjoying an old fantasy book. the woman on the bed trembled. She snapped her eye open and jumped from the bed. She looked around the bright place with fright.

She found Zhi Rui. Seeing she so relaxedly reading her book. The woman broke down, her wounds were healed. But she was still naked.

"Sweety?" Zhi Rui said.

One of her loose light sect robes suddenly floated and enveloped the woman.
She wore it loosely, after a moment, the woman calmed down and walked up to Zhi Rui. She dropped down and smashed her forehead on the ground kowtowing nonstop.

"Thank you! thank you for not being a dream! For saving me! I"ll do everything, I'll be anything you want! I'll serve you till the day I die!"

She trembled like a leaf in a storm but her voice still came out without stammering.

'Please accept me! I don't have anywhere else to go, please! please! I'll do anything!' She pleaded in her mind.

Zhi Rui looked at the woman trembling near her feet, Feeling the despair inside of her.

For second memory of her own torment surfaced on her mind. and she frowned. "Get up, You were trained in that facility so you must know math and some social skills."

The woman stopped and looked a this Rui with disbelief. Her eyes blank and wide. suddenly a smile appeared on her face.

Zhi Rui felt a deep, moved emotion from the woman
"Great! I'll do anything and everything you need!"

"Okay, calm down, I gave you a healing pill but didn't shower you. The tub is right there." Zhi Rui chuckled, pointing at the tub filling up to the brim with hot water.

Zhi Rui didn't mind the peculiarity of the woman, she suffered in the hands of kidnappers then suffered at the hands of the light sect, if she were still sane after that Zhi Rui would find it strange.

"Sweety, cover the tub." A curtain appeared out of nowhere around the golden tub.

The woman looked around but Zhi Rui just winked at her with a smile. "What's your name?"

The woman blinked and smiled. "I'm Ren Zu."

"I'm Zhi Rui" Zhi Rui answered and went back to reading her book

"Master Zhi Rui." Ren Zu muttered while entering the tub. she held her knees and smiled with blank wide eyes. 'I have use!... I'll serve Master Zhi Rui... In everything she needs..."