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155 Raising funds.

He spat on the ground disdain, "Why the hell would I gave my wealth to a little bitch like you ?"

The smile didn't leave Zhi Rui's lips.

"The first thing the sect will do when that underworld gate open, is to send you and the other five Dao protectors inside. You people on the sixth level will secure a place inside and protect the strongest disciples and elders while they built a base for the temporary light sect.

I'm sure the Dao protectors are observing and selecting the disciples while the time passes. When the five geniuses finally come, They'll have formed factions at their disposal.

But my Disciplinary peak will be alone, while they have Dao protectors at the sixth level as well as a horde of disciple moving on their whim.

I only have four personal subordinates and one elder at the fourth level by my side. But if I have your money and your protection against the Dao protectors In the underworld, I have a chance of winning."

Xun Fengyun looked in her eyes to see if she was kidding, seeing her seriousness he slapped his thigh and laughed. The cloth covering his lap almost fell.

"Haha, you're serious! serious! haha, damn little bitch, do you think I'll hand over my whole wealth to you, then risk offending five level sixth masters, on your word?"

Zhi Rui shook her head and sighed, "You're too damn old and afraid of death, think first. The geniuses to come are guaranteed to be on the fourth level, and they're all competing with each other. You saw how my talent is. With you holding back the sixth level Dao protectors. I can win and restore your respect and sect leader title."

"I saw you fighting inexperienced disciples on the tournament and barely managed to catch still alive outside.
Zhi Rui smirked "My so-called disciple, is actually myself disguised, I started the war between the countries to reign over them. the general at the fourth level, my father, didn't disappear. He was killed by my own hands."

His eyes widened, he felt absurd. He found himself actually believing in her words! The glint and smug on her eyes were too real. Coupled with his own gut feeling and her complete change in temperament, all pointed that she was speaking the truth.

But he scoffed "Any parrot can talk."

Zhi Rui just smirked, "Old man, believe, and you may regain a fate. Don't, and you'll live in misery doing their biddings under surveillance. I'm done convincing you."

Zhi Rui got up and walked to the girl.

"W-Wait, you bitch."

Zhi Rui kept on.

Cold sweat formed on his forehead and he clenched his teeth.

"P-Please wait." His face burned with humiliation.

Zhi Rui turned to him grinning.

He swallowed his pride and started discussing conditions.
"You'll first explain why you need the money. then I'll think and give you the amount I judge is justified. I'll also need an oath stating you'll do everything to put I, Xun Fengyun, back on the leader's seat. and no one else."

Zhi Rui shook her head, "The interdimensional store only show goods that I can afford, I'll need to enter there with a great number of crystals or other valuables. And there might be times I'll have to make a decision on my own, If I have to ask for the crystals every time, my moves will be severely restrained.

A for oaths, as long as you pledge to protect me against other level sixth masters inside the underworld I'll gladly cite your oath."

He looked deeply in her eyes and slowly spoke. He was feeling ripped off, but as she said, there isn't another chance for him.

"I'll give you Half my wealth, it's enough to purchase around ten things of the fifth level, or two of the sixth. Plan well, and let so left for your use in the underworld. I won't spare another dime without a request with reasonable justification."

Zhi Rui's eyes turned cold. "This is your last chance on life, and you'll half-ass it?"

He looked in her eyes and clenched his teeth.




Zhi Rui stood outside Xun Fengyun's cave with a smile. They both did their oaths which only he was bounded by since Zhi Rui has no soul to be crushed in case she broke her oath.

She felt inside the new storage pouch given by Xun Fengyun and smiled She couldn't know how much he actually has, but for a coward, if you plant enough fear, he'll relent.

As soon as her mind went inside she gasped.

it's needed a hundred gold to change for one common crystal, and 100 common crystals for on green crystal. And a hundred of the same can be exchanged for one white crystal. The most valued currency.

Inside the pouch, there was a Hundred thousand white crystals and some weak materials under the third level.

Zhi Rui laughed with delight. She looked at the filthy woman who crawled out of the cave and fainted some time ago. She extended her hand and threw the woman over the shoulder, and jumped away.




Inside the cave, Xun Fengyun trashed everything. ONly the couch he sat on remained intact.

He was humiliated, a level six master being toyed around by a level three little whore. But he remembered every step of the oath they made, He said he would protect her from level sixth enemies only inside the underworld, if she ever wins, then he'd simply kill her outside.

He laughed to himself.

"To think I'd have to depend on a little bitch to stay alive. a year ago if somebody said it I wouldn't believe it." He said and sighed.

Then he remembered the amount of wealth he just gave her and clenched his teeth gain. At first, he planned on giving her merely ten percent of everything he had. Bu then her words forcing him to remember it was his last chance made him hand over seventy-five percent of everything he had.

Again He trashed around at his cave, not even registering the fact that Zhi Ru took the woman away.




Zhi Rui just descended the peak again after leaving the woman to be treated by sweet, when she caught a familiar shadow flashing in the corner of her eye.

Suddenly it came and Zhun Xuying stood to in front of Zhi Rui with an envelope in hands.

She smiled and nodded thankfully while ripping the letter open.

It was a report from Hilda.
The blonde siblings were happily teaching the slaves how to fight hand to hand. And how to coordinate with a partner in the middle of a fight.

Zhi Rui smiled and walked away. 'Now I only need another sponsor.' She thought and walked right up towards the tower, where she resided for more than twenty years.

Zhi Rui smiled when she met the knights standing in the door of the tower. She was going to rebuke them when suddenly a small cheerful voice came from behind
"Eh~ So saintly sister also wants to visit the tower maiden. luckily she was anxious to meet you again, let go together! hehe~"

Zhi Rui just smiled and went up to the familiar stairs with the girl. SHe couldn't resist it when she was halfway through and leaned almost her entire weight on Xun Lee.

The cross-dressing boy was red in the face.

Zhi Rui could barely hold in her trauma and completely fainted.

A strong light shone directly on her face. Zhi Rui looked an around the rest of the living room she was in.

'I"m home' Zhi Rui thought with a smirk. The room was in the same way she left before dying.

She simply walked up and sat down in front of The tower Maiden.

No greetings besides a smiling nod. Xun Lee was bothered by Zhi Rui's unusual discourtesy.

But the tower Maiden herself felt Zhi Rui's visit was not fro something trivial.

Zhi Rui smiled

"Tower Maiden Xun Ling, with half of your fortune and I can give you what you desire." Zhi Rui said with a gentle smile.