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119 If Wills Cannot Be Bent, Then They Must Be Broken.

Zhi Rui walked back to her place, leaving the remains of the old woman to be taken care of by another servant.

She sat back down on a cushion and ate what was left of the lunch.
"You can come out now, your uncles already left."

The pillar on the very left of where they were eating suddenly opened an entrance

Zhi Rui had found the hidden chamber when she inspected every nook and cranny of the place. It was full of crystals, the place was just enough to fill two slender people.

Zhi Rui didn't look at them. She merely ate and drunk, feeling their rage and confusion was enough for her to know their state.

"How do you feel? knowing that everything you were raised believing in was a sham all along?"

Crystal's eyes trembled with each step, she walked with her hands hanging in front of her as if she were about to fall and was looking for something to lean in.

Rubbled looked at her stated and clenched his teeth, with a red face he said

"It only proves that the leaders of my people are corrupted and have betrayed their own lineage. It has absolutely no relations with our destiny and heritage!"

Crystal looked on her brother with glistening reddened eyes.

Rubbled stepped forward and held his fainting sister. "It's okay, we can make through it." He whispered.

He pulled her to the cushions across Zhi Rui. He pulled two cushions together and laid her in them.

Zhi Rui watched with calm eyes as he gently fed her water. Se didn't engage him on a debate, faith is not something that can't be talked off on a single talk, and as long as he loses complete disdain for the actual tribes leading then she might not need to completely change his beliefs and simply use his current faith.

"What's her issue?" Zhi Rui asked.

"She gets like this when she's feeling overwhelmed."

Zhi Rui frowned, "She's a body cultivator. It's not natural."

"They say it's some kind of set back the ancestor had on the old times, It's actually a lot worse if not treated. but the three tribes were able to create a
remedy that can take care of it."

Squinting her eyes Zhi Rui chuckled. "Yes? I'm guessing the remedy isn't a one time and be done with its thing. And it hs to be taken daily?"

Rubbled cleaned the sweat on his sister then slowly turned to Zhi Rui.
"Yes, it's a chronic issue how did you know?"

Zhi Rui laughed and leaned on her back with a stuffed stomach.

"I was wondering what kind of thing they did to make sure you both are under control. Turns out they used poison."

The young man's eyes trembled "W-What?"

Crystal coughed, he turned back and soothed her. by caressing her hair.
"What do you mean?" He asked in a low tone.

The boy's eyes were red, he was still appalled by what he heard in the meeting. And now another possible bad news came their way.

Zhi Rui sighed. "Take this example. If an emperor has a charismatic strong and influent general, He'll be happy and will support such general in every battle. but when the war is over and the only thing resembling a good cause to live for is wealth and power. the emperor will then kill the general, to avoid possible danger to the kingdom and his own status."

Zhi Rui reached for a grape.

"Your situation is different, they need you for an unknown amount of time, so they choose to force collar on your necks instead of just cutting it off. Whatever they say to be the remedy is merely a way to keep you under control"

"B-But o-our problems are real.. how can t-that?" He murmured unclearly.

"That remedy is holding back your development and causing these episodes. You'd probably be way more strong if not for it." Zhi Rui said and abruptly forced her inner energy inside Crystal.

Rubbled jumped up towards Zhi Rui only to fall down with bulging veins and the slave mark shining in his forehead.

"L-Leave her alone!" he screamed through clenched teeth.

Crystal's eyes rolled backward, she gagged but couldn't speak, after a minute Zhi Rui's face was filled with sweat. She slowly pulled her energy back.
Normally her energy is transparent, from nature but as she absorbed what was on crystals system, it turned black and it reeked a nauseating smell

Crystal woke from her stupor due to the smell. "W-What's that!? she jumped with surprise.

Seeing his sister like this filled Rubbles face with dismay.
after these episodes, his sister would be lethargic and tired, she would never show such energy. Her immediate diposition change proved Zhi Rui's theory. The thought that everyone besides him since the beginning was ther merely to use and lie to them was too much to take.

He even ignored the smell he just looked at Zhi Rui again, her words kept crumbling reality as he knew it and without a mistake.

Zhi Rui looked at the scared crystal and smiled, "Your brother will explain to you later. For today you'll both rest. Tomorrow you'll enter a training routine with me."

Zhi Rui forced another stream of energy into the dispirited Rubble and took out the same amount.

Crystal looked at Zhi Rui's messed up arm.

Zhi Rui smiled with her beastly green eyes. "Don't mind it, girl. If you do, you won't have a chance to evolve."

She ate her fill, her light wounds were healed. Nothing was solved, only bigger problems appeared. Zhi Rui laughed in mock.

She walked back and threw herself on the bed, laying her mind on the pillow she thought without disturbances.

The only thing that got her mood up, was castrating the lover of silver. She sould'v kill him as silver did to the maid. But then he would grieve for a period then it would pass. But with his lover is handicapped. He will do everything to regrow the member, he 'll slowly lose patience since there isn't a possible way. the lover will notice and will start to panic, from there it'll be a torturous downhill.

Zhi Rui snapped out of it her very possible fantasies. and focused her mind on the objective. another unknown power is controlling the barbarian lands. And her first option was shot down without a chance to gain life.

'But as the holy words say, the heavens always leave a way out. You just have to be willing to cross the path.' Smirking Zhi Rui thought.

'If one side doesn't want it, it doesn't mean the other doesn't, I'll just make do with the opposite side.'

Smiling Zhi Rui thought of what she could use.

'Hilda would be coming back by morning with all the information on that side. Zheng Li is stationed there beside father.'

Suddenly the image of a battered woman crossed her mind.

'The woman was sickened on the mind is her love isn't different from obsession.'

Zhi Rui smiled.

'But I like it. I promised her revenge, and I'll deliver. She must be eager to meet father again.'

With a chuckle, Zhi Rui closed her eyes and drifted to sleep.




"THAT BITCH! THAT FUCKING SLUT! HOW DARE SHE!?" Han Lee was holding his still aching abdomen even though the wound was healed the pain and the suddenness left a kind of ghost pain.

"I'm gonna kill her! I'm gonna make her suffer!" Han Lee screamed inside, His eyes were bloodshot. tears of humiliation were streaming down his eyes. he already suffered because of her before, now she's still doing what with him.

After half an hour like this Bianca's voice reached his ears.

(For that, you must endure. for the sake of your goal and mine, you must conquer her, not seduce. you must completely conquer her mind and heart. At the very least you need one of the two. You can only do the most damage to those that trust and allows you to approach their inner selves. you're doing fine, but give up now and you won't get much else.)

"What do you want me to this after all!? you could've to take a lot of other options rather than me!?"

(Try and be a reliable pillar for her, on her mind she's in a tough road if you can manage to help her at least a little, you'll be in her mind)

Her voice slowly faded as the words ended

"You're not gonna answer me!? Damn! both are the same!"

Han Lee got bitter, he knew that her promises were all lies. She has him as a little lap dog, that she had complete control over.

Since fleeing from the sect, his only good time was when he successfully became alpha of a small tribe. He lived like a king. Everyone else besides him was weak. He got off on that. Until the big tribes took notice of him

He wasn't the bigger fish anymore, there's other tribes stronger leader. Envy burned inside him and he went conquering his way up, he was happy. until a level five robed person offered him a way to get back at the woman who forced him to become a deserter.

He accepted. Now his life was filled with misery. subordinating himself for another tribe pretending to have a lower status. it was slowly crushing his will.

He held back his hysteria and walked away to plan on how to show sincerity to Zhi Rui.




Eyeswide open, Zhi Rui stared at her ceiling. It was past midnight, weirdly for her, the desert was silent at night. A weird gut feeling struck Zhi Rui. she jumped out of the bed and looked at the wall.

Hilda bright yellow eyes shined in front of Zhi Rui. no warning or message it just popped up.

Zhi Rui had already been preparing for whatever it was. the Warhammer was already on the head when HZi Rui understood what was happening.

Hilda widened her eyes a chill ran through her heart.


A dull breaking noise.

Hilda looked down as did Zhi Rui.

The ground just beneath her was thrashed but she was free from any damage.

Her skull was still in place.

Huge drops of sweat were falling like it was raining.


Zhi Rui looked on at the panicky at mumbling Hilda.

Hiding her own nervousness Zhi Rui sighed and pulled the Warhammer back.

"Lucky thing, if you didn't keep the ability going after crossing the wall you'd be smashed to death."