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118 God Laughs at Men“s Plans.

Zhi Rui stood still watching them leave. thoughts flashed through her mind at lightning speed trying to salvage her situation, countless 'what if's' crossed her mind.

Her eyes were dazed, her mind was so into herself that she barely saw what was happening in front of her.

Han Lee watched it all but didn't say anything.

Both chief alphas were already outside the door, with fire-heart leading.

Compelled by the old tradition of respecting the leaders, Zhi Rui's maid tremblingly walked to the entrance of the manor, where she bowed

"May my leaders have a good journey." She said respectfully as her religion dictated.

"Oh, I nearly forgot about that." Silver stopped and said.

"What is it?" Fire-heart turned to look at him.

He saw the maid that was tending the table all the while they were talking, he knew what silver wanted to do purely by the smirk on the man's face.

Fire-heart frowned "It's been long enough, you should've known to exercise moderation."

"Says the fatty" silver scoffed.

He smirked and walked back to stand in front of the fifty-something year's old maid.

"Thank you, my dear, for the good intentions." He said as he got closer. "A pity, that you belong to a lower class of people, and will go around running your mouth as soon as you can." He raised his hand high

The old woman looked on with a distraught face, from the meeting, she knew where her leaders thought about their own culture, but to think they would so casually kill the elderly, an act of blasphemy only worse than killing children. It dawned on her the future of her so beautiful culture wasn' t going anywhere.

Seeing not despair but disappointment on the old woman's face, made silver twist his face in pure rage.

"Old things like you should die!" He swung his hand downwards he intended to rip the woman from head to toe.

The palm hit the top of her head and like lightning, it tore through until reaching the end of the neck, blue sparks flew, the blood splashed upwards silver's looked on with a sadistic grin. The feeling of crushing something he hated to the core always gave him relish.

Fire-heart behind him abruptly widened his eyes and jumped forward.

Silver heard it, and he suddenly caught it in his line of sight through the s of the blood and gore, a hand with four small wounds beelined towards his face.

Instinct told him to get away, Silver overlapped both arms in front of his face and shoved his body backward

A tearing pain, his arms were shoved to the side he could feel a nail tearing his skin. In a panic, He used all his energy t activate his ability and in a second his skin thickened and his body was enveloped on blue sparks the smell of burnt flesh hit his nose together with a tearing pain on the top of his eyes to the bottom of his chin

"Ahhhhh!!!!!!" He screamed

Zhi Rui was midair with her hand stretched. The tip of her index finger had the skin and blood from his face.

As she fell down back on the ground she raged inside, she couldn't kill him. She raged that she couldn't do more harm, without throwing everything to the wind.

Before her feet could touch the ground a whooshing sound of wind came followed by a rough hand grabbing her wrist.

She caught a fleeting glimpse. A beautiful thin but tall and muscular man. with unusual thick tighs. stood in front of her holding her wrist.

The man looked behind, at silver who had burnt wounds from his own powers and a blind eye.

The muscular man's eyes filled with distress and hurt.

Silver started shedding tears as soon as he saw the man.

She saw and understood everything, now with her feet on the ground she took immediate action of revenge.

The big muscular man turned to her with rage but Zhi Rui was already in the middle of her attack. Something the man didn't expect.

He was double her size and she was against three, It scaped his mind that anyone would dare to attack in those circumstances.

No bellow of rage came out of his mouth. He could only see where Zhi rui aimed her attack and there was nothing, he could do.

Zhi Rui materialized her energy forming a thin tip along her stretched finger and condensed a dangerous amount of her inner energy on her arm, exerting all the capacity of her muscles, she could feel the strain tearing the fibers apart, a simple healing pill wouldn't do it to heal that arm.

But for the sake of causing utmost pain, Zhi Rui endured.

Her eyes stared deeply with malice at the despairing Silver.

Her hands were like a spear, Zhi Rui measured and drilled her hand a palm below the man's bellybutton she skewered her arm from the front to the back.

Fast and ruthless she pulled out her hand and tore off the wasted member from the man, she condensed her energy on the dead meat and it turned to dust. Nothing would bring it back again.

The man fainted from the pain and mental burden. Silver looked at her in a daze

Fire-heart regretted stopping when Zhi Rui was grabbed.

Silver started trembling his eyes bled. Sparks shined throughout his body

"He was my life you slut! How dare a vile thing like you!? Women should die! all of you are what's wrong with everything! you're all vile and worthless dumb and manipulative! demons! disgusting thing! I swear to kill all of your kin-- ughh-"

While Zhi Rui watched with glee as silver screamed like a maniac, firee-heart knocked him out from behind and looked coldly at her.

"This could've been settled without personal issues." He said.

"It could." Zhi Rui said, "I tried even tried that, but as always it remained an ambiguous relationship between us, because of that, he felt it was okay to offend a little more. He assumed I wouldn't screw our relations over an offense of killing a simple maid."

Explaining Zhi Rui gestured with her body and arms, especially moving the bloodied arm that was blackened and burnt by the electricity and then had the fingers broken from the dens inner energy. it was ugly to look at, to say the least.

"But I learned now, that the way I used to do things was best.
I mean look at this now. There isn't any ambiguity, he hates me and you're by his side, that means that no matter what deal we make you'll have some plan to screw me over and sack me, knowing that, I can prepare and plan with certainty, there won't be boundaries mistakes anymore."

Zhi Rui smiled at him.

He didn't share her mood and carried silver away. Everything was silent all the way until they hopped on the carriages and started their journey back.

Zhi Rui stood there watching with squinting eyes revising everything that happened.

They tried to establish dominance as soon as they came inside the place, Zhi Rui dared to offend and they stopped and laughed. At first glance, it looked like a simple measure of value from each side.

But Zhi Rui registered every movement they did every twitch, she repassed the image on her head as if she was seeing all over again. Slowly she opened her eyes

'Too artificial.' She thought 'It was planned, maybe even rehearsed.'

Zhi Rui fast forwarded to when she offered her proposal. Their faces of disappointment and annoyance even before she gave the full offer. 'they expected another, a better deal. But did they knew what I was going to offer about the empire? if so, how?'

Zhi Rui thought about it, but they were simply too forward with their likes and dislikes they showed genuine interest when she offered the full proposal they were tempted but still, they refused as if it was never possible for them to accept it.

'They already knew what to expect before even coming here." Suddenly it hit her, something so simple, but she didn't see it. How can an incompetent person act well in business? simple they were being told what to do.

"They are being controlled by someone else..." She muttered.

'The white tribe? but why? it matches their objectives. if they followed with the plan.' Zh Rui turned to Han Lee who was walking towards her.

"Haa, these twerps are worthless. don't worry I'll use some of the white tribe's power to give them a nudge. And avoid a public retaliation form silver."

He stood right beside her.

Without signs, Zhi Rui smashed his unguarded abdomen with the back of her hand.

He crouched down holding his belly, he didn't breath. cold sweat streamed down his forehead.

"You told me you'd help me, yet you only opened your mouth to help me on a subject I didn't need help. and ignored the real issue. You were completely useless. If you want to make that deal happen, you'll have to show me some real sincerity."

Saying so Zhi Rui walked back inside her place.




A good distance away from the now lawless tribe. the two big carriages being pulled by numerous lizards stopped in place.

A table was put in the middle of the sandy desert with two chairs.

Fire-heart sat across a person wearing a long and body concealing green robe.

"How was it?" a clean voice came from it.

Fire-heart munched on a sugar candy before answering.

"Pretty much as expected for the most part. She offered a plan that eventually led to fighting the empire as you told, it was so damn enticing I'll tell you-."

"Don't need to tell me. Just answer me, how're the siblings?"

"She said she wanted to have them for her bed, besides that we managed to force her to make an oath of not hurting them and give them the freedom to be out for two days."

The Green robed person nodded slightly. "Well, if there no harm to them then it's okay. So, my little brother, how's the way of envy working for you?"

Fire-heart laughed and his eyes shined. "It's been wonderful, I always knew I deserved this title, my father, brother even my mother, they always told me otherwise, that I shouldn't crave for more than I had, but seeing my elder brother having all attention and my father enjoying every pleasure the title had to offer, made me ask myself: Why should I settle for less? Then I found Envy and what I desired fell to my laps."

The green-robed person laughed, "That's good brother, just wait until you receive your blessing then you'll also be able to grant other people the gift of envy."

Fire-heart laughed and tears streamed down his cheeks and he spoke with fervor.

"Envy gave me everything, there's nothing I wouldn't do to reciprocate it."