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95 Men Are Peaceful and Righteous, Until Tempted Otherwise.

Bianca's words resounded on her ears and Zhi Rui laughed
"To sate every whim?".

'Any normal being would have a billion thoughts. But most of them remained as that only that; a thought. Never becoming a reality. If every person on the world followed their urges every time, humanity would've ceased to exist long ago' Zhi Rui mocked with rage.

She shook her head.
'Anger will only give birth to more impulsive thoughts.' Sighing in frustration she walked away back to the camp.


Inside her tent, Zhi Rui thought deeply trying to understand the method.
after hours, nothing came to mind. She dejectedly stood up and ate a small piece of cheese. frustration started building up, her mind clouded.

'Bianca saw that she couldn't control me through the good mother act so she forced it.'

Zhi Rui chewed the cheese roughly.

"My thoughts were shallow and naive. It doesn't matter if her cult can't move, a level six old monster like Bianca can travel freely if there isn't another level six present." Zhi Rui shook her head.

Frustration kept bottling itself inside her stomach. The image of Hilda's bright yellow eyes suddenly passed through her mind. She pictured spanking the kitty's white ass into ripe vermilion to vent her feelings.

When the picture of Hilda formed on her mind, a sudden warmth came from her core.

She closed her eyes and sent her consciousness inside her core.

On her aperture, an ocean of ethereal red moved like fog, but Zhu Rui consciousness could see everything. A Hot wild dark red blob of energy was burning in an ethereal red flame. Getting closer Zhi Rui felt the intense will inside, it was similar to her own red energy but it was strong and contained.
'Satiate your lust and you'll be rewarded, deny it. and you'll be corroded.'
Bianca's words hit her again. Her mind spun into thougts

The blob of energy was her own red energy condensed into some mystical law. The thin flame burning around it is a seal and also a timer.

Ready to test her theory Zhi Rui brusquely walked out.

"Hilda!" Zhi Rui yelled.

The tree's ahead moved and a disheveled Hilda peered through the branches.

Zhi Rui jumped up and grabbed the woman. She dragged Hilda into her tent.

Bai Hui and Yu yan were surprised. but the other nonchalantly kept on their tasks.




Inside the tent.

The blob of energy inside her core burned wildly as Zhi Rui took hold of the woman.

Hilda looked at Zhi Rui's grip with confusion.

Zhi Rui pointed at the tall and thick pillar in the middle of her tent.
"Hands on the pole.."Her cold voice echoed, her domineering presence overwhelmed Hilda.

Hilda trembled and hesitantly. laid her palms on the pole. Zhi Rui tied her wrists to the pole with a rag cloth.

Seeing Hilda completely leaning on the pole Zhi Rui slapped strongly


"two steps backward and stand on your toes!"

Hilda's eyes grew red, the slave brand inside her head did not allow for her to deny her own desires. Like a cat in heat, she stepped back sticking her rear-end up.

Zhi Rui tore down Hilda's long leather skirt, together with the underwear. Hilda's luscious white and round heart shaped gift popped on Zhi Rui's eyes, For a second she froze. It instigated all kinds of desires deep within her heart.

Her eyes shone with red desire. HEr carnal desire acted.


Zhi Rui slapped and the meat jiggled. A bright red imprint soon emerged.

Hilda's muffled hissing reached Zhi Rui's ear and she smiled.
Her chest never burned so intensely with desire.

Zhi Rui scoffed and slapped the other cheek backhandedly.

"I Wanted to keep you in suffering for a while. But I wanted to ravish you throughly even more."

A series of meat slapped echoes resounded throughout the camp. the couple heard Hilda's whimpering sometime she pled mercy another she called for more strength.

After a few more. Zhi Rui breathing became rough. Hilda couldn't hold her voice and whining moans with pained grunts sounded vivid. but she did not move from her position.

Zhi Rui saw the glistening sex between Hilda's vermilions red buttocks. She looked entranced at the small leak of wetness running down through Hilda's well-toned thigh.

Zhi Rui stopped her onslaught. She approached. With a finger, she traced Hilda's inner thighs with her finger. she carried that small glistening stream until its wet source and savored it with her tongue. her mind went ablaze.

She tore apart all Hilda's clothes including her bindings. She held her rear and lifted the woman above her head. Zhi Rui shoved her face in Hilda wet sparsely haired garden and feasted ferociously.


After one hour, Zhi Rui stared at the defeated Hilda sprawled on the ground. She licked her lips, the blush on her cheeks glowed with energy.
then the warm inside her chest intensified remembering Zhi Rui's of the reason she ate Hilda.

She closed her eyes. the familiar sea of red appeared. Zhi Rui went to the blob of energy; it wasn't burning anymore.

But it was bright red. Zhi Rui felt connected to it. As if it was hers.

It melted into Zhi Rui's conscience. She snapped her eyes open, her body glowed red. Everything turned into a blur, Zhi Rui lost consciousness and fell down.

After three hours she woke up.

Her body was warm and her heartbeat was more intense. Zi Rui could feel Her five senes were at the maximum like a beast Zhi Rui could differentiate everything by the smell on the whole camp. And her ethereal energy nurturing the core was absurd. It felt like she slaughtered a whole country and refined all the deceased's remnant spirit.

She was drunk on the feeling, the blush on her face was two times stronger than when she messed with Hilda. "This just earned me three month's worth of meditation and physical training! HAHA!"

The high, sent her mind reeling. A sudden thought occurred to Zhi Rui. she quenched down all her excitement and started to think. to her dismay, her thoughts kept coming back to the debauchery she loved.

Zhi Rui struggled to focus. it didn't matter how she tried to meditate, restlessness distracted her.
Finally, Zhi Rui circulated her ethereal energy and cleaned her mind. but she could feel something lingering on her subconscious.

"Suddenly, amidst the euphory, a flitting glimpse of her slaves lined up in front of her flashed on her mind. it appeared and it was gone, it could be barely called a complete thought. Yet Zhi Rui froze. The slaves she raised were rebellious and disgusted by the actions they were commanded to do. but as time passed the job turned into a daily chore. they eventually started to talk about it casually, some stated to enjoy it, and some tried their best at it. And because of their new lives, Zhi Rui became their tyrant savior.

Zhi Rui's eyes shone coldly. 'So that's your method too.' She thought

'It's addictive, I would lose myself in the euphoric excitement and really sate every impulse. I' d become strong fast. and just as fast I'd become mindless. As I thought this method is tempered with, it might have some law of lust but it's not complete it might not even be the real one. '

I'm stuck with it, and it works passively so I can't avoid using it.

Zhi Rui closes her eyes, her energy flowed through her mind.

'I can only passively control it. different emotions briths different kinds of desires. different urges, different lusts. If I can control my emotions then it can be managed.'

But feeling the after taste Zhi Rui sighed.

'Can I really resist this feeling?'