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85 Sharing pleasures.

Holding the unconscious Fan Ling on her arms. Zhi Rui sighed. she walked towards the bed and gently laid the girl. with a random piece of clothing, She cleaned the sweat on her forehead. Her innate affinity with spirits was able to guide the legacy remnant and successfully help Fan Ling breakthrough. Though it exaushted both of them. As Zhi Rui sat back down to recuperate, a familiar breeze caressed her skin.

"It's a pleasure to meet senior again." Without opening her eyes Zhi Rui spoke.

The man floating in the middle of the cave was the same as the last time he appeared.

"I see that your plans are running smoothly." Said the man.

"I lucked out. I did not expect to bump into the sealed Underworld gate." Zhi Rui answered nonchalantly.

The man looked at Zhi Rui's mannerism and slowly spoke his words

"You know, the people that are coming to this branch, it's not the kind that you can possibly think of beating. Even with your talent. You don't have the time to reach the tip of their toes."

"Is senior worried about this little disciple?" Zhi Rui asked, her voice portrayed a slight surprise.

the man tilted his head. "You could say that. I've been bound here since the beginning, few things amuse me, and seeing you struggle is actually quite fun."

Zhi Rui finally looked at the old man. "Old man, you're irritating."

"HAHA! exactly! see! nobody would be this blunt with a venerable realm cultivator, even more to a Beast that naturally grown into the venerable level!"

Sighing Zhi Rui shook her head, it didn't matter that it was venerable, being treated like a clown wasn't acceptable.

"Senior need not worry, I have my plans. Once I succeed, I'll make sure to loosen the reigns and feed you well from time to time."

At once the man's merry go lucky mood tuned stern. the cave trembled the whole mountain peak suffered an earthquake.

Zhi Rui coughed a mouthful of blood but instead of pain, she gave the man a bloodied smile. "I won't accept being treated like shit by anyone. That includes you, senior. From the venerable to those who attained godhood. I won't ever lick anybody's feet. So worry not Senior I'll live, I'll enjoy, I'll struggle until I cannot move my body. By then I'll have reached the summit, and I certainly will remember senior's existence. But if it'll be a good memory of a benefactor or a petty grudge, will completely depend on you.

The mans stared dumbfounded "HA!! threatened by a level, two children! so interesting. So interesting! AHAHAHAHA! Fine child, Remember; My name is Diggy, I'm a pangolin enslaved by the light sect as a beast guardian." The man faded as he laughed.

The illusory image disappeared and Zhi Rui fell on her back. Only a change of mood on a venerable cultivator caused such havoc inside her powerful body. She couldn't imagine what would happen if two people of that level fought on the sky above this corner of the world.

Zhun Xuying flew back inside immediately. Seeing Zhi Rui's state she slowly slid a healing pill on Zhi Rui's mouth.

"I'm sorry, when everything trembled, We tried to get in but something blocked the entrance." Zhun Xuying said with worry.

Zhi Rui could only wait for the pill's effect to speak. Zhun Xuyinf laid Zhi Rui beside Fan Ling and sighed.

Xun Lee walked back a few steps and scratched her hair. "I'll be settling myself on the peak. If you two need anything just call me."

Zhun Xuying nodded. and Xun Lee wen out.


A few minutes later Zhi Rui finally was able to speak again. staring at the ceiling of the cave, She could feel Zhun Xuying quietly meditating at her side. thoughtfully not asking about the incident.

In the silence, Zhi Rui opened her mouth.

"I disdain love. it's a pointless emotion that holds nothing but responsibility and suffering. People sacrifice their likes and dislikes because of it. I can never do that. I won't ever be able to put anybody or anything above my desires. the only thing I can do is share my pleasures with the world. Like what I'm gonna do next in response to your feelings towards me."

Zhun Xuying opened her eyes and stared at Zhi Rui intently.

Her gaze was so hot on the skin, that Zhi Rui cleared her throat to distract her awkwardness

"I just received some news that the people I'll face is way more strong than I first thought. I decided to establish a base on the barbarian lands. and slowly grow our power from both sides and eventually, we'll unify it. To do that, we'll need to destroy both sides."

Zhun Xuyings eyes opened wide. and a chill ran through her spine.

Zhi Rui smiled maliciously."We'll visit my daddy fighting bravely at the front lines. and I'll share my gift of revenge with you."


In the afternoon, Xunhue appeared with five well known outer disciples, She was anxious for Zhi Rui's reaction but to her dismay, Zhi Rui simply nodded and told her to start the job and keep an eye on the outer sect.

Zhi Rui ignored the group and walked directly to the sect's gate. She went to the stand where she got her identity token and left two letters, one addressed to Guan Jing's family and another to Zheng Li.

Out of the counter, Zhi Rui stood in a daze passing over every issue on her head.

'Wang Lei gu is no longer a problem, due to the sect leader's loss of power She must be afraid to do anything. Zhi Rui already left instruction to Izumy of how to deal with her.

Bianca has her feet and hands tied for now. the search for the demonic cultivators' hideout is still ongoing. Soon cultivators from outside will travel here for the underworld gate. until then Bianca cannot move. The emperor is a turtle he doesn't have any power against the light sect. the crystals form the business will keep coming.

Zhi Rui lamented not being able to take the alchemists to distribute drugs for now.

But nonetheless, Zhi Rui sighed in relief, she walked back to her new place, left the duty of the Division in Zhun Xuying's hand and announced her closed cultivation time.

Zhi Rui walked deep in her cave and started meditating. She delayed too much. She must understand her abilities.