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84 Blind Arrogance.

On the mountain Peak, Zhi Rui stood atop the boulder, Zhun Xuying, Xun Lee, Xunhue and Fan Ling was in front of her in silence.

"Stay and choose a cave dwelling to live in, The one on the top of the mountain is mine."

Zhi Rui extended her hand and four jade slips floated to each of them.

"These are the basic formation of the disciplinary division. Follow the examples on it". Zhi Rui took a breath and continued

" Zun Xuying and Xunhe will be leaders under me. Xun lee and Fan Ling, you'll follow their instructions."

Xunhue frowned, she looked at the side. The elegant and mature Zun Xuying 'I'm being put in the same standing as her?' She thought.

Fan Ling looked around the place in a daze. "Do you understand Fan Ling?" Zhi Rui called for her attention. "W-what? oh, y-yes!" The brown haired girl freckled girl nodded startled.

Looking with pity at what Zhun Xuying would have to deal with. Zhi Rui spoke again.

"These two big sisters will be there to help you with any issue so get well acquainted with them."

As Zhi Ru finished speaking. Zhun Xuying smiled brightly at Fan Ling, taking a shy smile out of her. Since her family passed away it's the first time she received such a good-natured smile. She then hopefully looked at Xunhue.

But Xunhue eyes remained forward, she didn't even look at the girl.

Zhi Rui thought about the day she met Fan Ling, the broken state the girl was in. She knew that while the girl often dazed away, she was quite a ruthless thing. Her revenge on her old servant showed that clearly. And Seeing Xunhue dismissing her in such a fashion. Opened Zhi Rui's eyes to how much arrogance and pride can blind and damage a person.

Zhi Rui shooked her head and continued.

"Now, the elders don't expect for us to build a real power here, so we have to show them otherwise. Zhun Xuying, you take Xun Lee and go on missions for her to gain experience. Congrats you're her senior sister now." Zhu Xuying and Xun Lee nodded.

Zhi Rui turned to Xunhue. "Fan Ling came to the sect a few days ago, but she's lucky enough to have high talent. although she a bit of an airhead. I count on you to take care through the formation of the core and the first level." Finishing giving orders Zhi Rui stood up.

"I don't have much time to teach her, I'm in a special time of my cultivation and I need to focus on it," Xunhue spoke. her eyes coldly looking at Zhi Rui. 'Did you think you could keep me from growing with this kind of thing!?'

Zhi Rui stared at her casually. "Fine, then Fan Ling, you'll be with me. Is that alright with you?" The girl's eyes shined with brilliance and she nodded.

Zhi Rui turned to Zhun Xuying, "I'll help her all the way to the first level. then you'll be taking her with you and Xun Lee to gain experience alright?"

"As the general commands" hun Xuying nodded firmly taking out a chuckle of Fan Ling.

Xunhue frowned, Zhi Rui took it too lightly. and simply gave the job to another person. Her heart was bothered, She thought Zhi rui was forcefully treating her commonly. even though she knew about her legacy, and how she would rise to the heavens. 'Trying to diminish me my status, Zhi Rui I'll certainly remember this!'

As Xunhue thought Zhi Rui went ahead and took Fan Ling in her care.

"Fan Ling come with me, I 'll teach you some things." The smile on her face seemed to be asking a friend to go out to play. Fan Ling nodded happily and followed Zhi Rui. While Zhun Xuying talked merrily with Xun Lee.

Seeing the picture Xunhue understood. She was alone. She was in a place where these first steps would determine her worth on this division. and she just gave away her equal standing. She sighed heavily, her eyes twitched as Zhi Rui walked away chatting with Fan Ling. Even though She had absolute future prospects, now she had lower herself.

"Zhi- er- Commander, on the jade slip it says that each leader can be built their own squad. I know some people who'll be a good adding to this division. may I contact them today?"

"I thought you had more important matters?" Zhi Rui turned to her.

"I-I do, that's why I'll recruit some people to answer in my place when I can't."

Zhi Rui remained silent for a few seconds, she nodded. "five people, be sure to choose competently, If I have to correct them I'll do so ruthlessly."

"Thank you, commander!" Xinhua said and jumped away. on her way out she smiled with malice, "Zhi Rui, oh Zhi Rui, now I'll gather my squad with five outer sect veterans, And while you teach those girls how to walk, my name will rise in value, and when you think about catching up, the legacy I acquired will help me to break through and I'll outshine you, at your every move!" Picturing her meteoric raise Xunhue flew away in a frenzy.


With Xunhue gone, Xun Lee and Zhun Xuying followed they stood dazedly in front of Zhi Rui's cave. the entrance was two meters in size. and as did not have doors the huge luxury inside laid bare to the eyes.

Zhun Xuyin looked around and suddenly said. "It looks good, but it doesn't have a pond."

Hearing the implied meaning on the tone Zhi Rui smiled like a devil. "Don't worry, if there isn't a pond, we'll just make do with whatever is left."

Zhun Xuying smiled with a blush.

Zhi Rui turned around to face them and sat cross-legged. Xun lee was lost in their conversation. Fan Ling was impressed by the huge cave her eye darted around the tree roots on the ceiling.

Xun Lee looked in the direction that Xunhue went away with amusement.

"Why did you picked up that girl?" She asked.

Zhi Ri sighed "While we prepare for our plans we need somebody to do the actual work on the surface. Soon the resources for the division will come, we'll have free access to Excellent grade cultivation methods and spells."

Xun Lee hopped in place. "We'll leech them off? kya! so good!"

Zhun Xuying was dazed, she knew Xun Lee was a boy but was still mesmerized by his girly beauty.

Zhi Rui nodded. "But it is true that you'll be trained and will help train more people. It's a fact that we'll need to establish power."

Zhun Xuyin narrowed her eyes."What you need us to do?"

"Become strong! In these six months, become absolutely strong!" Zhi Rui exclaimed firmly.

Zhi Rui called Fna Ling with her hand and the girl obediently sat in front of her.

Zh Rui looked at Xun Lee and Zhun Xuying, "those people coming from outside, are wealthy and strong and full of minions. To fight them off I need someone to keep their minions at bay. I need someone that, when I'm not present, can hold on to what we conquered firmly!"

Seeing the look on their eyes Zhi Rui waves them away. "Stand guard on the door." Xun Le got up and walked to the door only after standing there she frowned a noticed she just followed Zhi Rui's word without thinking. Zhun Xuying simply stood there and looked around for any peeking eyes.

Zhi Rui looked at the obedient girl in front of her wit ha warm smile.

"You lived as the weak and was bullied until now. I know you're sad and want to die. but how about having a taste of living as the strong first?"

Zhi Rui's gentle kind smile and warm green eyes mesmerized the girl and she nodded absentmindedly.

Zhi Rui smiled and opened her pal in front of the girl a bright ball of light shined. for Zhi Rui, the legacy of the virtues of chastity is useless but for this airheaded girl, it might just be a perfect match, people who don't think much Don't aspire for much.

the light entered the girl's forehead, Zhi Rui put the girl that was a whole head shorter than her on her lap and embraced her, guiding the energy inside the girl.

Zhun Xuying and Xun lee, felt the energy behind them concentrating in one single place. it was the phenomenon of someone forming a core. then after a few more minutes, another wave of energy danced around inside the cave. Xun Lee looked at Zhun Xuying with shock.

The energy just now was of someone refining their first core and officially becoming a level one cultivator!

Zhun Xuying remained taciturn. She knew Zhi Rui's ambition was not only with the light sect. Just like the big cave she acquired now. she intents on making this corner of the continent hers, that includes the barbarian lands the sect and the empire. but it didn't matter how much she thought about it Zhun Xuying couldn't figure it all how could that be accomplished. She chuckled 'Seeing a way through the impossible. and carving your way through it. maybe that's our difference.'