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On the morning after, Zhu Xuying laid bare in the messed up bed, Even if she was a level three master that was following the path of the sword. after half a night of tossing around with Zhi Rui, she could only sleep soundly.

Looking from the side at the saliva in the corner of the unconscious Zhun Xuying. Zhi Rui stood smiling, Her shoulders straight, and chest out. She held her waist and grinned at her well-done work.

Smirking Zhi Rui searched for clothes, but suddenly. yesterday's images came to her mind. Zhi Rui sighed with a frown, now that she became the disciplinary division leader, she has to maintain an image. And could not walk around the way she felt like in the future.

Instantly her mood took a hit, and her blood red dense energy faded to a more clear shade. It was a worthless thing to be mad about. But Zhi Rui thought differently. her clothes are an extension of herself. She already has to hold back most of her desires, Her only outlet is food, drinks, clothes, and comfort. To use only one uniform is the same as tying herself up.

With a complete lack of will, Zhi Rui put on a simple robe and went away. Leaving the drooling Zhun Xuying sleeping.


She received her things in the Sect's pavilion; a storage bag of dirty brown color. Looking inside, Zhi Rui saw the book of rules from the light sect and completely ignored it. To assume the position of tower maiden She needed to learn the sect rules. She read it so much It was memorized

She examined the pouch and ignored the rewards from the tournament. Choosing to see it again with all the other valuables she acquired from Guan Jing and others with more patience. But a piece of paper took her attention.

'Disciplinary Division' It said. Zhi Rui took a long look at it. It told the story and objective of the division, for a small branch like this light sect, they didn't feel the need to operate it. But Zhi Rui achieved too much and nobody was willing to part with resources easily so that was the only gift that could be considered fitting and did not use much of the sects resources. The disciplinary division should be able to supply itself.

Reading the whole thing Zhi Rui summed up everything. 'I can do anything to anyone as long as reason is on the side, but to mess with the talented and to enforce execution I need to seek the opinions of the elders.'

Zhi Rui scoffed 'So I as long as the elders say a word I have to stop what I'm doing.' She shoved it back on the storage pouch and walked away. not to her cave but to a mountain peak. She received a big mountain peak to house the division.

Zhi Rui walked slowly. On the way, various disciples complimented and flattered Zhi Rui. She kept her straightened back and nodded back to the greetings.

Her neck was stiffening when a girl stopped in front of her.

"Xunhue?" Zhi Rui asked. The girl had an angelic aura around her, exuding purity.

The girl nodded. "Your end of the deal?" Xunhue asked.

Reality hit Zhi Rui and she smiled back. "I didn't forget, don't worry. I bet my soul in the pledge after all."

They walked to an isolated place, Near the peak, Zhi Rui is supposed to get to. Only tall trees and desolateness was around them.

Zhi Rui raised her hands and an orange size ball of light shined and floated to Xunhue's forehead. Her eyes shined, but a small glint of doubt appeared as the ball entered her mind.

"Now it's done, focus on spreading my name, you did a great job with your report." Zhi Rui smiled she wanted to finish talking and see the peak for herself soon.

Xunhue steped in front of her again, this time her hands were on Zhi Rui's chest. to hold her in place.

Zhi Rui looked coldly at the hand then at the girl.

Xunhue flinched, her eyes darted around,yet she held her ground and glared back. "It's too small." She said.

Zhi Rui scrunched her eyebrows, "I pledged my soul, do you really think I would toy with that?"

Xunhue hesitated, what Zhi Rui said made sense, beside the words used on the pledge was that she would give the complete legacy for her. it was impossible to distrust that kind of pledge after all If one tried to swindle it around they would die. Now that she reached her conclusion Xunhue turned around to leave.

Amazed by the girl's sense of self, Zhi Rui reached with her hands and grabbed the girl's nape of the neck squeezing it tightly. the girl gasped despairingly "Next time you think about touching me. remember today.'

Finished Zhi Rui released her hands.

Xunhue managed to get a hold of herself and did not fell on the ground. She composed Herself. And without a word of She simply went away.

'Almost three weeks after, yet the only thing that changed about her is the posture and arrogance. The girl did not even built actual strength but is already getting drunk on the feeling of being special.'

Feeling nobody around, another round orange-sized ball of light shined on top of Zhi Rui's hand and she smiled. "How can a pledge made by a soulless person count as anything?"


Zhi Rui finally got to enter the mountain peak. The morning dew on the tree leaves, the birds chirping away, The greens grass. there was even a small river. Zhi Rui closed her eyes and took in a deep breath of the cold morning air. she slowly released it. The place was in a brute state. it needed polishing. but Zhi Rui only smiled.

'This is paradise.' She thought.

From the moment she entered She became the owner of it, with total authority over the layout. Not even Huang had a say in it.

'Five Genious with big backgrounds...Zhun Xuyin said, they would take their time. there are no resources from people of big backings like them to properly prepare themselves. The portal to the underworld will open in half a year, they will stall the maximum possible before coming here. I have at the least three months, and at the max five to prepare for them.'

Zhi Rui smiled. She was confident, the kind of people who have status, usually disdain to crawl and get themselves dirty. in that regard, Zhi Rui does not have equal. She would dig through the trash if it meant to be a step closer to victory.

With a resolute mind, Zhi Rui found a relatively flat boulder and sat cross-legged above it. She slaped the storage pouch. A slip of green jade came out. Zhi Rui picked it up and put it on the middle of her forehead.

Atop the boulder in the middle of tall pine trees, The jade shined and the wind howled


On a Zhi Rui's cave, Zhun Xuying's identity token shined brightly. Zhun Xuying opened her eyes. only to the bright light hit her yes. Zhun Xuying moved her hands to block the light and moved back, suddenly she felt the ground under her disappear. her eyes widened with despair "NOOOO!!!"


The dull sound echoed on the cave. and she saw the bed in front of her. feeling the cold hard ground Zhun Xuying's face turned crimson. She looked around slowly, feeling nobody; she sighed in relief. With rage, she reached for her token. but the moment she read the message, Her eyes warmed, Then she laughed out loud and screamed "Yes! I'll reign this world with you!"


On a classroom of the least talented disciples. a token shined, disturbing the whole class.

"Fan Ling! go read the message outside!" The teacher, forty years or so women told the girl seated in the middle.

the girl dazedly got up, inside everyone in the classroom only the girl did not have an open book.

"What's up with her?" one teen spoke frowning.

A girl in the front answered.

"Her family was killed and she was kidnapped by bandits, then the camp got attacked by demonic cultivators. she was the sole survivor, that Zhi Rui was the one who found her."

The teen did no spoke anymore, merely turned his attention back to his book.


On the forest outside the forest, a tree thick enough that three men could embrace it and still wouldn't meet hands fell to the ground. Xun Lee perspiration got a hold of her token. She read the message and smiled. She was relieved with the tower maiden her elder sister being able to live freely soon but they'll need some backings and strength.

Xun Lee unhesitantly. Headed back to the sect.


A Woman seating cross-legged in the middle of a dark room looked a the token in hands.

She scrutinized it trying to see if it's real.

'You're hereby invited to be one of the leaders on the disciplinary division.' She read it again.

She didn't know what passed in the head of Zhi Rui to sent this invitation. Even now her neck was hurting because of the light strangling. Xunhue eye's glinted.

Her deal was to help Zhi Rui take over the sect. But if she stood beside Zhi Rui and shined more than her, than surely her own image would surpass Zhi Rui's. with a light smile, Xunhue got up and flew onto the peak Zhi Rui was.


'One loyal, one weak to outsiders, one with rage towards the sect, and another who needs some education.' Zhui Rui thought.

"They will be my foundation in this sect."