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82 A good person.

Aurelio saw the sect leader's dazed face with an annoyed sigh. Since the news of the Underworld gate appearing he turned into a waste.

Aurelio covered his mouth and lightly a coughed. The seemingly simple caught spread to everyone. Becoming the focus. Aurelio flashed a warm smile at Zhi Rui.

The sun had just settled, a huge ball of light floated a hundred meters in the air, Illuminating the whole arena, it gave a special charm to Aurelio's visage.

"Disciple Zhi Rui, Your efforts to bring the good to the common people moved the Light sect. And we received you as a disciple. But a Few days later, You showed us, your talent by evolving your core to the first level. And more than that. You defeated two strong disciples whose strength was well above yours in the tournament. The sect became elated yet again. But you were not finished."

Aurelio shook his head with a smile. "How wrong were we; to think that was your limit."

The elders on the same stand as he had demonstrated some kind of annoyed gesture.

Focusing his warm eyes at Zhi Rui, Aurelio kept on. "In a seemingly safe expedition, you faced the hostility of a jealous and incompetent leader. It caused the death of the pet that you took only a day to tame."

Zhi Rui narrowed her eyes, she circulated her energy and tried to figure out, why the need for so much flattering.

Aurelio sighed and looked down. "Due to incompetence, two people died and one remains missing."

Missing? Han Fei hasn't returned to the sect? Zhi Rui eyes flickered, she doubted such resilient evil piece of shit would die randomly in the woods.

'He's alive.' Zhi rui believed so.

"And Zhi Rui, since the beginning, you knew what was wrong with the team and called your brother for help."

Aurelio turned to every disciple with wide open arms."Take this as an example! Believe in your gut!!"

Because it was an elder, the disciples clapped dispassionately, But Aurelio's eyes shined fiercely. He pointed at Zhi Rui With one rough movement and gestured violently.

"You! Zhi Rui! managed to breakthrough once again in a few days to level two! and defeated two Demonic cultivators at level three!"

The roar shook the arena, and the disciples felt it on their guts. Aurelio's long-winded speech bored them. But just picturing Zhi Rui valiantly fighting the enemy, sent chills down their spine and pure admiration blossomed on the eyes of the majority.

Aurelio started clapping with passion and the disciples followed, everybody applauded, except for the sect leader who remained motionless.

Zhi Rui showed a humble act and bowed towards the spectators.

'Come on old man, you reached the end of the story and already promoted me, now show me your motives.' Zhi Rui thought.

Aurelio suddenly, Waved his arm to his left. All the other outer elders stood in a line. Slightly turning to his right, Aurelio extended his other hand encompassing the inner elders. but his eyes remained on Zhi Rui.

"Now, you're the leader of the disciplinary division, but you must be under the supervision from an elder. we, the elders have an agreement to not compete and decide to let you choose. So by all means." Aurelio spread his arms encompassing both his sides. "Choose." He said with a gentle smile.

Zhi Rui finally understood, Aurelio took ten years to become a level three, with his experience inside the sect, he was eligible as an outer elder. But now that he just evolved to level four, he qualified to be an inner elder. Having the lowest cultivation he would be more like a servant for the other elders. But entering with The new leader of the disciplinary division as a pupil would turn his status around completely.

The arena remained in silence as Zhi Rui scrutinized Aurelio up and down.

'He was the one who brought me to the sect the day after dealt with gray and the prince. Talking to her on the day of receiving the newbies, being patient. Zhi Rui saw all that on him. The other elders remained aloof. With the exception of Huang, the one who reneged on a promise with the old Zhi Rui.

Zhi Rui reckoned that she condemned his vision to choose an apprentice as well as his facility to go back on his words. Without a doubt, He holds a grudge, and it's public.

By elimination, Aurelio was the only option.

A few minutes passed. Zhi Rui thought and observed. Aurelio stood there smiling.

Zhi Rui felt his mood, turn from happy to irritable, but there was not an ounce of ill will when he looked at her.

Her eyes relaxed. She took a deep breath and bowed. "Thanks, elder Aurelio for the introduction."

Zhi Rui raised her body back. She could already feel his mood turn to joy.

Then Zhi Rui turned her position facing the right side of Aurelio. She looked directly onto Elder Huang. She bowed and clasped her hands in a pugilistic gesture. "Elder Huang, can I count on you to help me through this duty?"

Aurelio Froze.

Elder Huang, saw the clasped hands in his direction and for a moment did not understand what was happening. Since Aurelio opened his mouth, Huang had turned a deaf ear. His mind wandered about, that is, until his name came out of Zhi Rui's mouth.

The suddenness took him by surprise, but in a second, he slowly stood up. and closed his hand in the same gesture and laughed. "To have a prodigy like you under my care, will be one of my life's greatest pleasure!"

Zhi Rui straightened up her back and smiled. "Then this junior is honored." It all seemed so natural. They already looked like a master and disciple. Almost no one remembered the grudge between them.

As the words left Zhi Rui's mouth, The disciples clapped. turning the arena into a festive mood

Aurelio's eyes darted around Zhi Rui and Elder Huang. He mumbled some words but nothing comprehensible. The tower Maiden saw his struggles barely holding her laugh. She stood up

The moment she did, Every disciple stopped clapping at once. Tower maiden's authority was no less than that of the sect leaders'

"Zhi Rui, we hope you continue to improve every day, for that we'll do everything in our power to nurture you. But today is getting late, so the rewards and the instruction to build the disciplinary division will be delivered to your hands at the sect's pavilion." The tower maiden waved her hand at everybody. "It's late, go to sleep!"

With her words, the disciples laughed and jumped away. Zhi Rui looked on with interest. 'It's been so little time and she already understood what's happening. Already asserting her presence.'

Her eyes turned to the Sect leader, that until now was motionless Yet a small vein pulsed in his forehead as the Tower Maiden left.

'Nowhere to go old man. They'll keep you there as an empty shell of power until the victorious from the five genius emerge. And when the day comes, and you think of leaving to be the bigger fish in another pond. I'll be there to drink wine from your skull.' Zhi Rui thought coldly.

A sudden chill crawled over her back, Zhi Rui turned to the side, Aurelio's face was red and distorted. his mouth was closed but the stiffness of his jaw showed just how much strength he put on his clenched teeth.

'He was only feeling elation and good will towards me, but the moment he was rejected he showed his true colors.' Even if his anger is somehow justified Zhi Rui still felt trusted her gut more. She made a note to herself. That her 'empathy' power can only feel and see the surface feelings. to not bet too much on it.

Revulsion came over Her. She looked at his visage and turned her back away without even a word of politeness.

Watching Zhi Rui's disdain Aurelio roared on his mind


Outwardly Aurelio composed himself, His smiled shined brightly. and he walked away. but his inner roaring did not stop.


After walking through the dark night, Zhi Rui went back to her cave. As she neared, a silhouette of a woman formed in front of the door to her cave. Zhi Rui smiled but did not spoke.

She passed by Zhun Xuying who was staring at the full moon and reached for the door, Zhun Xuying's voice came over. "Why choose an enemy over a friend?"

Zhi Rui unlocked the door with her token. "Don't you know the phrase "Keep your friends close, and your enemies, even closer?" " Zhi Rui opened the door and entered.

Zhun Xuying frowned and followed."That only work when in power, In your case, you're the subordinate."

Zhi Rui laughed and threw her clothes away. "People are misleading, Aurelio might be friendly now, but what are his goals? motivations? what is he in for? Whatever his reasons are; good or bad. it's uncertain. and untrustable. In turn, someone who I already know, even have a grudge with, is better. I prefer the honest certain enmity over the unknown fickle goodwill."

Zhun Xuying looked pensive at Zhi Rui' back as she submerged into the pond.

Zhun Xuying sighed and waved her hand. the water on the pond turned hot. A thin vapor went up from the middle of the pond.

"I like it cold though." Zhi Rui spoke with a smile.


Zhun Xuying sat in the pond, across from Zhi Rui. "For what we're about to do, hot is better."

Zhi Rui's eyes turned red and she licked her canine teeth.

Through half the night, Zhi Rui preyed on ZHun Xuyin's boiling hot body.