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81 Pie from the Sky

When out of the city Zhun Xuying activated a simple could spell and after a few minutes, they arrived at the sect.

Zhi Rui sighed, she rested and tried to learn more about her abilities in the days she stayed in her home. yet she only reached shallow conclusions. She needed to come back here. to learn, from the moment she entered in the sect only trouble appeared. besides the beginner spells, Zhi Rui learned nothing else from the sect.

As she looked at the pavilion a hand grabbed her shoulders.

"Hello, senior sister!" xun Lee greeted with a smile.

The pavilion, or Xun Lee, Zhi Rui knew which was more important for now. She hugged the boy who for some reason is pretending to be a girl tightly.

Zhun Xuying had departed from the moment they reached the sect, they were only colleagues in the sect. it's no good to be sighted coming back together.

Zhi Rui felt the fresh scent on him, 'for a boy he is more feminine than a lot of women.'

Grabbing on Xun Lee's hand Zhi Rui pulled him all the way to her own cave dwelling.

They entered. seeing the dusty inside, the memories of blackie came over Zhi Rui and she sighed. the memory of Han Fei running away kept recurring in her mind these days, his scape torn her heart apart.

the cold killing intent on Zhi Rui made the air cold.

Xun Lee did everything possible to ignore it. but as a level one, she couldn't.

"Z-Zhi Rui, What about the communication issue?"

Zhi Rui deep green eyes snapped widely at Xun Lee. slowly she settled down her own mood.

Zhi Rui sat on her bed and offered Xun lee a seat. Hesitantly she sat.

"The tower maiden is safe, if you wait a while, you can meet her yourself, "Zhi Rui said.

Eyes wide Xun Lee stared at Zhi Rui.

"There are people coming to the sect, and they already showed the intention of deposing of the Sect leader. His power is already waning with the inner elders, Soon the tower maiden will be able to walk freely." Zhi Rui spoke excitedly.

Bu Xun Lee's eyes shone of darkness. "Just that? he did so much and all he has to pay is his position!? He's a level six! he can be the biggest fish in any small pond of the city out there. He won't ever stop tormenting people!" Xun Lee's eyes turned red "HE MUST DIE!"

Zhi Rui nodded in understanding "Yes Yes, without a doubt." It was a so casual gesture that Xun Lee didn' know if she was mocking him.

"W-Well, do you have a way!?" His voice shaking.

'really, a person can have a piece of mind if one did not end the enemy's life with one's own hands.'

"I don't have a way, I have information. To capture him I'll need a lot of help."

Xun Lee nodded like a rattle drum. He was so anxious that he missed the clues.

Zhi Rui tiredly spoke, "An oath, pledge me an oath to help me take over this sect, and I'll pledge that I'll let you have one hour with a vulnerable sect leader." Zhi Rui said.

Xun Lee'eyes glinted and she raised her hand high. "On the condition that Zhi Rui pledges to give me one hour alone with The sect leader Fa Fang. I Xun Lee Promise to help her take over the sect."

Zhi Rui nodded and followed with a pledge of her own.

Suddenly her disciple token shined. Zhi Rui looked up, and Xun lee's eyes were also shining.

Zhi Rui sent her energy and a message followed through calling her to the arena.

Standing up, the blood on Zhi Rui seethed, she just came back from the rest and they were already telling her to continue the unfinished tournament!?


As Zhi Rui walked out so did Xun Lee on her own token was also a convocation to the.


When Zhi Rui arrived, a multitude of people was watching the entrance of the place. And Zhi Rui met eyes with all of the Outer and inner disciples, elders and even the sect leader was seating in a daze.

Clenching her teeth Zhi Rui was ready to talk shit. when an altar made of brown dirt floated into her direction. Zhi Rui looked and Aurelio the outer elder was controlling it. blinking twice Zhi Rui hoped on it.

It slowly brought her to slightly above the rest of the people. The tower Maiden, beside the sect leader, spoke. You showed remarkable talent on the tournament, but this time. you killed two demonic cultivators, Just after reaching level two. Even counting on the past, such talent is few and far between. And even more valuable than your talent. You showed gut and ruthlessness to slay evil. Today you'll receive the premium of the tournament, as well as the responsibility to create and lead the disciplinary division of the sect."

Zhi Rui stood frozen. She couldn't imagine such a thing just fell from the sky. She chuckled., soon she was giggling, She loudly laughed like a maniac.

'They want me to take care of the disciplinary measures on the sect!?'

"Tower maiden! But I'm not from the inner sect! Zhi Rui asked, holding the tear of laughter out of her eyes.

You killed two people that were on the third level, there's no way you're not on a level above the inner sect disciples.

AS the tower Maiden spoke. Zhi Rui noticed some scrunched up faces in the floor. they were from the novices, suddenly She understood.

Her eyes shined red. her aura spread around, suddenly they felt repressed, nothing was coming out of Zhi Rui but their hearts were warning them to not move.

"Those oF you that participated in the tournament and is not satisfied, step up and fight!"

The loud, domineering words resounded on everybody's ears. But nobody showed the slight intention of bothering her.

Zhi Rui ignored the crowd in front of her. Thinking about the possibilities of being the leader of a large military force.

Zhi Rui smiled brightly.