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33 Unwind a Little

Morning and Zhi Rui did not get sleep. She exercised herself until getting tired. but could not sleep, excitement kept her up.

As soon as the sun came out she threw the hope rock on her bed.

After a while, Hilda appeared she looked nonchalant.

Zhi Rui smirked "so?"

Hilda sighed "three, got the job done, one received a complain but got the job done and the last one was exceptional on his services.

"Oh, that good?" Zhi Rui was surprised "I thought it was gonna be a disaster. How much was the profit for yesterday?"

"The twins got paid the price 10 crystal each, The exceptional one managed to get paid double, and received a tip for himself. As for the one who did not make the cut, I did not charge, so total is 40 crystals for three hours work."

Zhi Rui smiled at Hilda " You did well too, deduct the expenses and take everything fo yourself. from tomorrow onwards we'll divide 70/30.

Hilda was startled, she planned on to try to negotiate but with such generous offer, she was flabbergasted, while she was in a daze Zhi Rui laughed and ended the conversation.

Hilda stood frozen staring where the image had disappeared, but her body trembled, she kept calculating what would she gain working for month's and years owning thirty percent of the business. A business that earned forty crystals with from three customers on an opening day.

A normal prostitute cost around ten to twenty gold if they are of quality, to gather a crystal you need a hundred gold. but suddenly a thought passed her mind she felt cold on the stomach and her body froze.

She thought that if she looked at a mirror right now, she would see the expression Azula had when she entered her own house to refine a core given by Zhi Rui. Hilda then remembered the expression on the young man's undeniable joy with the tip he received from the client.

'She's taming me, the same way she's doing with the slaves.'

Hilda was paralyzed in place.


Zhi Rui Went to the brothel, while inside the carriage she examined her core

'faded red, the one who did not succeed and the other two who did their job as told, must've felt anxious or disgusted, but with the one successful it balanced in the end.'

Zhi Rui tapped on her legs, 'now with basic needs achieved, I can accumulate some wealth while focusing on other issues.

Zhi Rui smiled

'I finaly can focus on myself'


Entering the brothel. Everything was silent, only some maids were cleaning.

Zhi Rui walked out toward the house where the slaves lived.

Inside, Hilda was already waiting with the four slaves in front of the rest.

Azula saw Zhi Rui entering and bowed with a hand and her chest

"Welcome Young miss."

Zhi Rui nodded, she looked at the four in front of Hilda.

They all held their head low, Zhi Rui scrutinized each one of them, she did not need Hilda to point out who was who, she could feel on her core their feeling and apprehension.

She spoke aloud "As promised the best will be rewarded a good home a core and five crystals. Zhi Rui turned to a blonde young man. He knelt down immediately.

"Hilda will show and explain each core left on that box you can think for a day and choose one." Zhi Rui said

The slave nodded firmly "Thank you, Young miss!"

Zhi Rui looked at two women who were standing calmly. they were twins

"You two did the required job without issues, you receive one house and a crystal each."

They both knelt down following the young man's example.

Zhi Rui looked at the last one. he was trembling Zhi Rui stared at him and spoke.

"from the four you were the one with the most burdened, as a straight man to be sent to please the same sex it must've been hard. But you did it, you finished the job. For that I won't punish you for the client's complaint, in fact, you'll receive two crystals."

Zhi Rui smilingly bowed to the man. "Please keep on, the rewards will be worth it."

She could feel the excitement and relief coming from him

Zhi Rui smiled. 'He probably never saw a crystal in his life, whatever he's planning to do with it, made him care less for gay sex.'

She turned to Azula "And here is for you, you were exceptional for this to work."

Zhi Rui gifted her five crystals

She looked at Hilda's eyes

"They are free to shop anywhere and however they like, they don't need to work today unless they are requested to do so they are free to come and go as they like."

Azula firmly complied and the other four slaves bwed more deeply.

Hilda merely nodded

Zhi Rui turned her back and left.


Zhi Rui felt her chest go hot, the blood on her veins ran wildly, she was feeling the emotions of the slaves, whatever they thought they would do with the money brought her to this level of excitement and in turn, they got even more happy with it.

Zhi Rui smiled maliciously, her lips were glowing blood red.

"People are moved by pleasure after all."

She felt too excited. She looked at the chest inside the carriage, inside it was her mace, she wanted to feel the joy of venting her excitement. And she also needed more fight experience.

'But If I suddenly go out on the wild to gain experience alone, I will attract attention, and suspicion will birth from it. A girl who only thinks of peace wants to enter a forest and hunt beasts alone? I need to keep my image pristine; without a valid reason I cannot go out like this.

She sighed, her body just reached the best form she wanted to feel her might and release all this pent up energy and stress.

Then in the next second, she thought of her father's words. She smiled hideously.

"Some veterans came back home for their family to rest right? HAHA!"

Reaching home Zhi Rui changed clothes and took the carriage to the market. She said to the coachman, she wanted to buy some gifts to the frontline soldiers that successfully came back to their homes.

The coachman soldier smiled feeling warm in his heart.

Zhi Rui got off of the carriage right at the entrance for the market.

As she neared the entrance the soldier mounted following the carriage dismounted and stood five steps from her.

She turned to him and smiled.

"Please, protect me well." She said.