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31 The Weak“s Helpelesness

After talking to Hilda, Zhi Rui entered the training cabin and did not get out.

She would wake up, eat, train, eat, train, rest and then rest.

She did that for three days.

On the fourth day morning, she decided to get out to see how the constructions are going.

She got out of the cabin and looked at the cloudless blue sky, she opened her arms wide and breathed deeply feeling the cool morning air on her lungs and the warm sun on her skin.

Zhi Rui relaxed and walked out through the training camp, Zhi Rui saw the recruitees training with one mind,they are unusually concentrated today.'

She thought.

Reaching the interior part of the manor, She saw maids with a blank stare, some were completely devoid of color on their faces, but all of them were frantically doing their job.

Zhi Rui stopped Zhin Zhin and asked what happened.

Zhin Zhin looked at her young lady who seemed to be on a good mood and started shaking. Tears threatened to leave her eyes but she held them back, frightened by the scene she saw two days ago. She slowly whispered about what happened in detail.

As Zhin Zhin spoke, Zhi Rui's eyes went wide her breathing stopped, the hairs on her body stood up, without a second thought she ran to the front gates.

Her aunt's and the little servant's head were placed on a spike, her Aunt's face was warped on purple swellings her mouth was open wide her jaw and teeth were broken. The little servants had a frightened crying face.

Her chest tightened, her body trembling, she breathed deeply feeling the rot on the air. Her eyes grew red, she barely managed to compose herself,

she rushed to the quarters and without knocking she entered.

Cheng Feng was seated on the ground practicing Calligraphy, he looked up to her then went back to his practice.

She tried hard to organize her thoughts. "Why?" Zhi Rui asked

The general stopped and looked at her "Oh, you're asking about the executions."

She did not answer to his provocation merely stared at him.

Cheng Feng chuckled "Your aunt came here two days ago, asking for the punishment of a servant who claimed you ordered him to start a fire to attract everyone's attention."

Cheng Feng took a sip of tea and continued.

"I, at once asked her to bring the servant here to talk to me, she was angry because I did not take her words for it, but she did as told. as she went to bring the boy, I heard some of my veterans from the front line came into the town for rest. So I gave the order to beat Madam Xue to death and to execute the little servant cleanly. the crime? She hired an assassin to kill Arthur, so she could freely seduce me and gain power. The little servant died because he helped to create a distraction by instigating fire in the manor. Now he was under orders so he got off fast and easy.

Cheng Feng took another sip of tea he put the cup down and smirked at Zhi Rui.

"My tired soldiers vented a little, and the witness of your blunder is dead. two birds with one stone see?"

Zhi Rui stood rooted, her teeth clenching,

Her heart raced, she could feel her vision darken the only visible spot was Cheng Feng.

Cheng Feng still held his grin to her, with reason or not his motivation was mainly to hurt this small girl of his, she took his fun away by sending Zhun Xuying to the light sect, she insulted him every time they talked. seeing how she enjoyed toying and smiling with her aunt and servant. He finally could punish her a little.

Zhi Rui clenched her hands until her nail dug into the flesh, she opened her eyes wide and screamed "THEY WERE MINE! NOT YOURS TO KILL!"

She bolted at him kicking his desk. it hit him and broke in the middle the papers he was writing were torn apart by the sudden move the pot of tea broke into pieces.


Cheng feng with tea spread all over him stood up and took her by the neck

"This is my manor, my family, everything here belongs to me! who do you think you are?!" With somber eyes chilling the atmosphere around.

He threw her up in the air

As she came down, with the same cold face He punched out, with a dull sound he hit her stomach she flew out with blood gushing out of her mouth.

Cheng Feng looked as she smashed onto the wall across from him.

Zhi Rui held her stomach, every time she tried to breathe, blood spew from her mouth.

Cheng Feng looked down at her

"Doesn't matter how much you think you can make me lose, I won't tolerate a brat flying over my head, now get out!"

Zhi Rui tremblingly struggled to swallow a healing pallet, slowly she propped herself, hunched over holding her belly ZHir Rui eyes were still the same blood red, she started laughing, pangs of pain came in but she did not stop, she turned to her father and laughed hysterically. she began alternating between coughing blood and laughter. She turned to the door and got out, she did not say anything more.

Outside she took one more pallet she straightened her posture and went out slowly, covered in her blood.

On the way the servants saw her but did not move. They knew it was the general who did it. Offering help would risk his anger. they all scurried away from her.

Zhi Rui smiled at that walking slowly but steadily. she reached her room, She threw herself on the bathtub full of cold water.

Feeling the shock of her warm body and the cold water she forgot the pain for a few seconds. She held her chest and coughed another mouthful of blood. As the water turned red she looked at it dazedly.

'Without strength, I cannot claim anything to be mine.

Without strength, things can disappear by the strong's whims.'

Zhi Rui looked at the encyclopedia on her side.

"You took two things from me, father. Now I'll take everything you own."