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14 A Choice for a Lifetime Is Made Now, Not Later

After Zhun Xuying went out to buy the brothel, she came back a day later.

In the most elated mood, she reached her quarters, the maids had told her the Young lady was in the library and asked to not be disturbed.

Her mood got better, now she has time to enjoy the package She ordered.

humming a quiet song, Zhun Xuying reached her room.

As the personal maid of the younger daughter, her quarters are big and luxurious, in the middle of the room, was a square wooden box.

"Hehe" She paced around the box hearing the muffled sounds inside. it seems the sound of her entering the room, agitated what's inside.

With bare fingers, she snapped the top of the box and the four panes fall to the side.

Zhun Xuying didn't look yet, she wanted it to be perfect, so she went to the end of her room took a bottle of wine similar to what her young miss drink.

she grabbed a chair, dragged it to a meter distance from where the box is.

the foul odor of urine and ill body aroma could already be smelt on the air.

Zhun Xuying finally looked inside the box, precisely at the man tied on a chair in the middle of it.

He had sweat all over his body, urine at his feet, an expression of terror on his face. the moment light hit his face and he opened his eyes he recognized the woman in front of him and knew his life was over. But the terror didn't come from death. he lived in a cutthroat world, death is the good end but in her hands, in the hands of a woman that was born and raised there, he'll suffer.

"Haha, we really are husband and wife, you only needed a look at me once to know where this is all going, Hahaha"

The man started crying while mumbling incoherent words as if praying.

Zhun Xuying laugh got louder and she started trembling.

"Miss Xuying, The general is calling for you."

The mood was broken and Zhun Xuying's face twisted up. This man tortured her since they were young until now. The image of him selling her young boy, the only thing she ever loved, away still burned on her head at night. She wanted to get him yesterday, but as soon as she went away with her savior he runaway to another part of the city with a new name. She had to spend 5 crystals to bring him here.

This is the second time her desire is frustrated.

But with a calm voice, she answered

"Thank you Miss Xuer, I'm going to prepare then I'll be on the way."

It's stupid to show displeasure, after all, the one on the door is the late steward's wife. Even though she, herself, having an affair with the master of the house, she still cannot surpass this woman's status on the house.

Instead, she focused on the tied man's slightly relieved eyes, she had to smash this little hope.

"The master wants a report on his daughter and have some fun. But even though I enjoy it a lot, I'll cut it short, so I can play with you. take this piss stunk air well in your lungs. you won't be able to, very soon."

The man eyes looked empty, she chuckled and went away.

Zhun Xuying went out, unhurried. What to say and what to answer was already instructed by Zhi Rui. In the beginning, there was doubt.

She was between two beasts, betrayed both of them, and had no way to scape, She has to choose a side in the hope to live. but in the end Zhi Rui is the only possible side, while the general is a lustful man, he's also smart and ruthless, a beautiful woman is only useful for sex, and sex he can get everywhere. Zhi Rui while ruthless, she has more uses for her. And if Zhi Rui is being truthful about bringing her to the Light Sect, then it's even more reason to keep on her side. Now she only needs to demonstrate her decision to Zhi Rui, while not much, it's still necessary.

Zhun Xuying knocked on general's quarters.

"Come in" A rough voice came from inside.

Softly Zhun Xuying entered. General Cheng stared at her, like looking at a piece of meat.

He took his clothes off. "Let's start, you can speak with while moaning"

Zhun Xuying nodded with a smile. "As the General commands."


Four hours later, by the end of the day. Zhun Xuying got out of the master's quarters. Satisfaction and leisure were on her face.

Strangely there were more maids than normal around, She reached for a maid that was looking at her face and inquired why it's so tumultuous. The answer she got, they heard young lady was laughing weirdly inside the library and people got scar off.

Zhun Xuying chuckled, and walked directly in the direction of the library, she purposefully looked a little wobbly, showing it off will reinforce her position with the servants. She needs all support she can get.

The library has a hallway direct to the side of the manor's main quarters.

Zhi Rui was already outside the door when Zhun Xuying started walking towards her, She saw how she wobbled from time to time and laughed like a child.

"Young lady, good afternoon, I have bought the place. once the young lord's name was mentioned, The owner handed the place over as a gift. The only money spent was to Reform the place as young lady asked."

"Good, tomorrow come to my room, I need you to do something.

"Yes, young lady" Zhun Xuying then spoke softly"Young lady wanna know how it was this time?"

Zhi Rui stopped, then understood, she asked about the report with her father.

"Unless there's something unusual about him and you did as told, then everything else does not matter now. After two days refining energy and one whole night on the library, I need some relief, wanna come? I won't eat you."

Zhun Xuying was startled, this miss of hers not once has shown any emotion for her betrayal, instead, she bought her a core and gifted her revenge.

while Zhun Xuying didn't believe at all on good hearts, but the fact this beast in front of her, did not despise or looked down on her, instead she .wanted her to join on a good time. In a twisted kind of way, she felt this girl in front of her wasn't bad.

She gave a bow "I'm sorry Young lady, I brought something to work on from that side of the city, and cannot accompany you."

"Oh? as long as you remember your image, it's okay to do anything, now what did you bring?"

The implying meaning was obvious, Zhun Xuying image reflects Zhi Rui's.

Hence whatever thing she wants to do, she'll need an excuse.

Zhun Xuying didn't think long, in fact, she already decided on making an image to herself while in the brothel, and she'll use her husband's life to do it.

She erected himself with firm eyes and spoke, loud enough to the maids that were coming back to hear.

"Young lady as in the letter from the Young Lord. I bought the brothel on the edge of the slums, there, I found sinners a lot them.

I executed them on the spot even if it's a brothel it cannot have such heinous beings. As such, I brought one of them to be made an example.

My Ex-husband, tomorrow I'll execute him in public. that kind of animal has no right to be illuminated by the light of God.

Zhi Rui stood still, 'first the cannibal mantis, now executing sinners?

She wanted to laugh, what a good thinking, this way Zhun Xuying can be the hard part oh her own 'soft' personality, thus making herself more useful. Maybe this is her way of telling me she chose to follow me in the future?'

'What a cute woman. Xuying, if you did not stand useful on my side then naturally I would've made sure you wouldn't be useful to anyone else.'

"I know it's my brother words and I don't have a way to meddle but please treat the people inside well, nobody needs to suffer."

Zhi Rui spoke as if in pain.

"Young lady need not to worry, those that can't defend themselves will be spared." Zhun Xuying spoke righteously

After this show, Zhi Rui told Zhun Xuying to leave.

Both of them went their ways and no one was observing, Zhun Xuying thought about what to do with her husband and got more excited at each step.

Zhi Rui went to her own room and finally decided on what core she'll refine, and how she'll prepare to rob the black market.

She smiled, She'll finally get some excitement herself.