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13 Heaven Rewards the Virtuous

Zhi Rui was worried about her refined energy. So after Zhun Xuying went away, She wore a casual robe and directly went to the library on the mansion.

She read in the encyclopedia book, about people having a different color of refined energy. Those usually focused all on a single path. Hence their refined energy is affected by the path chosen.

But it only happens after the fifth rank, where you have five innate abilities, and can equip five expendables cores. Zhi Rui still ranks one, it shouldn't be possible.

In the library, Zhi Rui took all cultivation related books and seated on the ground. After hours of skimming through Zhi Rui didn't find anything relevant. It was almost morning, but hungriness kept her wide awake.

Zhi Rui didn't give up she put all the books back, a took another one, a folklore that exists since millenniums ago

'The war of calamities.' Zhi Rui opened to cover.

By the time the book was closed again, it was already noon. She was hungry but didn't give it any attention, she was reflecting on what she read.

It was almost a fairy tale, a legend from the past, the kind of thing the people tell children. But Zhi Rui couldn't just let it go.

The book talked about the war between demons and saints. At some time in the past, seven supreme demons and supreme seven saints resided in this realm. The demons were the embodiment of the seven capital sins, while the saints were the seven virtues themselves.

They divided the realm in half and every single one of them had their own kingdoms, they fought tirelessly for an uncountable amount of years. But they never defeated the other.

Until a hero succeeded in break their equilibrium. With time and sacrifice, all seven demons were defeated.

The hero then warned the realm. Before their demise, Each of the demons sacrificed their power to put a curse on the realm, Every thousand of years someone who fits the demons' criteria will receive their blessing.

From then on, the last two supreme saints that survived rebuilt the world and the teachings. every person who showed the trait of one of the capital sin were condemned. But even like this, strong people kept appearing through the times and they all had at least one trait of the seven sins.

'it's too similar.' Thinking about the semblance the demon of lust has with herself. they all have one common characteristic, the dense raw power of their abilities. Red refined energy And they all have a kind of obsession

In the book, of all seven sins, those blessed by lust died first, due to the blessing's requeriment, that is to not deny one's own desire because of consequences. They often would be discovered due to their wild and unrestrained nature.

But that's confusing Zhi Rui have the density power, but she did not act without restraint, her situations are good but she still put on the righteous hat.

Suddenly she remembered the encyclopedia book, there's a specific righteous cultivator that lived as a wanderer for all of his life, it is said that he spread joy wherever he walked.

He was killed when three sect leader of the demonic path caught him.

In the fight, he took two of the demons lives and injured heavily the survivor before dying.

Now, Zhi Rui doesn't believe in selfless deeds. Everything is conditional.

Why would a wondering poor righteous path master be so relentlessly pursued and killed by three old demonic monsters? People with the heart of a demon do not love things above their own life, they'll not seek death.

Something he did or have, caused deep fear of death in those old demons.

And where a wonderer poor master can have such strength to face three people of the same level, and still kill two before his death?

'Every place he goes he spreads joy' this phrase kept repeating on Zhi Rui head. Images kept passing through her head.

General Cheng's excitement about his daughter' true face, Zheng Li entering the mansion holding his lips where she kissed him, Hilda's blushing appearance because of their deep kiss, Zhun Xuying in ecstasy for forming a core and receiving the opportunity to have her revenge.

She understood, she finally did.

Zhi Rui breathed in deeply, she slowly sat cross-legged on the floor, her mind went to inside her inner core. what were a light red refined energy turned into blood red denser energy

Seated cross-legged in the ground of the library between a stand of books, Zhi Rui's shoulder's were trembling,

"PffthahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!"Without control unrestrained hysterical laugh.'


The maids passing outside the library had chills on their backs

the sardonic laugh spread through the manor, everyone near the library were scared away. Soon the whole area around gone silent.

Zhi Rui calmed herself down, 'that righteous wonderer certainly had the blessing of lust, but he must have more understanding about lust. Thus roaming free and unrestrained for hundreds of years accumulating wealth an increasing his strength. by feeding his and other people's desire

"What is Lust?" Zhi Rui asked herself.

people use lust to refer to sex, but the essence is in the pleasure of it, not the sex itself. Lust is not gluttony, you're don't want to consume, you want to taste, neither it is greed, owning or obtaining isn't important, the important is to enjoy. lust is the sin that wants pleasure above anything else, regardless of consequence.

the person who commits adultery knowing it'll break another's person's heart, that's lust

the person who rather drink than spend sober time with anything else, that's lust

The person who puts it's own desires above other people's misery

that's lust

The desire for the unnatural, obsession with pleasure. To pursue a desire even if it's unlawful or wrong, that's lust

Above morality, above the right and wrong Lust is the embodiment of the act of indulging in the pleasure of meeting one own wishes regardless of consequence or damage.

Lust is a person that will not deny or abstain from its heart's desire.