Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red
12 Starting a Business and Contribute to Society
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Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red
Author :stupid_villain
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12 Starting a Business and Contribute to Society

But steal what and from whom? Zhi Rui started to think of the names on the list Hilda gave her.

Suddenly she felt a vibration in her waist. Zhi Rui remembered the Hope Rock, she put inside the letter that she handed to Hilda.

She took it out of her waist and put it on the ground, as soon as she put a little oh her refined energy onto it, a clear image of Hilda seating on the ground of a common inn room cross-legged appeared on her bedroom.

"Whoa! What did you do? The stone here on my end flipped over and almost cracked." Hilda said.

Zhi Rui frowned. "The red color on my refined energy?" She thought silently.

Whatever it is she has to get Hilda's attention away from it.

"Do you know why those stones are named Hope rocks?" Zhi Rui said.

Hilda shrugged, answering, "Besides some sob story of a cultivator trying to contact his dead wife and accidentally discovering these rocks. I know it's pricey and only some important rich people have it."

Zhi Rui smiled at her answer.

"Good, I don't have to explain anything and straight direct to business then.

I'm planning to start a business, and need someone to help me manage it.

Are you up for stealing some slaves?"

Hilda was stomped, it came too sudden, and out of nowhere.

Hilda just gave a smile and answered, I'm sorry miss I am not interested in that kind of business.

Zhi Rui also sat on the ground, she picked a grape and put it on her mouth slowly. after eating she spoke softly

"I know what kind of business you're interested in. This is what I observed from you, Hilda. Your inner core is almost entering its third evolution. You lack third-ranked core to evolve it. You have no affiliation, nor do you work for a noble. You say you're a mercenary correct? you'll only receive big payments doing big jobs. but the competition is strong and no one will trust a lone woman. That's why you were dining with those three men. the first time we met. You can only bring weaker people to do mediocre jobs with, and gain mediocre rewards." Zhi Rui looked at Hilde's cold eyes, smirked and continued.

"By elimination, the business you're interested in is the High-risk higher reward type." Zhi Rui finished speaking

Hilda didn't speak or move, she only stared intensely at Zhi Rui.

Zhi Rui chuckled and said," If you do this business with me, I'll tell you how I know."

Hilda finally talked. "You're speaking about stealing slaves, that's not a big money business, that's opposite to what you said. This is high risk and low rewards."

Zhi Rui answered. "The robbery is just a method to an end. the real business starts later. You think in the system parameters Hilda. That's why you couldn't gather a simple hundred crystal. I promise you, if you help me we'll both own a piece of the underground.

Hilda was back in her laid-back attitude but still sneered

"I don't believe in promises,"

Then how about this. I'll give you a hundred crystals upfront.

All you'll have to do. is contract some low lives, kill some guards, create chaos. And delay their defense actions.

Hilda stared with wide eyes. she raised her voice. "Are you talking about taking the slaves directly from the market street? Do you know that all slave traders isolate that street for themselves? and you think they don't have rank 3 guards?"

Zhi Rui nodded and spoke, "Yes, three big slave traders and four small ones. And yes they have rank third guards. But they never had the need to use them, tell me, how many times the slave market had trouble?"

Hilda didn't speak, the meaning was obvious, there never been this kind of news.

Zhi Rui continued, "They are in their own home, the tribes around the capital do not care about slavery. they don't have competition in this country. This place is relaxing, they don't have to worry about a thing.

they have guards but they are not really guarded."

"Even if we do steal, What do we do with a bunch of marked slaves?"

Hilda questioned.

"I have a method to keep and use them freely." Zhi Rui answered while patting her chest in a sassy manner.

Hilda stayed silent,

Zhi Rui saw her hesitation. She suddenly spoke,

"I know I'm not giving you any guarantee besides my world.

Let's do it like this. During this week, you'll gather intelligence on the slave market. Of course, I'll pay for it. Then after we'll talk again.

Hilda nodded.

Zhi Rui smiled. Picked the stone up, finishing contact.

Zhi Rui went outside her room and ordered the nearest maid to summon Zhun Xuying.

Around 10 minutes later Zhun Xuying knocked on the door. "Did miss called for me?"

"Come in." Zhi Ri spoke.

Zhun Xuying then entered the room. Her aura was totally different.

From her posture to the way of walking. every inch of her body exuded elegance and maturity.

Zhi Rui smiled with joy, "so you formed your core. How do you feel?"

"This servant can't describe, young lady. this servant never felt anything similar before." Zhun Xuying spoke in obvious joy.

Zhi Rui looked at her and spoke.

"Good, then let's make your mood even better. Remember the big cheap brothel near where you lived? Go there and buy it, say you're answering my brother, Zheng Li's order. I want it fast so offer ten percent more than the actual price. As for the people inside, with the exception of the prostitutes do with other's what you wish."

Zhun Xuying froze, the image of what happened to her, how she was treated and what she had to do for survival. all passed through her mind. Suddenly she remembered the faces that keep her up at night.

Zhun Xuying started trembling while gave the most respectful bow and spoke: "This servant is grateful, Young miss."

"It's the end of the day it must be open you can go there now." Zhi Rui ordered.

"Yes, young lady!" Zhun Xuying went away in glee.

As soon as Zhun Xuying went away, Zhi Rui lied down on her bed and started mumbling to herself.

"Zhun Xuying, born and raised on the slums, understand since young how the world works, learned to do basic math and how to write on her own, everything she ever did was to stay alive in that hell. A cutthroat, venomous woman."

"Hilda, While I spoke like I knew everything about her. I left out the part, Where the information on the envelope is not something a mere rank two mercenary alone can know. She probably thought I wouldn't notice it because of my princess birth. Whatever method she used to get her hands on this information, I'll need them."

"A cutthroat, with no morals, and a mysterious resourceful mercenary.

If they do good, I'll put them on my side when I take control of this small country. Of course, If I need them dead. That'll not be a bad end for them either."

Zhi Rui fell asleep with a gentle smile.

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