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Yu Yuan was robbed from her mother“s arms and sold for an orphanage owned by the righteous sect of light, At the age of eight.

She was intelligent but naive in due to her youth.

She was used and manipulated for years. Those years twisted her.

Time and time again. she bottled her madness into a facade.

Soon she wasn“t needed anymore.
《Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red》 Volume 0
《Lust, like Vengeance, Demands Red》 Volume 1
1 Only a Devil Can Bet One's, Own Soul.
2 Knowing Thyself
3 Nonsense Often Delay One's Own Life.
4 Know Thy Enemy
5 The Virtue of Helping
6 One Step at a Time.
7 To Live Well Tomorrow, You Need to Suffer Today
8 Keep Your Friends Close.
9 And Keep Your Enemies Even Closer.
10 Between Monsters
11 Hope Is the Best Way to Keep People Close.
12 Starting a Business and Contribute to Society
13 Heaven Rewards the Virtuous
14 A Choice for a Lifetime Is Made Now, Not Later
15 All Prepared, Now Action.
16 At an arms each, Too far away.
17 A Beast Will Fight Tooth and Nail for Its Territory
17 A Beast Will Fight Tooth and Nail
18 The hunter, The hunted.
19 To run, You first you need to learn how to crawl
20 Thrill
21 The Wicked does not get to Res
22 Making Friends
23 Zhun Xuying's resolve.
24 Small Progress
25 You Can Feel Good Being Alone, but Not Happy.
26 lollygagging
27 Teaching the Priest How to Pray
28 What Drives People If Not Pleasure?
29 Up and running.
30 A Beast Helping the People.
31 The Weak's Helpelesness
32 Open for Business
33 Unwind a Little
34 Bullying.
35 Problems Never Come Alone
36 Worms and Lions Live in the Same Ecosystem After All
37 It Keeps Getting Harder
38 If the Enemy Is Everywhere Including Inside Yourself How Do You Win?
39 The Lion Attack the Rabbi
40 But the Rabbit Has Three Burrows
41 Cat and Mouse Game
42 The Rabbit Showed His Fangs
43 The Rabbit Becomes a Wolf.
45 Monstrous Criminals
44 Monstrous Criminals
45 The Prodigal Daughter Returns
46 First Steps into Cultivation
47 Blackie.
48 A Plan Made in Peace and Quiet Might Overthrow an Empire
49 The Rabbit Must Prepare for Battle, in Various Meanings.
50 A Possible New Friend. Brother's News.
51 Tea with a Friend.
52 Toying with the Ca
53 Meeting Mom
54 Schemes
55 Tournament Preparation.
56 The Tournament Begins.
57 The Most Talented
58 Peace, That Is an Accident.
59 Strengthening Ties.
60 Changed Plans.
61 Some Flowers Die. Others Bloom More Beautifuly in the Face of Adversity.
62 The Monkey Does His Tricks
63 The Sheep Devoured the Wolf
64 There's No Easy Way for Cultivators.
65 Bianca's seeds
66 Prologue Of Conflicts
67 Fatigue Is the Enemy.
68 Moving on.
69 There Ain't No Rest for the Wicked
70 A Caged Beast Will Grow More Violent.
71 The Trial, the Prelude to War.
72 When You Point You Finger at Someone, There's at Least Ten Pointing at You.
73 New Participants
74 Breakthrough, and Advancements.
75 Only the good die young
76 Going All out!
77 Lust, Is the Advocate of Free Will.
78 Mission complete.
79 The players change but not the game.
80 Resting.
81 Pie from the Sky
82 A good person.
83 Foundation
84 Blind Arrogance.
85 Sharing pleasures.
86 Untimely enemy.
87 Issues.
88 Clown.
89 Peacocking and Solidifying a Reputation.
90 The Rightious purge.
90 The Righteous purge.
91 Provisions for the Journey.
92 A Love Above All and Anybody Else.
93 You Shouldn't hold your feelings back.
94 Ruined mood.
95 Men Are Peaceful and Righteous, Until Tempted Otherwise.
96 Self control.
97 Love is war.
98 Lust, Killed the Cat.
99 Between Humans, the Strong Must Conquer
100 Aim to Conquer Your Fears Rather Than Skirt Around Them
101 The Birth of Love Amidst Scarity and Blood.
102 Fear and Power Controlled a Country but Faith and Beliefs Took over the World
103 A Mother's Plans for Her Daughter.
104 A respite to breathe
105 Objective Achieved.
106 War is ahead.
107 Deceptions Of War
108 War.
109 The World Is Yours to Take.
110 Heroes and Puppets Are One and the Same.
111 When Despair Suits Your Face.
112 From Wine to Water.
113 A Whole New World.
114 To Hurt Someone You Have to Make Them Trust You.
115 Amids the Clean Blue Sky, Reality Deals a Heavy Blow.
116 What happens when the weak inherit power?
117 Humiliation.
118 God Laughs at Men's Plans.
119 If Wills Cannot Be Bent, Then They Must Be Broken.
120 Madness.
121 Old friend.
122 Treasures Don't Fall Form the Sky.
123 Every Resource Spent to Kill a Patient Enemy, Is Worth I
124 The Worst Enemy Is the One with a Dull Knife and a Sharpened Smile
125 Ready to whatever comes
126 Prelude.
127 How to Keep Despair at Bay?
128 The Beast Is Now Free of Its Own Chains
129 Beating the traitous bunnies
130 Inner Struggle.
131 Defeat.
132 Chief Alpha.
133 Asserting Dominance.
134 Sadistic impulses
135 Treasure Trove.
136 Violence is Free.
137 What Happens When Bunnies Tries to Bit a Lion
138 A Daughter For a Kingdom.
139 Saloman the Eternal.
140 Dog bites.
141 Destroy and Rebuild Stronger
142 Sweet.
143 Meeting.
144 March
145 Lawless city.
146 Monster.
147 Fight to the Death, and Death Knight.
148 Aftermath
149 While You Rest, the Enemy Plans.
150 The evil and Mad are honest, but goodwill is fickle.
151 Clowns and Monkeys Are the Circus's Heroes
152 Guilty, not guilty? 1
153 Guilty, not guilty? las
154 Expose yourself to the enemy, built resistence.
155 Raising funds.
156 To Kill Evil You Must Become Worst Than It.
157 Jealous Sweety.
158 To rile up a beast, you just need to go near its cubs.
159 Overcoming traumas
160 Lust, The mother of all.
161 Heavenly gift.
162 Time doesnt stop, even if you do.
163 Fun game.
164 Gentle recruit method.
165 Nurturing a warrior for the future.
166 Old friend.
167 Test against a cultivator.
168 A sense of wonder.
169 Have a mind of your own.
170 You're mine.
171 Swallowing Poison to Kill Your Enemies.
172 The venting of the strong.
173 Windfall
174 Bullying
175 Great Feas
176 The arrival of the geniuses.
177 For your own good.
178 Preparations complete.
179 Dessert.
180 Kill everyone blocking our way!
181 Chao Cheng.
182 The five last.
183 Fourth level.
184 The Rules are set.
185 Another self.
186 Plans, and dinners
187 Dumb business.
188 Waste of time.
189 Clowns
190 Xu Fenguying, the trash.
191 The pleasure of a thrill, always triumphs reason.
192 Enemies, like ants, gather in groups.
193 Unkown future.
194 The sect's Beast protector.
195 Flyes, Flye everywhere.
195 Flies, Flies everywhere.
196 Inner rage.
197 The underworld.
198 Chosen Base!
199 I built my fort while others gather my wealth!
200 The enemy's meeting.
201 The enemy's faces.
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