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The arcane practiced by fairies was developed from the sorcerer system and the divine system. Wendy had read most of the notes about the Creator. Although she couldn't understand most of the words, they still opened the Door of Truth for wizards because of all the information about life structures, the sorcerer system, world structure and the divine system. The notes were an insight into the mysteries of power.

If a level-four wizard wanted to remember something, he or she would still be able to remember it even after several hundred years. Arcanists were not only a different group of wizards, but they also belonged to a completely different system.

Fairy arcane empire was based on the Philosopher's Stone and witchcraft boundaries, combined with the divine system. It was another spellcasting occupation that had completely abandoned the sorcerer system. Half of the spellcasting system was derived from the ideas of Lu Zhiyu, and the name "Arcane" also came from his notes.

The fundamental power of wizards followed the mythical cell system. Magical beasts, alchemy creatures and ghosts all evolved from mythical cells, and this was also the system Lu Zhiyu had been using and expanding.

Arcanists were different. They had abandoned the original mythical cell system, and embedded arcane crystals (modified philosophers' stones) to change their identity. The arcane crystals contained the philosophy of sub-brain intelligence, and it was the spellcasting organ of arcanists. It was also an upgraded version of witchcraft boundary wizards.

After that, the Fairy Empress Wendy also combined element wizards and dream wizards so that witchcraft boundary wizards didn't need mythical cells to cast supernatural power. She created arcane power using the witchcraft mind-power-structure branding spellcasting so that arcanists could perform supernatural power that could interfere with material elements without mythical cells.

Meanwhile, arcane crystals were also constantly being updated and reconstructed. Different types of arcane crystals also had different types of magical power, such as communication and borrowing the power of ancient trees. They could also extract power from witchcraft boundaries, and they could store magical power.

In all aspects, this was a system designed for fairies, who could live for a long time. This system abandoned the mythical cell system. Ordinary life forms could only live for one hundred-something years. Only fairies had life spans long enough to become mythical creatures. If they could become mythical creatures but couldn't reach level seven, they would live for a maximum of a thousand years whether they followed the wizard system or not.

"These creatures are so blessed by our Creator!" said every wizard who knew about the fairies.

All fairy arcanists needed to do was to keep cultivating and upgrading their arcane crystals and to become mythical creatures. Wendy seemed to be exploring the arcanist path to reach level seven as well. She wanted to explore a path that was different from Lu Zhiyu's.

Sylve Continent was at the north of Starsoul world, and it was below Titan Continent. Wizard Continent was at the north of Titan Continent. It was an irregularly-shaped, narrow continent.

That was where fairies lived. It had been more than five hundred years, yet the population of fairies had not grown much. It used to be hundreds of thousands of fairies, and now there were barely over one million of them. Compared to the size of Sylve Continent, the population of fairies living on it was miniscule.

However, deep inside the continent, traces of fairies could be seen in the form of farms and neatly managed gardens. Enormous, ancient fairy trees moved in the forests, and at the top of them were fairy houses. Green-haired fairies with pointy ears sprinkled fluorescent light all around, and collected the pollen that floated up from the blooming flowers. 

The roads were perfectly built. Although these roads were built in the middle of the forest, there were no signs of logging. Instead, the forest and road seemed to grow around each other, which was why the roads in the Fairy Arcane Empire looked so mysterious. The trees at the sides were all crooked and bizarre. Anyone who walked the path between the trees, walked a path of strangeness.

Each fairy city was a combination of giant witchcraft gardens. The second Lu Zhiyu saw this, he was reminded of the mythical sky garden from Babylon. A spring flowed from the penthouse, and like an enormous bridge, there were water paths tens of feet tall. The light reflected from the water and formed a rainbow.

The water circulation system was perfect. There was a garden on each level, and there were transparent glass windows and stone walls with sculptures of beautiful figures. Flowers and vines blossomed everywhere, and even the houses and shopping streets of other ordinary fairies looked like came straight out of a fable. Each fairy was romantic in their bones, which could be told from the houses they'd built.

There were also lots of ancient war trees of all sizes in the city. The witchcraft boundary emanated from the ancient trees and enveloped the entire city. The ancient war trees of the new generation had great intelligence, and they were also the managers of the city, friends of arcanists, spellcasting assistants, controllers of city-wide alchemy facilities and maintenance workers of the elementary city system. The trees were then further categorized as lots of different types based on their functions, such as ancient guardian trees, ancient war trees and ancient life trees.

They did their jobs at the center of the city where they controlled the entries and exits of the city. They guarded the witchcraft garden and the water circulation system, as well as controlled the witchcraft boundary and aerial transportation.

"Mr.Farlomon, I need to leave the city!"

A male fairy was standing at the door of the train. He was waving the badge on his arm. An ancient tree with a giant face swept the place with its mind power.

"I approve!" said the tree.

The witchcraft boundary opened and the train travelled through the small city gate. It rushed into the forest through the portal surrounded by flowers.

"Mister, I need the authority to use the witchcraft garden!" 

An ancient tree was standing at the entry to the glass-framed witchcraft garden. All the fairies who wanted to enter the witchcraft garden had to be granted approval by him first, or the only door that would open would lead to a garden with the vines that looked like iron walls.

"It's the airship merchant team Ascar. We want to get into the main city!"

"I'm an arcane apprentice, and I am applying for the advancement authority so I can start to learn arcane magic!"

Everything in the Fairy Arcane Empire had been drastically changed. Arcanist was not only a noun that could be altered or a second name for wizards, instead, it was a new supernatural occupation that completely belonged to fairies. They'd become independent from the wizards, and they had embarked on a path all to themselves.

At this moment, the capital city of the Fairy Arcane Empire, Sylve City, was trapped in sorrow. Petals were flying in the sky above the fairy royal city, and there were also petals everywhere on the ground.

Even the witchcraft boundary was closed, and the airships were forbidden to fly. The hustles and bustles the city was used to were temporarily lost. All the fairies gathered around the royal palace. There were fairies wearing either plain-colored shirts or dresses surrounding the royal palace. On the square, a large number of fairies were praying.

Inside the palace, large groups of arcanists stood on the stairs, forming a long line deep into the palace where an old fairy lay emaciated. A beautiful female fairy in a crown held his hands gently. He was looking at her with wise, calm eyes.

The fairy laying on the bed was Wolfe. He was more than one hundred years older than Wendy, and he was now almost one thousand years. He had failed to get to level four, which left him with some serious side effects, and now he was walking toward the end of his life. During most of a fairies lifetime, their energy would be at its peak. It was only near death that they began to see symptoms of old age.

"Wendy, I've lived a long and happy life, and now, I'm going to die peacefully. It's an amazing thing, and I have nothing to complain about. We shouldn't ask for too much, and we shouldn't try to obtain that which we can't control, otherwise we won't be happy. We should cherish the moments we've already had, which is exactly what I have done!"

"I know," Wendy said. Her voice sounded stiff, and it was obviously trembling.

Wendy held Wolfe's hands and looked into his eyes. She was squeezed his hands tightly. She was not as tranquil on the inside as she attempted to appear on the outside.

Wolfe looked at Wendy. Suddenly, a smile crossed his wrinkled face. 

"You don't know," he said, but his voice was not malevolent, it was peaceful. "You've always been like this. You look gentler than everyone else, but you're actually more stubborn."

Wolfe tried to sit up, but he realized that he didn't even have the strength to do that anymore. His mind power had also almost completely faded away. Wendy immediately helped him sit up.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Wolfe sat straight and looked out the window. There were petals flying in the sky as if it were raining flowers. The petals revolved in the breeze, and some of them came in through the window.

Wolfe suddenly lost his mind. He opened his mouth wide and tried to say something, but for a long time, he couldn't say a word. In the end, he only said one thing.

"How beautiful!"

Wolfe closed his eyes and passed away. At this moment, the bell in the palace rang, and all the fairies kneeled down. Many crying fairies put flowers on the stairs in front of the palace. The ringing bell meant that Grand Duke Wolfe from the Fairy Arcane Empire had gone back to nature and the order.